Want to do product dissemination must have "dog alarm" thinking

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Is it unusual for a person to call the police?

If there is an elderly intelligent alarm need to spread, how will you spread?

Normal communication ideas may be: To find out the product highlights for packaging, the description of how intelligent alarm how simple, write a few product drafts, one or two industry drafts, to find several media releases, micro-BO micro-letter together, funds sufficient words to get the line activities, management ads.

And my idea is to hype a social news "dog Alarm", the dog will be used to alarm things, is not simple enough? Most old people keep a pet dog, take a few cookies to train the dog to use the alarm, when the old man encountered an accident can not start the alarm, the dog to the police. Strange things happen, who will search the end of what is the product. The company before the product release, the news after the outbreak of a round of product speculation. (Of course, all of this is just for example, understand people know in the mind, I do not want to because of inciting people to create false news crimes.) )

The spread of "Curiosity + to Jane" is the point I want to express today.

Strange thing, it is not necessarily how rare how complex things, but it is derived from life, but things happen to the protagonist and different angles.

I have more than once put forward the dissemination of social news routes, pay attention to the people's livelihood, close to life, curiosity news is good to spread. There is no more explanation.

Communication must be simplified, which is the most important. Micro Bo do activities, if the process is too complex, no fans to play with you, every link will have users to give up. PR communication is the same, manuscripts, to ensure that the text will not be too cumbersome, concise, understand how the matter is good, you succeed half. Show the product highlight not too much, one is the moon, two to three points zhongxingpengyue enough. Moreover, in the display of these bright spots, the simplest, ordinary people can read the mind to express: can use the chart without words.

And a well-known Internet company VP talk about how to view the spread of talent, I said: The internet to the spread of a deep well, professional communication talents must be in the deepest, but also the most contribution to the digging well, but at the same time there are drawbacks, well deep people, he is too focused on the internet, see the sky outside the horizon and the scope will be relatively small; , from the wellhead near a point of people, perhaps not so professional, but can see outside the sky will be larger, more open vision, understand, know more, more understanding of people outside the mind, but also know how to from the ordinary people can understand the point of view to plan the spread. Therefore, the world eclectics more popular, Eclectics is a bridge, who all recognize him, who can communicate with him, he can all things, the Russian to you translated into Mandarin, Mandarin to you translated into a language, no one can not understand, no one can't understand.

Summary: The dissemination of curiosities, only the news of the explosion point, and to simplify, it is responsible for the spread of the mission, determines how many people can really understand your product. Dog Alarm idea, it is a "rare + to Jane" Concept of communication.

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