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From a year to sell hundreds of millions of online shopping products to talk about ...

It's not strange to sell things on the internet, may be a mention of online shopping have thought of Taobao, ebay, in other people to provide E-commerce platform to open a shop to sell their products, many people feel very simple, indeed on the network to sell products than the traditional way to be more convenient, but really can achieve great success or few.

And today we are not discussing Taobao customer sales model, but their own to establish a unique space, independent planning website, through the network of hard advertising or soft promotion of the model to sell their own unique varieties, and this pattern of concealment and profiteering of many traditional sales models are not up to.

The early more representative of the male product Maxman, there are now every guest clothing and music home mobile phone, there are a bunch of forces can not be ignored: once the blood market front-line health care, cosmetics vendors also due to the changes in the market environment is gradually moving into the network marketing market, with intensive network advertising, eye-catching form of the website, A direct and effective way of buying is also quietly earning a lot of money! Overnight, the network market can be tide surging, the enemy look around, such as cloud.

Then in the network such an annual growth of 20%, our next generation is almost 100% Internet users of the emerging market how can we seize the opportunity to surpass the opponents, the top, make a pot full of it?

Male products Maxman not to say, can be said to create a network of single goods sales miracle, that year, the sale of billion, its "let Woman scream" advertising language once swept the network every corner, its European web site art and copy form almost became an aphrodisiac model, Later, a lot of follow-up such as Inner Mongolia elder brother Goodm and so on is a simple imitation can also do the annual sales of tens of millions of.

Most crucially, they are almost always under the strict background of market regulation, do not shoot a gun, quiet to achieve a huge return, when the network environment is quite loose, Sina, Sohu and other mainstream websites, advertising audit is not too strict, advertising ads, the alliance, the portal direct investment can be freely released, Maxman's operation almost followed the year of Inner Mongolia faction Fry market, the style of intensive advertising, applied to the network, I believe that as long as the internet is middle-aged and young men have browsed his pure European style design page.

With the strict network supervision, now this kind of products are basically not in the scenery, almost all into the underground guerrilla warfare, in two or three types of Web sites or lax supervision of the Alliance advertising platform to release some ads, of course, sales are no longer looking maxman Xiang.

A single product, two or three years of direct online shopping, saving a group of Inner Mongolia Brothers

It turns out that many of the products made in the network have found a blue sea, more interesting a real example, 3 years ago, the author in the planning process in contact with a team in Inner Mongolia, a gynecological disease of the breed, in Beijing to do the market, painstakingly spent to refine the unique selling points, planning a wonderful feature film, The newspaper plane copy that I think is very Nieder, ambitious in Beijing for the launch, January no movement, two months, March market completely do not face, a round of put down, a few buddies raise money on the million money on the water drift, watching the rest of the dishes, finally ready to collect the home, Accidentally found a fried products in Inner Mongolia old brother now life is good, can be in the market this one or two years did not see him do what product, is very puzzled.

In this way, these few ready to return to the Inner Mongolia brothers to find that old brother, again please drink again please entertainment, finally learned that he is in the internet to sell aphrodisiac products, monthly can earn more than 100,000, every day in the company to stay where not to go, the days are really free, these friends opened the eyes, think not reconciled to go home empty-handed, a bite , to find this old brother and borrowed 50,000 yuan, please a child of the network before playing the copy of the market, made a static web page hung on the network, and then put 50,000 yuan in accordance with the old brother's advice all cast a network advertising,

After the advertisement, a few brothers penniless, heart disturbed, had not done online shopping, there is a big point of not even the internet, but did not Chengxiang, the day of the advertisement to take 8 orders, sold more than 6,000 yuan, which is not the effect of doing the market ah, and then keep the one months, incredibly has won, This gave a few originally love to fight the Inner Mongolia friends to confidence, all the money back to invest in Sina's intellectual investment ads, all of a sudden the product daze sold up, this species has done for more than 2 years, now still online sales, almost became the network of such products boss, a few brothers basically each year can be divided into millions, The income is considerable, never mentioned the back to the home, every day busy looking for network advertising good location, preparation of new products. So, a single product, two or three years of network marketing, save a group of Inner Mongolia brothers.

And why? 80% of people do not succeed in online shopping?

May see here, many people are excited and suspect, the network really so good? will not be bragging, and even some professional to do the network will have doubts, because many so-called professional webmaster still doing more than cattle, up earlier than chickens, but take the wages of migrant workers.

