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The website finally made good, also uploaded to own space, thought finally can relax a sigh of relief, but then found that the future road is still long ...!

The site is done, but no one knows it, access it, what is the purpose of the site? Not just want someone else to know it and access it? How else would you do it? Don't you just do it yourself? Even if it's not for other business purposes, even if it's a hobby, But do you want to be known and able to access it? That's what you say! So the ensuing is more hard, more busy business management, and publicity and promotion around. We are the poor, but also from the bottom of life, not rich and stable life and work income. In other people's eyes, we are the so-called 7474.html "> grassroots webmaster Clan." ' Grassroots webmaster ' Honestly, who knows the bitterness and sweetness of it? I am afraid that only we can understand these words and how many bitter tears, perhaps sometimes we even have to struggle with basic living expenses, even stretched. But we still have teeth from their teeth squeeze this little money to manage our website. We are like to protect their own children, for fear that it froze, hungry, and even died halfway.

We have no more material and financial resources to spend heavily on advertising, propaganda, to promote their own this point of poor results, so have to meet people said, QQ Ah, email in Ah, even their relatives and friends ah what, any can think of, can use the relationship of all to use up. Of course also have to help the top, oneself have a what new website, do what what thing, also hope others can go to see, visit, then oneself heart already very happy, very happy. As for everything else, and the suffering that he had suffered, it seemed so insignificant in his own heart. The result, though, is that the number of IP and traffic is still woefully low. How to do? Give up, feel, after all, they have put in so much effort and sweat, not to mention also have their own hopes and dreams? Is that what it's like to give up? Network sea Boundless dare to ask the road where? Today's society, the rapid development of the Internet, is simply by leaps and bounds, and the site countless, then, how long can you persist? Who is the final winner/who can laugh at last? and how much hardship and effort do they have to pay? All of this, let us not anticipate and imagine? Think about it, How much determination and perseverance do you have to keep going?

So, in a dilemma, and to the major web site to learn from the major SEO experts to consult, hope can improve the dilemma of the situation, at least, also hope that the situation can be changed, can give themselves a little stick to the reason and confidence bar/Thus, what SEO Master optimization, search engine optimization cheats ah; Keyword settings Ah, how to quickly increase the site IP traffic Ah, and so on and so on. Study also learned, do also do, but still do not have any effect? Why? Just imagine, if we do not start from within the site itself, do not do their own site within the content itself. So even if others say is really what secret treasure. But to you, I think still will not see results. As the saying goes, "medicine is not dead disease, the Buddha crossing affinity!" Isn't it? Suitable for others, to you may not necessarily apply, not to mention, there are a lot of things are not necessarily so magical, otherwise, not become a hundred try hundred should panacea, you say yes! Therefore, I feel that no matter what, since the determination to do, or first of all, the internal work of their own site to do a good job. That's the main thing. As for what other optimizations are, it's just an additional reference. Everybody says yes. If you do not have good things and content, is a good way is only a lays means, for the long-term development, it can only play the effect of drinking the thirst of the dove! is that right?

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