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Now people buy food are fastidious green, did not add any chemical additive food. So to the website promotion this piece again is also not? Website promotion No matter is the overseas website promotion or the domestic website promotion. The final search engine marketing (SEM) approach includes two kinds of 1. Free search engine marketing (SEO, etc.) 2. Pay SEM search engine marketing.

So paid search engine marketing is like all kinds of chemical additives, hormones. In a short period of time will bring a lot of traffic to their own sites and some target customers. But in the long run, as a free search engine marketing (SEO, etc.). Why do you say that? We consider the following two aspects:

1. Economic aspects: Paid search engine marketing includes PPC ads and search engine bidding rankings "PPC is an abbreviated form of English pay per click, which means Pay-per-click advertising. Pay-per-click advertising is the most common form of online advertising for large companies. This method is expensive, but the effect is also good. such as Sohu and Sina home on the banner ads. Search engine bidding ranking is to the domestic popular search engine Baidu, Yahoo and Google and other pay a certain fee and then according to the number of clicks such as search engine pay. "Paid search engine marketing often has to pay a lot of financial resources, which does not include a malicious click for competitors to pay." If the planning and planning before the search engine marketing do not enough, often can not get the ideal results outweigh the gains.

2. User potential psychological factors: now some customers tend to be more exclusive ads. Most netizens have been able to distinguish between the natural rankings of search engines and the ranking of bids. (Baidu bid ranking followed by "promotion" two words, Google, Yahoo words will have "sponsor link words") Many customers subconscious is not very trusting to do search engine bidding rankings site. Because now only pay the words can be a better ranking.

Free search engine marketing: Search engine optimization seo

SEO is to take a series of strategies to the site in the free search engine search results of the top. This collection is called "Organic list" or "Natural list". In fact, you can lead the site to be included in the way, so as to improve the ranking of the site-the method is to cast the search engine good. All you need to do is optimize your site and the search engine will pay more attention to it accordingly. Well, we all know that no matter what we do now has a problem, in fact, is the natural ranking. Search engines included in the site naturally also has a natural ranking, since others can be in the search engine of the natural ranking of the first why your site can not do? It must be that your site has some factors that you haven't done well, if you've done all the relevant things. Then your site rankings will certainly be able to rise, you can row first. This way, when people search for your product or service, your site will be ranked at the top of the search results. Here are some key SEO strategies:

1 Select the hottest keywords in the market you are targeting. For any search marketing competition, this is the first step.
2 Select keywords related to the content. A website that buys shoes, if you write a key word such as "hundred percent guarantee to lose weight to succeed", the search engine will ignore you. Keywords to truly reflect the site is what to do to play the best results.
3 Keep the update, let the spider constantly patronize your website. Spiders crawl content The more new, the more relevant, your site rankings are more likely to rely on the front. The content on the website should be kept up to date, whether it is a change or upgrade of the business or product. News messages or announcements should also be posted to the Web site for archiving. There are blogs and forums, daily updates, discussions can attract people to keep a return visit, the site to maintain updates also help.

Wait a minute........

Search Engine optimization seo in your network marketing strategy should occupy the core position. This is the cheapest and most effective way. In fact, most of the optimizations for natural search engines are free. Just might be a little slow, but if you do SEO the effect is significant and is long term. Because your website conforms to the search engine's hobby, therefore your website will be in each big search engine rank Front (homepage) such as: Baidu, Google, Yahoo, Sogou and so on. Here are some ways to capture your target traffic faster.

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