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Observe the school, domestic and other SNS have a period of time, also personally involved in this kind of campus SNS promotion work, but overall, because the school's "Chicken leg registration" strategy, invested a lot of manpower and material resources, and it is the early campus SNS promoter, occupy the campus most users, Its unique boss status has been difficult to shake. Therefore, the new development of the campus SNS must have its own strategy to promote, to occupy their own place.

College students have become the largest SNS website target users, so the preemption of student users, is equal to SNS success half. This is also the reason that some websites or some organizations have transformed or invested in campus SNS. Getting student users has become the focus of their work.

Previous site promotion mainly rely on leaflets, posters, DM single, etc., but for college students, this has become commonplace, the beginning of the fresh feeling has disappeared. As a result, these strategies do not have the desired effect. At the same time, flyer poster propaganda also consumes a lot of manpower and capital, which is an unavoidable cost to the enterprise, which brings difficulties to the operation of the enterprise.

Recently, through the observation of some of the campus Web site effective publicity strategies, hoping to promote the promotion of SNS played a certain role.

College students market is a big market, so its promotion is mainly through the location of the site. Through the analysis of site positioning, grasp the key words, make the corresponding publicity strategy. But comprehensive, have the following points, for what kind of campus website, can play a certain role. As for the size of the role, it depends on your promotional and promotional capabilities.

One, the university campus in pairs of phenomenon is more common, no matter from which aspect, the influence of both sides is higher than other students or teachers. Can seize this point for "Lovers Marketing". Whether you promote the product of life, or the Internet. As long as one of the lovers agrees, he can influence the other side quickly. Of course, you might say that the publicity is too small. However, you can promote by organizing activities, distributing trinkets, or making special Valentine's Day activities.

Note: I heard that there are 13 Valentine's Day each year, one each month, so you can promote every month.

Two, remember just entered the campus, large and small associations are the elder students learn to blow the hype? Only one purpose is to persuade you to join the association. No matter what the University Association learns, it is undeniable that college associations and associations have become an essential part of college life. Therefore, "The community marketing" is very obvious becomes the website campus promotion essential strategy. First, the head of the school can find the president, ask the president to release the notice or notice can be posted through the website. This can also attract members of the registration, at the same time, this is a good publicity strategy. Members of the President will also agree with the site. Therefore, this approach should be very effective. Also more difficult, the need for the campus site responsible for a certain degree of communication skills.

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