The way to success: the "Content and location theory" of website promotion

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For the site based on the construction and operation of small capital Webmaster, site early content and the promotion of the site is a major event in sight. Why? Because it allows us to invest in the domain name and space of funds, quickly get the value of, that is, through the site's high quality traffic or other value-added services, to obtain a certain income.

Of course, how to build the content of the website itself, very important, domestic web site competition is still very fierce, we are using different methods and channels in the enrichment of their content, collection of the largest piece of, but I personally or advised the intention to rely on the long-term site of the webmaster, to the characteristics of the original content. Today do not talk about how to do a good job, the theme of the topic, and we share how cleverly to the site before the reasonable promotion, only for my personal point of view, published together for reference, according to the actual situation to be amended.

What is content, that is, everything that happens on the site is content. What is the location, that is, the choice of the content of the external transport, and have the site targeted at the type of people. Here I use the activity of the website to give an example of the time, because of my own forum, most of the time like to use activities to attract everyone's participation (Ace can bypass), popular point is: Your site will be a day to host a suitable and targeted activities of the people, you want more people to understand your site ( This is the idea that you have the promotion, the activity is your website marketing of a "key", that the object of the campaign, generally include "already know their own site users" and "suitable for this activity, but still need to wait for you to explore the users."

Webmaster to understand clearly, their activities are suitable for the site of the crowd, activities before the start, absolutely to do preparation, accurate content to promote, how to achieve precision? Ask yourself four questions:

Is the content ready?

is the content suitable for the users you want to develop?

Where do I want to promote?

Do I have to go to the right site to pay for advertising ads to promote? (Money suggests buying ads directly)--here we are looking at promotional sites, regardless of whether they can bring direct profits to the site. Only a very clear answer to your questions can be a "offensive" to attract the "users who are fit for this activity, but still need to wait for you to explore". For example Webmaster Class Forum, why should take the big site to do the analogy, in order to let everybody more clearly see I want to elaborate content.

We should know Webmaster Network held "Bo Hundred Excellent" activities, this activity is for the SEO crowd, and this crowd is often some small and medium-sized webmaster or some grassroots construction station, the crowd targeted it? The target! Can attract so many people to participate in activities, the key is not in the Webmaster Network fame, but in the activities suitable for stationmaster class of crowd , and the rewards of the event attracted everyone. For webmaster network to launch this activity, can only say that webmaster network in the operation process active users and protect the value of a site.

If this activity is an unknown "so-and-so Station" initiated, and then this unknown site in the webmaster online spend some money, do the promotion, then want to participate in the exercise people will participate? I will answer: will ~! activities, is to promote the site of a key, I mean, dear webmaster, Have to be clear on their own website can be used to promote the "key".

I said the activity is the content of the website, each site has a lot of content worth digging. Where I'm talking about? Please take a look at the above example, you will know better, I do not repeat the summary. have content, and then do the promotion, your promotion will be twice the effort! Some of the above insights, there may be deficiencies, but also hope to learn more website operators to do more exchanges, this article for the "success of the Road" webmaster Personal original article, welcome to reprint and Exchange, reprint please specify the source: the Noble net earn forum Http://

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