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Accidentally found some of my blog promotion skills and professional learning website to promote one months of experience, first of all, I was a July this year just graduated from college students, has been learning the programming statements, like a lot of classmates to learn computer. This job is the father to help introduce, but, when I began to contact some of the basic SEO to promote the time, unexpectedly found that the original blog can be used for brand promotion. I began in May 08 to write their own blog-Happy Miriam Nest, is the space of Baidu, is a fancy Baidu for video and pictures upload fast and album stability, just decided to write here.

In the study of SEO one months time, I mastered some basic just, for example

I. Blog form

By raising a blog to promote the product, because the major portal sites are free registered blog, so the blog's user base is very large, is a very worthwhile to use space.

Ii. Question and Answer form

The major search engines have their own users to communicate with each other area, of course, the major portal sites also have their own unspoken rules.

1. Baidu know that Baidu is aware of the resources in the Web site link and QQ if written, it is difficult to be examined through, this can be said to be Baidu's staff very carefully, for the search engine to do more and more perfect.

2. Ask Tencent QQ itself set up a question and answer, and QQ FAQ relative to Baidu know that there is a great advantage, for example, he can use QQ numbers directly add each other's friends, and ask the customer for direct communication, and Baidu Hi Baidu, although there is also a timely communication function, but not as widely used as QQ. and ask for the Web site and QQ censorship is not very strict, the content of the audit is also very fast, generally only a few minutes will be able to send.

3. Tianya Forum, since the end of Google's technical support to the Tianya, the Tianya question and answer is not very good, and the Tianya question and answer are generally very old kind of, the update is not very fast.

4. Google asked Google to withdraw its technical support for the end of the world, gradually want to improve their search engine, but since the Google server moved away from China, Google's question and answer after the insistence of less than one months after the declaration of paralysis. The recent news that Google is ready to return to mainland China, I think this possibility will be very large, then, we can use the question and answer a new period of time, to occupy their own brand in a certain aspect of the question and answer on the amount of browsing.

Iii. Shared Documents

Baidu at the end of 09, Baidu Library after testing officially online, as of September 5, the volume of documents uploaded 6.37 million, and maintain a high state. Baidu and Google for text format to feed the text of the PDF to pay attention to their weight set is very high, so, if upload their own products PDF format to Baidu Library, Google Library upload, including beans ding net, will increase their own site rankings.

Four, the establishment of Baidu Bar, club

Baidu Post Bar since my I bar, you can have that kind of post in the form of posting, now apply for a bar, or their own club is also very easy, as long as not too prominent products, and there is a technique to build a bar, is to try not to post more, because that may lead to their own ID by Baidu blocked, My brother after a sincere apology, after 3 days to remove the ban, ah.

Here I talk about my own blog some examples, did not promote my own blog meaning, because up to now, my blog has not added any outside the chain, I want to do is in this blog to record my mood, less business elements.

1. This is my most visited article, the day visits 2215

09 Excelled Music pop List Awards Ceremony complete Award list my favorite female singer--this year is you Dingtai, Yeung (audio)


I analyzed, this text station mainly because the article updated fast, because it belongs to the news nature of the article, so, do not need you have how high literary talent, just to play a time difference, so it will be very convenient to attract clicks. And this title is straightforward to write, don't be very metaphorical, this will affect the timeliness.

2. Must build the theme of the blog, I this is the ex-post analysis, at the beginning I write this blog is to make some like Yeung, Koo friends, this is also my original intention of Bo, so I have a very specific audience group, so if you write some original articles every day, people will often come to visit your blog, The natural browsing volume will go up, you but recently because of the work reason gradually some deviate, gradually began to express own emotion, certainly the browsing quantity also is not I may need, just hoped that someone saw I wrote the article to have some ideas.

3. This is why I accidentally let my name search every day for a lot of reasons

This is a very accidental event, because the following activity, my name is a lot of people search

My blog post

I found no photo in the photo album of the event, so I registered with the same name on the movie web and uploaded 30 photos of Moov live.

And the result is that the number of searches for names during that period was large.

Event-Miriam Miriam Guest in "Light Star Podcast" Fan Problem collection


After that, I did something that seems right now, but not what I realized, that I changed the name of the first few pages of my blog's default album to-Yeung. This caused is, because in the movie network that activity upload high-quality photos, make my default album in Baidu Photo search is also a lot of search. So far this is the main source of my blog search.

4. Write Analytical Articles

My "Wonder Miriam" disc review


This article was written by me in 08 for 11 holidays, and it took me 3 days to a waste of time, I added a lot of evaluative statements, now it seems that this article I have been very satisfied, but the volume of browsing is not very high, because of the timeliness of the issue, after I put this article on the Yeung two forums, And my blog published at the same time, in the blog, more is the praise of literary grace, but some cover the album (product) itself, this is a shortcoming. Some are very professional, or you send a lot of time to write the article, the best way is in the major forums and blog published, the most important thing is to add their own blog links, so that can achieve a double win effect.

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