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Multi-play Internet-rich investment (01049) announced the acquisition of a mobile digital entertainment business through its force group, which has 8 times times the forecast price/earnings ratio.  With the growth of mobile entertainment market, the price is quite reasonable, while the rich can enter the fast-growing mobile entertainment market through acquisitions, the prospect is worth looking at a high level. Moliyo has signed a memorandum of understanding with Injoyinformationtechnology to acquire 51% per cent of its stake, with a price of 81.6 million yuan, of which 50% will be paid in cash and the balance will be paid at the time of the rich investment in the new shares issued after the acquisition.  Injoy is a mainland mobile phone content supplier, for 3G mobile phone users to develop a variety of applications, especially entertainment content, forecast this year net profit of not less than 20 million yuan. Triple-Net integration benefits 3G According to the research report of Ccidresearch and the annual report of China Mobile (00941), the Chinese mobile phone market recorded a 28.7% composite annual growth rate in 2000-2008 years, while the penetration rate increased from 21% in 2003 to 56.3% in 2009.  The global smartphone penetration rate of 18% in 09, its permeability in China is only about 10%, showing huge growth potential.  In addition, the national policy is advocating users to switch to 3G services, the telecommunications, radio and television and the Internet "triple convergence" policy is bound to speed up the development of 3G technology, because smartphone users can use their mobile phones online, watch TV and play interactive games. By the time the rich investment holds the force, established in 2005, with Shanghai as its headquarters, since its inception, the full effort through independent research and development of the network game, and with the domestic and foreign network game developers and operators of cooperation, to provide players with a range of high-quality network entertainment and value-added services, has become a strong research and development capabilities,  As well as a large international distribution network of the full range of online entertainment providers. Network game Multi-feed Flag Drum Rich investment has been successful in the first half of this year, because the expansion of online gaming business related investment of about 140 million yuan has been completed, in the future no longer need to invest a large amount of money.  In fact, the group after years of reorganization, its multi-feed flag drum, new works "Sea Dream" and "earth-shattering rezoning has been planned to launch next month and the end of the year after the launch, and Jin Li hired a famous singer Cao as the spokesperson, I believe the business has entered the harvest, the next one, two years Although the recent increase in the stock price of rich, but the group has been successfully transformed, to the conservative account from the net profit of hundreds of millions of dollars, can enjoy a higher valuation, and the current market value of only 1.2 billion yuan, the future of the potential of repeated upward should be continued, short-term strong challenge 5 yuan. (Edit/Zhang Xing)
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