Indeed, the network is good to earn but not everyone can earn, a good life, two better ideas, three better technology, we can not only see the thief cents, see the thief beaten.

According to Beijing Dragon Boda Marketing Planning Co., Ltd. Research shows: 80% of the network sellers are unsuccessful, the reasons for these three categories.

1, a moment of impulse, many experienced professional training of people have such experience, such as just listen to the Chenan, Yu Shivi lectures, then excited, afterwards moved, doing things on impulse, and then on the rash, and finally did not move! Some people are like this, I am very excited to talk about these online money, I feel I found my way, Hurry to buy the server, but also to do the site, it is also to make the price, and even run the online mall, just started to do in full swing, ambitious, what Ma, Zhang Charles, the flow is not to look at, what benefits health, red children, all guests are not alone, actually dry one or two months after the start, not the domain name is the server hangs Do not have to return every day ... Get burned, said that they are not dry network material, or go back to dig coal, the so-called: night to thousands of roads, early also sell tofu. Network marketing seems simple, want to do well is full road thorns, no big determination, good perseverance also not easy to intervene.

2, superstitious technology, such people engaged in the network industry for many years, have a good network technology, on their own technology is very confident, and by virtue of their own or team technology to think of their own network optimization done very well, such as a keyword can do Baidu or Google home page, the site PR value is high, the site traffic is very high, theoretical experience a lot of, But often this kind of people when selling products like their own experience in technology and human resources, through the engine optimization, forum posts, blogging and other ways to promote the site, do very hard, the risk is indeed almost zero, but because do not know marketing, fear of advertising investment, website design is not beautiful, copy is common, it is difficult to attract customers, There is no customer service concept, so basically in 10 days and a half months to open a single state, there is no too high sales, just to maintain a livelihood. So network marketing depends on not only the technology, more important is the idea (strategy), I know a lot of network marketing master stuffy hair, most of them do not understand technology, no one will do the site, but this does not affect their network through the platform to earn money.

3, blind advertising, such people have a certain strength, also have to do the success of the product experience, but also has a large advertising experience, into the online shopping industry time is not long, but also confident enough, also dare to invest in large advertising, because they used to contrast the ground ads, feel the Internet advertising costs are relatively low, So January put a 23 million on the ad but what they lack is the understanding of the characteristics of the network, often make some low-level mistakes, such as the pursuit of the beautiful degree of the Web page and choose a large number of beautiful map, the Web page opened very slowly, lost a lot of customers, because no one on the network will wait for you; There is obviously an old and middle-aged products put into a listen to music, Storm audio and video, Thunder and other young talent on the site, leading to no customers see the next purchase, the most terrible thing, the author has witnessed a day of advertising costs in 560,000 of the site incredibly 3 days can not open, the reason is not the name of the record, In this way 3 days in vain scrapped two new Jetta cars.

Generally do the network, to understand these three categories of people, see if they are one of them, then you are the 80% unsuccessful, if you can avoid these problems so congratulations, you are to 20% of the success of the ranks of the march forward!

Dream into reality-towards the net to buy 100,000 of small hills!

How to be 20% winners, any thing has the law to follow, the author plans The company to help part has the determination perseverance, certain strength, but does not have the experience the customer to enter this step, each person's actual situation is different, the product is different, the strength is different, the sales volume also naturally varies greatly, a single product has had the example Also has a single product daily more than 100,000 moisturizing time, in this happy and happy online shopping planning process, but also summed up a little experience, if you can help just into the online shopping industry, or want to enter the online shopping industry friends, that is, I write this article the greatest happiness!

Do product network direct purchase first to analyze what product fit, when 100% of Chinese are netizens, perhaps all products are suitable for online shopping, but now there are only more than 100 million netizens in China, which determines that we can not blindly products, such as old age products are not very suitable, because now most of the elderly are not online, So cardio-cerebral vascular products will not be on the network too good sales, so what kind of products to meet the standards of the network to buy good products?

Choice is more important than effort N multiple times

1, the product profit space over 300 yuan

So we choose the product's first premise is that the profit margin of the product to be more than 300 yuan to be possible to profit, so we choose products, we must choose the Low-cost, high profit products, such as the cost of Max-man is 6 yuan, sales price is 1180 yuan, The network is now selling weight loss products Most of the price is 7-8 yuan, the basic price of sales are more than 100 yuan, these are suitable for the portal advertising or the Alliance advertising.

