The world's top ten tyrants means of transport-definitely a gold monster that burns more money than burns oil.

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Driving a Mercedes-Benz BMW is called tyrants? No! Take a look at the real tyrants, from the supercar to the Super delivery vehicle, the top ten super vehicles are definitely burning money than burning oil and ruthless gold monster. In addition to sports cars, cruise ships, airplanes, you think there are those who are called "Tyrants transportation" ...

Tenth place: Bugatti Veyron

18 Dollars/Mile

Driving this car is big tyrants no doubt, the standard price $6,256,249, according to today's RMB exchange rate of 6.13455 conversion, equivalent to RMB: three thousand Ba Bai 370,000 nine thousand hundred round. So this one foot throttle two two cents for the owner of the price is really drizzle, but you run more, spend more, and Xjguy said the same:

Veyron as a car for the mass sales, can drive in the road, its burning money curve is shocking. $350,000 is the next single deposit, the car has no shadow, more than 2 million has gone.

If you can not afford to rent, then the monthly rent is $24,000, but the contract stipulates that you only run 2500 miles a year (4,000 km), the average day can only run 7 miles (11.2 km), and can only rent 5 years.

Send the car from the depot to the American port, the freight is $40,000. Yes, just like buying a brand-new 2013 Infiniti G37 in America.

This kind of car is not insured how to line, the premium is monthly $2500/car.

In the United States, it is $140 to fill the Bugatti Veyron with oil. The fuel consumption of the city Road is 8, the speed will not be less than 13 lattice. A 8-cylinder 8-liter, 1001-horsepower engine can be used with an unambiguous oil, and in the era of a gallon of petrol, there are four $50,000 tires on the edge of its 26.4-gallon fuel tank.

Nineth: Queen Mary, second cruise

245 dollars/Mile

Full 2,640 people, an average of $0.092 per mile. It's more expensive than a diesel version of golf, and it's not bad if you don't count the staff and maintenance costs. Here's what she needs:

Mary 2nd drinks $650/tons of heavy oil and burns 3 tons an hour. There is also an hour of 6 tons of light marine diesel, probably $900/tons, that is, $7,350 per hour, cruising speed of mph.

eighth place: Air Force number

306.78 dollars/Mile

Air Force number one flight cost is about 180,000 dollars/hour, from Los Angeles to New York, the average time spent 4 hours 47 minutes, the voyage of 2,806.4 miles.

4.783 * 180k = 860,940 USD

860,940/2,806.4 = $306.78/Mile

The cost of the escort fighter, of course, is from the Air Force's daily military expenditure, so the overall cost is not linear change. However, the approximate range is 140 million ~ 180 million USD/year.

seventh place: American Space Shuttle

390 Dollars/Mile

The small surprise was that the cost of the shuttle was similar to that of Obama's air force. The total cost of the project was about 20 billion dollars, and all the shuttles flew more than 500 million miles, averaging 390 dollars per mile. Wow, that's a ⊙o⊙!

sixth place: International Space Station

484.65 dollars/Mile

At least the last three years are the costs:

In 2010, ISS received a budget of 7.24 billion dollars from the United States.

The ISS runs at an average of 17,100 miles per hour, 8, 736 hours a year. So the average cost of one mile is $484.65.

fifth place: NASA's big-climb car

502.80 dollars/Mile

It's a little expensive for NASA to ship something. Doing a little work on Wikipedia, the cost of this thing is really ruthless.

NASA had two of them, and they had climbed 3,400 miles in their lifetimes, but I didn't know exactly who climbed the miles, but the two older brothers climbed 1,700 miles in 47 years. The average is 36 miles per year. They drink 4,525 gallons of diesel a year, averaging 42 feet per gallon (they have 5,000 gallons of large tanks).

By today's oil price, the annual oil fee is 18,000 dollars. But we need a 30-person operation team, these are not cheap, I guess day-to-day maintenance is not cheap. They also used the pebbles of the Alabama River bed to make a special route for them, so this part of the cost is counted.

fourth place: Saturn V manned rocket

2,400 dollars/Mile

First of all, the fuel consumption of the goods is really scary, but as long as the first rocket out of the situation will be much better.

Saturn 5th, which sent Armstrong to the moon, burns liquid oxygen, RP-1 (refined kerosene) and liquid hydrogen (what we call " Rocket Fuel "), not petrol, but, after our precise calculations, the Mars 5th manned rocket, if replaced with gasoline, runs 42 miles (the first stage after liftoff) requires 2 million gallons of petrol, averaging every single gallon.

So if you go to New York with Saturn 5 from Virginia's Leicester, you'll burn off the sparkling 17 million-dollar gasoline. Finally, it's not the money that scares the tyrants, it's its stature: 356 feet tall, 33 feet wide, and it's a problem.

third place: Nimitz class aircraft carrier

2626.81 dollars/Mile

16 million dollars per year is just the cost of all the crew.

Plus the carrier fuel consumption and maintenance costs, close to 40 million U.S. dollars/year. In the end, the cost of an aircraft carrier going to an ally to deal with a dispute town (450 million dollars a year), divided by service time (about 40 years), you will spend an average of 530 million dollars a year, almost 1.45 million dollars/day.

second place: Top Fuel straight speed racing

21,000 dollars/Mile

It's not a Formula One, and it's not California's 24-hour Le Mans tournament, but basically it costs 4,000 dollars to burn 15 gallons of nitro-methane in a round run. Each sprint will burn 26.5 litres of nitro-methane, no or modified clutch, tires run two times to waste ... 10 times a week, it costs 40,000 dollars? Of course, when I saw it, I realized why.

(Small note: checked, nitro-methane American 50kg/barrel 37500 yuan/ton)

champion: Apollo lunar rover

590 million dollars/mile

The baby car traveled all the way to the moon and ran 18 miles.

The development cost of 12.7 million dollars, in 1966, the NASA shipping fee of up to 1.72 billion U.S. dollars/car. Now the price has risen to 590 million dollars/mile. You know, the price is not even available to the Sudanese family in Brunei.

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