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Xinhua Nanchang, April 4 (reporter Huijing) according to the Chinese Folk Society Council Mei Lianhua introduced, in ancient China, there are two traditional festivals: one for the Qingming Festival, is one of Shiber, mainly used to guide farming, a cold food festival, aimed at grave and cherish the memory of loved ones. As the Qingming Festival and Cold food Festival in time is not far apart, after being combined. The combined Qingming Festival is different from other solar terms, which is an important traditional folk festival in our country, and is the day of ancestor worship and grave-sweepers.

Mei Lianhua said that in folklore, there are two sources of tomb sweeping: One story is about Zhuge Liang's popularity in the Three Kingdoms period, but he died after the court did not cover the temple, so the people in cold food during the field on the road worship offerings. After the court self-examination processing improper, formal attachment to Zhuge Liang at Liu Bei Temple, but cold food wild sacrifice customs has been formed, and evolved into each Jisao ancestors graves. Another story is called cold food grave customs and cold food festival at the same time formed in the spring and Autumn Period, are due to commemorate the hermit Meson pushed up, the meson pushed for the spring and Autumn Period Jin people, because of "cut shares in the king" and "seclusion does not speak Lu" and won the world Miss.

Nowadays, there are different ways or projects of Qingming Festival in our country, but the common practice is divided into two parts: one is to renovate the tomb, the other is to hang burning money and offering sacrifices. Nowadays, with the enhancement of people's environmental awareness, many places have changed to hang burning money for flowers Jisao.

Mei Lianhua pointed out that the process of sacrifice is the most critical, one for the sustenance of mourning, and the other with the ancestors sense. Grave, people carry various offerings to the cemetery, for the tomb of new soil, repair the tomb, folding a few fresh green branches inserted in the grave, but also in the top pressure some paper money, said the grave still have descendants, and finally Kowtow salute worship. After that, the family sat around for drinks, and they could fly kites and even compete with each other for related activities. Women and children can also fold some willow branches, will be removed from the steamed offerings with Wicker to wear, and some of the wicker into a ring to wear on the head.

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