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In the internet age, marketing is very important. Even if the finale has been a few months, but "you from the Stars," the rest of the temperature does not fade with the passage of time, it always tells you that the people who have not seen the stars is really and the world derailed add no common topic. "You from the Stars" fire "fried Chicken + Beer" fashionable package, fire "line China" chat software, fire film and television industry, catering, tourism and so on. What really makes this hot play fire to a mess, as a website to promote, we can learn from the "stars" what? Today, with you to explore how to do a good job of network promotion:

First, the product is the promotion of the fundamental

Both internal and external repair, product functional innovation. "You from the Stars," whether from the cast or from the script plot, are meticulously crafted, the scene tall. The story broke the traditional Korean drama "Prince and Cinderella" form, opened a new "Male God + Goddess" combination. Based on this, even the old-fashioned alien theme, South Korea is still filming a rush to China. Visible, the quality of the inner is the key to winning the product. The same is true of website promotion, for example, you promote the material site, if your site itself is not competitive, and no attraction, how to promote is futile, the site content well, interface design, user experience to do a good job, products can reflect the product force, there are selling points only to the point of transmission, to buy.

Second, through the use of channels to maintain the attention of products

Relying solely on the launch of Archie Art platform, "You from the Stars" click-through, not to mention other large and small authentic pirated websites. Through the Internet and mobile social media, "beer and fried chicken" full screen snow, "All professors Save Me" became a hot topic, chat application line became a dark horse app, play in the coat to hairpin was repeatedly mentioned ... These are worth learning from. Then take the material site, how from a lot of material picture wallpaper site out of the introduction, promotion is particularly important. Like the network, material commune, I map network, regular will hold a number of member feedback activities, in addition, micro-BO, micro-letter, Third-party search engines and browsers can see their site's figure, these are always to keep the user's attention.

Third, the user needs as the center, to create Word-of-mouth effect

Chinese women are mainly young women, including Zhao Wei, Gao Yuan and other stars, constitute the "You from the Stars" this product user base. In the star's pursuit, many fans follow up to watch, forming a "viral transmission", which is what we usually call the word of mouth effect. Material sites like material commune, if you want to get the effect of word-of-mouth effect, the prerequisite is that the site content itself to high-quality, real-time update, so that users can always find their own design or design inspiration, at the same time, but also a certain brand promotion, so naturally will get word-of-mouth spread, the effect is extraordinary. In addition, the establishment of a personalized community, to maintain good loyal fans, in the new media can make the product operation of the superposition effect.

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