Victory anniversary of the anti-Japanese War: The best comfort is the victory of war

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War veterans: The victory anniversary is the best comfort to veterans

Lu Shaojing (92 years old)

Graduate School: Department of History, Southwest General Assembly

Under the Army: the original Revolutionary New Army 30 Division Chariot Camp

Witnessing the battle: The Battle of Michina in Burma

War veterans: The victory anniversary is the best comfort to veterans

Yu Guangcai (95 years old)

Graduate School: Huangpu Military Two Branch

Subordinate Army: Original revolutionary new six Army 50 Division spy Company

The Battle of the West insurance of Burma

Yesterday, the party and state leaders met with the survivors of the war against Japan and the veterans of the anti-Japanese war and the relatives of the anti-Japanese War martyrs. Yu Guangcai, Lu Shaojing, the two Kuomintang war veterans who had been on the expedition to Burma, were also among the members of the meeting.

Two veterans in the day of the Beijing News reporter interviewed said that the country set up the Sino-Japanese War victory anniversary, 91 members of the Kuomintang Army were selected against the anti-Japanese heroes list, their sacrifice in the war on the battlefield comrades, is the best comfort, and hope that more veterans of the war of resistance from all walks of

Beijing News: The expedition to Burma means that it is possible to return to the motherland, will it be afraid?

Yu Guangcai: Not afraid, at that time we think is must win the war, we all feel that can go to Japan is the most honored thing.

Lu Shaojing: Many of us have gone, there is nothing to worry about, otherwise we will not go to sign up, is to spell the life also to win.

BEIJING News: What battle was the first meeting with Japanese troops?

Lu Shaojing: Is the Battle of Michina, our division surrounded the Michina city, and gradually narrow the siege. The enemy did not dare to come out during the day, only to sneak in at night. Once the Japanese break out of the city, we are more than 30 meters, we first found them and launched an attack, they have been destroyed.

Yu Guangcai: In the Battle of Michina I did not on the front line, after the war, we have all the soldiers to the front line to kill meritorious, teachers Panyukun agreed to our request. The first time I fought against the enemy, it was the Battle of West Paul.

Beijing News: Do you still have contact with former comrades? How are they doing?

Yu Guangcai: Later and many comrades have lost contact, there was a netizen in my daughter wrote the article found his grandfather's name, just know his grandfather is the Chinese expeditionary force, but his grandfather until the death, his experience has not been disclosed.

Lu Shaojing: My former comrades, some became academicians and professors, but also some at home farming. I miss the people who died in the battlefield, they were so young when they left.

Beijing News: The country set up the Victory Day of the anti-Japanese war, recently also announced 300 heroes list of the war against the Kuomintang, which is subordinate to the army of the soldiers accounted for about One-third, how do you think about this?

Yu Guangcai: Now the state of our (Kuomintang War veterans) more and more attention, I feel happy and proud of it, this is the sacrifice of the comrades and the survival of veterans of the best comfort.

Lu Shaojing: Anti-Japanese War is the national resistance, regardless of the Communist Party-led army or Kuomintang-led army, are for the Chinese nation's freedom, independence and equality and fight. The State acknowledges the historical role of the Kuomintang veterans and is objective and comprehensive.

BEIJING News: What do you most want to say to young people today about the history of the war?

Yu Guangcai: China's future hopes are pinned on the young people, hope they can learn more about the history of the war, cherish the present life.

Lu Shaojing: I hope that young people in the play of their talent at the same time, do not forget the patriotic, so that the country become more powerful and better, this is our goal of resistance to war.

Beijing News: Do you have any wish?

Yu Guangcai: We were fighting for the strength of China, now my biggest wish is to hope that cross-strait peace and unity, only the cross-strait cooperation, the Chinese nation can be brilliant.

Lu Shaojing: I'm glad the policy is getting better now, but the war veterans are eighty or ninety years old, and I hope that the country will pay more attention to them and let them receive more love and respect.

This version of the interview/Beijing News trainee reporter Hou Runfang reporter Guangwei This edition photography/Beijing newspaper reporter Hou Shaoqin guangwei

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