The price war of electricity dealers makes the suppliers obviously pressure

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Electricity Dealer price war is a gimmick or a benefit

Jingdong Mall CEO Liu 14th in micro-blog said, Beijing East everyone Electricity "three years 0 gross margin", and guarantee below the Gome, Suning chain Price 10%. Since then, Suning, Gome have announced the war, Gome Electronic mall more said that the entire line of products than Jingdong mall 5% lower.

Liu in an interview with Xinhua news agency, said the event will be at any cost. He has done a lot of pre-war mobilization before, such a price war to promote e-commerce to benign development, reduce the cost of each family, will eventually become a more rational competition.

Gome vice President Yang in a media interview, said Gome will not shy away from price war, the current industry generally depressed, enterprises in a relatively difficult stage, the performance is not up to expectations. For the behavior of Jingdong, it is urgent to understand, but do not be rude.

China Electronic Commerce Research Center analyst Zhou said, the Jing Dong this thunder completely pressure Su Ning, the propaganda effect certainly is the Jing Dong wins. At present Suning company margin is not high, and the stock price has been falling continuously. Jingdong may have a showdown when it is weaker.

This price war to Su Ning, gome stock price bring a small impact. At the opening of the Hong Kong stock, Suning went down 1.5% low and drove low, while Gome's largest decline reached 8.5%. However, the afternoon suning issued a notice, the company's shareholders Suning appliances (002024, shares bar) group plans in the next three months, the company's stock to increase the total amount of not more than 1 billion yuan. The news makes the afternoon opening suning appliances, to 6.47 yuan trading close.

Zhou said that the current market valuation of the Jingdong IPO is very large, and the financing has been many rounds, now the goal is to go public, otherwise it will be difficult to find follow-up investors.

Electric Dealer "Three Kingdoms Kill" supplier Change "supply injury"?

And the Beijing-East, Suning and gome between the noisy compared to Haier and Hisense and other home appliance manufacturers of the respondents seem unwilling to say anything more. However, a message has aroused widespread concern in the market. According to reports, Haier E-commerce general manager Songbao said in an interview, "because Jingdong mall prices played too low, we have ceased to cooperate with this August." At present also with Gome suning cooperation, because they are unified collection, we can not avoid. ”

Songbao received an interview with Xinhua news agency did not have a positive response, but said that the group unified release of the news prevail. As of the time, the reporter has not received the Haier Group public Relations to the official reply. Hisense Electrical Appliances (600060, shares bar) the relevant people interviewed, said that the current three-party price war without detailed attention, inconvenience to express their views.

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