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I have been a webmaster for a year, I remember this time last year began to contact the net to earn, from the network to get in touch with someone else to make ads, know how to use the Web site to make money online ads. As a novice I took some detours, was cheated into a team, as if to call 218 net earning team, this is an online marketing team, there are many people, mainly by pulling off the line, they let me to promote the fact that is a cheat, I am an honest person, I only use the right means to make money, so I do not cheat, they also issued a domestic advertising coalition practices, I study hard, hope to do domestic advertising to make money, they teach are how to cheat, such as brush flow Ah, use the Click Software Cheat to make money, I just contact do not understand, thought this can make money, very attentively study, the result can be imagined, in the advertising alliance backstage may see the money, can be taken out, before The two-month attempt failed. But I still learned some things, began to understand the net earned, but no longer believe that the network to make a team.

Later found a lot of questions and questionnaires, so I was very curious to try, the question of customer survey believe that experts know that the requirements of a week or one months of effective certification several times, obviously ineffective, or did not make money, one months of time, this deserted. Then I followed to do forum posts and Baidu know and post post, this make money, but the income is very small, a day up to 2 dollars, not enough to pay the electricity. I began to lose confidence in the net, just at this time I a friend of GG advertising, under his guidance I did my own first station, under the hard operation of the flow can also reach 2000 bar, and then to apply for GG, when the conditions are not harsh at this time, so the application was successful, I made several stations, traffic can also be, Later also received money, feeling pretty good, the average day to 50 or so, and then learned to do webmaster three stages.

I have gone before the first phase of the garbage station, is relying on traffic to make money online advertising. I'm starting now. The second stage makes money by selling the products on the site, can sell products need sourcing, I began to look for good products, then found that selling software is really good, the first source is very simple, you can directly join others to sell software website members, you can download his software, so the source is not a problem. Second software This thing is a big profit, can be copied, never sold out, earning is net income, low cost. The third sell is all that we need, plus there are promotional tools, so every day there are more than 100 plus me, a sell 30-40, so one day to earn a 100 yuan is very easy, I hope to use my personal experience to the novice stationmaster a little enlightenment less take detours, if there is not understand can add me QQ736702485, I will patiently answer your questions, this article is quoted from As long as the net to earn confidence, and add the right method, the novice webmaster must be able to successfully

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