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Hello everyone, I am Harbin virtual site design, the recent snapshot of the site has not been updated, I began to have a passion to do the chain, but now slowly no way, a lot of customers stand is also, ah, very worried people. But still have to do ah, no way, can only analyze the advantages and disadvantages of other sites, as well as everyone is saying the way, I hope to help.

First of all, we all said that the snapshot does not update and the first page has a direct relationship, recently my home page is not updated, even if the update is also a simple update, can reach the entire home page 5% is good, do not know and this has no relationship, I actually dare not carry on the large-scale renewal this website homepage to be k to lose the main reason is last to the homepage adjustment. You can try, maybe snapshots can be updated, the minimum search engine to crawl when you can grab new things.

Second: By the drag of friendship links, I found that there is no Friendship link station ranking is better, may be Baidu this adjustment to link cheating on the links to a great blow, or friendship link snapshot overall update are very slow, there are many K station, My station www.06xushi.cn the actual design, upgrades such


You can see that most snapshots are long, and there are a lot of unlinked there are a few K stations, I do not know how to deal with, after all, recently Baidu has been very normal, if all dropped, may affect the impression on him, said to these links to the station is not fair, have been connected for several years, So I suggest to remove a few K stations, the rest of the station to maintain normal, in exchange for some snapshots update fast friendship links so best. Do not remove, then you may not be the right to reduce the problem, it is possible to complete the k off.

Third: The site is the original degree of clearance, in fact, many do not pass the ranking may be very good, but now that we have found out, we must see if the content is caused, if we usually collect or content is false original, or to appropriate adjustments, after all, this is certainly not very good, I suggest every day to update a few original, There is no time for a few days to update an article is also possible, it is best to reflect on the home page, above also said the first page of the update is very important.

Four: May be the space is not stable, this I but eats the loss, last has one station is the server to have the problem, now has not recovered


This is because the result is not open, are very long, or did not recover. So the site must be stable, not for a little money, buy a bad, there is the time to buy the space as far as possible to buy independent IP, so the optimization is very helpful, not affected by other sites.

I collected these, are not open to the site to play a role in the hope that we can solve the site update slow play to effect, I am also in the attempt, did not find a very good way, I hope everyone who can share together, but also hope that the search engine slowly improve, do not always zooey big update

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