The season of wind and snow to commemorate the four scenes of the anti-Japanese War tear (figure)

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Ease rate Warriors sniper cover Shangui the Japanese old enemy, old brother Turtle tail captain of the Doomsday Sina Entertainment News, by the "Liang Jian," director Chen Jian directed, Wang Spot, comfortable starring large-scale anti-Japanese theme drama "Snow Drift season" production completed. The play was produced jointly by Beijing Hui di Culture Co., Ltd. and Bayi film studio to commemorate the 65 anniversary of the victory of the anti-Japanese war.  "Wind and Snow Falling season" adapted from the real history story, told the early days of the anti-Japanese war, Shanxi province Heshun County people under the leadership of the army, tenacious fight against the Japanese blood and tears of the story, the drama of a large number of scenes, real delicate, solemn and stirring touching, reminders of tears. Scene One: Ease rate warrior bravely jumps the cliff to be comfortable plays in the play a army soldier, the troops subjected to the Japanese aggressors late night sneak attack. In order to cover the retreat of headquarters, comfortable led five soldiers will invade the Japanese aggressors to the summit, and launched a brutal sniper battle. Six soldiers were forced to the cliff, they shot every bullet, blew up the communications radio, all the victories to complete the cover task.  Finally, six soldiers unwilling to do the Japanese captive, heroic jump down the cliff, choose to bury the bones in the snowy Taihang Mountains. Scene Two: The miser Shangui the poisonous Japanese opera, cryoablation plays Shangui is the Huanjia big rich man. Japanese Turtle Tail Squadron invaded Huanjia, frantically plundering grain and coal, in order to threaten Hao town people, the Japanese aggressors constantly arson, committed heinous crimes. Shangui Although deep pockets, but to their own business Viruzhan, but also by the constant pressure of the Japanese aggressors, into to ruin.  Unbearable humiliation of Shangui design to the Japanese aggressors poisoned, successful poisoning more than the Japanese aggressors, but also died in the Japanese under the gun. Scene Three: Tian Fu memorial Shangui and Shangui, Cao Pechang played Tian Fu is another big rich man, but also through years of hard work to spell down a large family business. Tian Fu and Shangui are both Huanjia big rich man, but also the cause of competition opponents, two people on weekdays quarrel endlessly, rivalry. Shangui Japanese Army poisoned brutally killed, Tian Fu extremely shocked, to the baals "old enemy" very admire, recall two people of the past of the grace and resentment, bitterly. Tian Fu at home in the wine ceremony Shangui is a play, the scene is very moving. For Cao Pechang's performance, the director Chen Jian did not hesitate to praise the words: "His performance is very good!" "Scene Four: Huanjia people killed Japanese aggressors turtle tail captain in the play, invade the Huanjia of the Japanese tail squadron Rob money Rob Ore, arson, even children are not spared, the people of Hao town caused a painful disaster, owed a sum of blood." The head of the Japanese turtle Captain Cunning cruel, surface hypocritical, but in fact ruthless, is the best of the people of the town of Hao's enemies. In the end, Huanjia militia armed under the leadership of Army, annihilated the group of atrocious Japanese aggressors. The blood of the turtle tail was finally killed. The people of Hao Town won the final victory, but also paid the price of grief. (Ben Bai)
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