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Virtual host through software technology will be a server into multiple independent WEB publishing server, can be bound with the domain name, which is divided by a server resources into multiple small spaces, so the configuration and security is lower than a stand-alone server .

However, because of the convenience of management and web hosting and lack of configuration and security concerns, because the virtual host server managed by the service provider, they have a professional and technical staff responsible, so when we use the site to build a station to upload via FTP Data can be. Then the virtual host has now become the preferred SME space station, much sought after by the majority of users, but does this mean that any type of Web site on behalf of the virtual host are applicable?

Not the case, the following ranked by the Top 8 Web Hosting providers linked to the world ( to tell you what websites are not suitable for the use of virtual hosting, we take a look at your site Whether in the trick it!

1, the site is too rich in content Web site: Web hosting usually limit the capacity of the space set, if you are buying a 200M Web hosting, but the site is 1G content, there is no doubt that the size of the space is not matched, usually the user to buy The capacity of the space set aside to better protect the normal operation of the site.

2, the flow of larger portals: usually portal traffic, while the virtual host and multiple users share a server, so the configuration is not high virtual host is not suitable for use as a portal site space.

3, the need for special server site: Some sites need to install some components on the server, security controls or dedicated server software, this type of site is the need to have full server management authority to achieve, so these sites are not suitable Using virtual hosts, it is usually advisable to choose a standalone server or a VPS host.

4, requiring high performance, good stability website: This is not to say that the stability of the virtual host is not good, but as a shared server with multiple users of a virtual host, it is inevitable because of the server users with the site problems Be implicated

5, video and movie music website: Such sites demand a lot of space capacity, and download streaming very large, it is usually recommended to consider using a separate server, rather than a virtual host.

6, software download station: Such websites and video movie music sites, capacity requirements and download traffic is large, the virtual host can not afford.

Based on the above 6:00, the virtual host is more suitable for the needs of SMEs to establish a station, to remind users that friends in the choice of cheap virtual host must see its configuration Oh, so as not to cause the purchase after the failure to use the "cup" . If you have any users who want to buy the space cost-effective web hosting, you can consider the choice of linkage world, its 1G high-end space is only equivalent to about 200M other service providers price, affordable!

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