2. The total price of products not exceeding 1800 yuan

Market research and testing found that the most easily accepted product price of 1800 yuan below the product, in particular, the use of products, the lower prices, sales, especially a lot of women on the Internet will be ' only buy expensive not right ', but if the price is too high, also not suitable for network promotion, such as 5000 yuan of products, Because the net purchases take is the goods to pay the collection way, many people carry the money may not exceed 2000 yuan, then goes to withdraw the money, will cause many people to give up the choice to buy this product.

3. Products as far as possible for the exclusive products.

For example, selling cosmetics on the Internet, L ' oreal, the price is very high, but also in line with the profits of 300 yuan, but also in line with not more than 1800 yuan Total price, but is not selling, why? It is because this is a popular brand, others will choose to buy in the shopping malls or buy Taobao.

So when the product is not exclusive products, can only be for others to do the brand publicity, but they do not get direct economic benefits.

So the products that appear on the network, most of them are unknown, but the effect is blown God's health care for example, to lose weight, publicity is "One night to wipe 7 pounds of meat", such as anti-aging, is "15 days to give you a good face" and so on, these products cost only dozens of yuan or even a few yuan, but selling price is thousands of yuan, The reason is that the Internet to buy advertising fees, and the initial sales of online shopping and hot sales of the shop goods market compared with the sales still have a certain gap.

Most suitable for network survival two major product categories:

There are two main categories of products that can truly survive on the Web:

One, has the high temptation, can reproduce the teaching material class. This category is not afraid of being replicated on the internet, the use of information asymmetry, the typical example is English textbooks and network courses.

Second, with special effects of health care products, functional cosmetics, this category is also very many, because many people believe that God medicine, and finally understand why the hospital is very profitable, the original selling medicine is also very lucrative.

So when you choose the direction, it is to choose the two theme direction, the other direction also has a profit, but not the mainstream.

To plan the Nieder of the strong advertising appeal (no less than the goods to die!)

Choose a good product to do the planning of the site, a lot of experienced people know that a good Nieder site is absolutely important, who also dare not to waste money to three products Web site (no professional art, no professional copy, no own characteristics) on

A good website is a good form of advertising, and people on the Internet are busy (there are more and more pages waiting for them to browse),

Look at the ads to the crowd are the intention of the crowd, the product can make each other interested, the most important thing is to look at the first page of the web to give people the strong advertising appeal.

Advertising appeal is the site opened, the first thing to see, such as the color of the man, the Web page from beginning to end has thousands of words, to the last to come to a conclusion, that is, the product can be Yang Bushen, maybe people have not finished reading early closed the Web run.

The net buys the system to guarantee is uses the lowest cost to pull to as many as possible truly has the intention visitor, visitors come in at the first sight is what we say here the strong advertising appeal, the strong advertising appeal is the core of our products competition point, is our products and similar products The biggest advantage is what, Or the effect of our products.

For example, a menopausal product of the strong advertising is "45-year-old stop after how to do", so that the accuracy of the crackdown on the middle-aged women, far more than the illusion of menopause more lethal. So they successfully sold on the network for several years, sometimes rather than advertising, and never replace the advertising appeal.

For example, Man-max's strong advertising appeals to "have 20 centimeters of the penis is no longer a dream!" let you grow 5 centimeters in one months ", the men look, my mother ah, this thing is too good, don't say 1000 yuan Ah, is 10,000 I also buy.

There is now a relatively hot sale of a weight loss outside the demand: "Lazy thin body, a wipe on thin, before going to bed wipe a wipe, Hua Hua off the meat," very direct and interesting, vivid image, such a demand is also the form of consumers like, the product sold very good

Chinese people prefer the direct advertising appeal, is the text of the advertising appeal, so we have to the top of the advertising page, highlighting the advantages of our products, but also in 5 seconds to seize the curiosity of visitors.

If you think you're looking for a product, there is no core value advertising appeal, that is, there is no core competitiveness, then you can give up the product, just as the weight loss products, advertising language is "the most effective weight loss products", is tantamount to say some fart words, nothing said.

The position of strong advertising appeal is generally located at the top of the site or flash or pictures can be, to have an absolute visual impact.

Strong advertising needs to reflect the product competition, but also to write the selling point of the product.

