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In today's era of information explosion, technology has come into everyday life for every one of us. Although the sophistication of modern technology is far from being comparable to the movie Star Trek, such as interstellar travel and psychic transmission, humans have indeed developed some of the most unexpected "sci-fi techniques" ...

A few days ago, the U.S. science and Technology media "Business Insider" for us to organize the current world's 9 major science fiction technology, specifically as follows:

1. Nano-salt Filtration system

Because of nanotechnology, people who live by the sea may one day be free to use because of too much drinking water. As we all know, Nano is a very small unit of measurement (1000000 nm = 1 mm), so nanotechnology can play an important role in the salt filtration system. Unfortunately, since the current cost of this technology is very expensive, it is not yet ready to be used on a large scale.

2. A computer chip

that can watch cancer cells

The microchip, known as microfluidic, will be placed in long strands of human DNA, and DNA will absorb cancer cells in the body, so the chip can look at the changes in cancer cells. If researchers hope to study cancer cells in the future, they can also take the computer chip out of the body.

3. Graphene supercapacitors (graphene supercapacitor)

Imagine what the world would be like if a pure electric car had a mileage of thousands of miles and a minute to recharge it. Graphene supercapacitors are a sci-fi technology that promises to turn this dream into reality.

A single stone supercapacitor can store as much electricity as one unit of battery, but its charging speed is very fast. Graphene has a high battery density, so it can save more electrons than a regular battery. At present, manufacturing costs are no longer the biggest impediment to the production of graphene supercapacitors, so we are expected to see it in future smartphones, laptops and electric cars.

4. DNA data storage

The Wall Street Journal reported earlier that scientists had developed a method of preserving digital data on long strands of human DNA. It is reported that these scientists have a famous speech of Martin Luther King "I Have a dream" of audio and image data in the form of encrypted stored in the DNA, and then removed it, after the data accuracy rate is still as high as 99.99%.

Perhaps one day in the future we will have to rethink the way we store our data.

5. Substances that can prevent deafness

Pharmacological studies have found that a substance called "methionine" (d-methionine) can effectively prevent the hearing loss of workers caused by continuous noise in urban construction sites after being made into tablets.

6. Telepathic

Although it may sound like a bridge in a sci-fi movie, several researchers at the University of Washington have actually switched brain signals through the Internet and noninvasive technology to two subjects ' brains.

Lagash-Rao, a professor of computer science and engineering at the school and an associate professor of psychology at the Institute of Brain Sciences, said Andre-Stoke had successfully completed a "human brain invasion test" using an electrode cap that could read the EEG in the experiment. Earlier, several researchers from Duke University in the United States had successfully completed brain communication experiments on two mice.


, a potential subversive device for global circuit design

In the long run, electrical engineers need to use three basic components when they build a circuit, they are "Transformers" (inductors), "capacitors" (capacitors) and "resistors" (resistors). But the advent of what is known as the "memristors" will hopefully complicate the design of the circuit.

It is reported that Hewlett-Packard Company has been in its HP Research laboratory launched this aspect of the study. As early as 2007, Hewlett-Packard successfully developed a solid-state information with researchers at the Information & Quantum Systems Laboratory (and Quantum BAE Lab). It is composed of a double layer of titanium dioxide (bi-level titanium dioxide) film, when the current through the resistance value will change.

HP Research Staff R. "It's easier to make, save electricity, cheaper, and switch circuits faster," said Stanley Williams. ”

8. Solar cell paint

that converts everything into electricity

Researchers from Notre Dame, France, have recently developed a paint that can act as a solar cell. However, the current technology is not mature, we may need to wait a while to further understand the relevant technology information.

9. Ultra-high speed photographic technology

In a speech at a TED conference, an expert at the High speed photography field showed people a photographic technique with Bevan seconds of super fast shooting. Because the camera is so fast, there is even a noticeable photon movement in the photo.

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