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With the rapid increase in the SEO industry competition, the site optimization wave after the sand and then no high gold content of the main key words available after excavation. The long tail keyword is also getting more and more attention, and even do long tail keyword is not inferior to do a primary keyword to bring effect. But how to choose the accurate and efficient long tail keyword? Usually there is no clear criterion, just according to logical thinking and natural search habits of the long tail keyword analysis and optimization. But be good at the search engine webmaster or seoer may find a problem, the search engine itself can wear a higher quality long tail keyword, today we will do a summary analysis:

One: Search engine related

The keyword that appears in search engine related search has a feature "in the most recent time period that has been searched more than once". Although it is not possible to determine whether the keyword is in the long-term interest, but it is fully proved that the last time the search volume is relatively high, so you can use to do long tail keyword for a period of optimization. After this, if the keyword always maintain a long search results, then congratulate you to dig a good long tail word, suitable for sticking to the optimization. In addition, how to determine the quality of relevant search keywords? I think with Google, Baidu related search combined to filter, for the best, the following legend in the "site construction" in Google, Baidu common performance as "Shanghai website Construction."


Second: Baidu index related search words

Baidu Index has been seoer used to analyze the keyword search volume, so as to determine the choice of the main keyword. But on the one hand, it is also a good way to screen the long tail keyword. Judging the quality of relevant keywords from the search volume is the most direct reaction to the value of the keyword, of course, there are many cheating factors, but generally cheat data will not occupy the mainstream, and the results are not stable.


Three: Baidu dropdown box Results

With Baidu related search is the same truth, but for more convenient index, so display to the relevant information to facilitate users to see. But to do the key words to open eyes, which cheat factors are more, such as the end of the July Electric Circle competition in the brush down the phenomenon of many examples.


Four: Google Analytics tools

Google in China, although the share of the search is very small, the user is far inferior to Baidu, but whether the search service provided or its webmaster auxiliary tools are not comparable to other search engines. Just like Google search Analytics, gave enough to the webmaster optimization recommendations:


Its model and Baidu index of the relevant search words have the same, but relatively speaking, Google's search resolution is more comprehensive. On the basis of Search keyword association words can be limited: industry categories, search time, region for filtering search. On this basis, how to more accurately look at the long Tail keyword search volume it? Google Keyword query tool can also meet this requirement:


Summary: Binary network and professional website construction company Pilotage Technology ( analysis that: Search engine is a big treasure, you have a comprehensive understanding of it? Do not define the search engine in the site rankings, in fact, search engine is the best one SEO software.

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