The purpose of the strong advertising appeal is to let others interested in the product on the page, and then continue to look down, just as suspense film, the first is to audience into the role, full of curiosity and anticipation, stay down, continue to browse.

If an ad page doesn't have a compelling advertising appeal, basically can not keep people, or the advertising appeal is not strong enough, such as an aphrodisiac in the past advertising appeal is to enhance the physique, this may not be interested, but if you write "one months to grow 5 centimeters, to be a big man" immediately someone interested.

The second part of the product advertising page, is to list the negative information, such as the disadvantage of obesity, so that you worry about fear, this has done the product fry have experience, that is intimidation marketing. Put a knife in the hearts of consumers, blood flow, so that consumers shocking, tripping, and then you stand up on the network platform to tell him loudly: You can save his life!

"Have you been sleeping too often lately?" Are you often powerless? Do you sleep at night because of menstrual disorder? Do you see beautiful clothes that are not fit because of their fat body? This is the symptom list, scare marketing, let you see, indeed, I really have this symptom, Then I hurried to find out how to solve the problem. ”

Strong advertising appeal is to make you interested in this product, enumerating the symptoms of the area is to tell you that you belong to a need for our products to help people, and the harm zone is to tell you that you are now a serious problem, product Advantage Zone is to tell you that my product can let you lift the trouble.

Several essential elements of a good selling site

1. Don't overdo it, be realistic

Do product sales do not do other, although can exaggerate publicity, but must be realistic as the basic criteria, such as weight loss products, you can not promote the concept of weight loss + growth, but only to promote the concept of weight loss.

Is the U.S. product is the United States products, is China's product is China's products, exaggerate at the same time do not make false information, such as the United States imported and then divided, this you can write is the original imported, do not produce in their own homes, said that the United States, the others are to get the hand, will return to you.

It's OK to exaggerate enough, but don't blow the sky.

2, for the consumer groups the most concerned about the issue of commitment

For example, the most fear of weight loss is a negative effect and rebound, then it is necessary to make a commitment to the safety of the ingredients, such as cosmetics can promote green ecological herb essence, absolutely no lead mercury, if there are special cosmetics batch number, you can and authoritative Supervision Department of the inquiry system to do a link to let consumers know that you are the most reliable, The state's formal approval can also strike at the same time against opponents with no special font size.

Commitment is to give consumers a psychological sense of security, but the commitment must be matched with a refund commitment, if you promise to reduce the monthly 30 pounds, but no money-back promises, then others will not believe and buy.

3, 30 days Invalid refund

This sentence is definitely a heavy artillery, but only for some more confident products, but the real refund of the people have? Almost no, why? Think about it yourself, everything is eating belly, where to go back ah?

30 days Invalid refund, in fact this is one of the most useful and the most ineffective commitment, but this commitment will make consumers buy when the extra assured.

4, authoritative organization certification

Whether it is oral or external products, this is necessary.

Product Authority certification, the first thing to show is the product development team, this is why a lot of product sites, we see the United States or Japan's development team, is to show that this product is not a folk workshop to do, but the formal development team to do.

The second thing to show is the legal formalities, if it is foreign products, then the customs formalities for this product, if it is domestic products, it is necessary to have the relevant legal procedures for this product, or trademarks or patent certificates (Online has a Chen Maopong arbitrary control of ejaculation have a patent card, available for enquiries).

5. Feedback information.

This may find some people who have used the product to say how the product works.

6, the delivery inquiry information, this lets others can see, the delivery really many Ah, sells really good.

Said so much, in fact, is around a consumer's psychology to do a series of preparation, online shopping products can do three, will be invincible in the world: Super temptation! Absolute credibility!

Online mail-order marketing has a lot of mysteries, these are just doing some quick Nieder website Foundation, "Road long its repair far XI", more advertising promotion strategy and website promotion method skill may not finish the book, Welcome to the net buys, to make money to have an interest friend to Exchange discussion study, how low cost launches the net to buy the market quickly. At the same time can continue to pay attention to the upcoming issue of the next series of articles "single product daily sales 100,000 online advertising strategy."

Above is I to the net buys the pattern some actual combat experience and the viewpoint view. Copyright statement: This article by the Dragon Tatsu Planning ( Shao Jun original, contact qq:358532055

Tel: 13311251855 \ 010-86003829

Welcome reprint, More welcome Exchange discussion, reprint please retain this information, such as for deletion, declined to reprint.

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