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At present, I am in Admin5 website, has been studying and research "local website Operation Raiders", and wrote the following Chongqing clothing promotion plan:

First, through the Friends Circle, local clothing QQ group propaganda. To attract the attention of local apparel industry netizens, we are all Chongqing clothing people, a said Chongqing's clothing site, the general will come up to see. There is the QQ group of Mail, each group members can receive, and long-term retention in the QQ mailbox, you can every holiday or special day, send a blessing, greetings.

Second, free to advertise for local businesses, now businessmen are online, I give them advertising, not only they 8630.html "> sometimes pay attention to Chongqing clothing network, and also often to his customers that we have what the latest activities will be in Chongqing clothing online notice have time to see, This also adds a lot of popularity.

Third, the search for local clothing news, one is in the Baidu News search (Chongqing clothing) will have a lot of timely news, the second is in the Local government education website to find news, the third is the local Baidu paste also has a lot of information can be excavated, newspapers and periodicals Ah, television site Ah, etc.

Four, the establishment of Chongqing Apparel network QQ Group, often engaged in some activities to keep netizens to the site's long-term attention. such as travel, buy AH. Propaganda website at the same time, also got the benefits.

Five, the printing website business card, the above introduction website some columns, to related clothing (for example, the wholesale market, Jiangbei wholesale market, Chongqing South Bank clothing, Jiangbei two road clothing, some clothing stores and so on) the place to release and exchanges with the merchant,

After one months of promotion, the effect is significant, in the Baidu search engine input "clothing network" key words in the home page, input "Chongqing clothing Network" ranked first in the home, I believe that Chongqing Garment Network ( in the future is the Chongqing region Apparel industry's largest network platform. Admin5 Starting, welcome reprint, but please keep the link, thank you.

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