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As a mixed in the Internet more than 10 years old, although I now also operates a few sites, but not a success is a webmaster, for me, website construction, website operation, website optimization, website promotion more like my interest rather than occupation.

In the Internet world, I think there are a lot of things to learn every day, technological progress, the emergence of new things, every time will be in the circle of some people with high IQ of the incisively and vividly, really amazing. When some people make pots overflowing, another unknown, hard working group to harvest, this is why?

In fact, this mainly lies in some of our webmaster comrade is very cute, in doing a thing often is not willing to think more, always like to take a step, but if you would like to go to the Orient, but you do not have any plans and measures, midway will be due to the waves, storms and led to the direction of the east you have turned towards the west of it, At this point you do not have a compass or compass, so know nothing about it, but, at this time of you, the harder you will be farther from your goal.

So what should we do to plan a website that really makes money? Below I will be through the website construction, the website operation, the website optimizes, the website promotion and so on four aspects carries on the brief explanation. Website construction I will not say more, and this is not my good, so I do not need to mention here. The following I mainly on the website I have been engaged in operation, website optimization and web site promotion work simply to say their own a little shallow views.

First I say website operation.

In the Internet over the past more than 10 years, I have seen too many sites to build up, and silently fell down, do a good job, so far in Baidu still remains their figure, do not seem to have been bad from the beginning to the end of Baidu included. But there are too many people who are addicted to the Internet, many of us are not clear, combined with the simplification of the website construction process, a person owns

There are a few hundreds site is not difficult, but really do a few good? The big team is not in our discussion, I'm talking about the kind of site that is created by individuals or startups or as an interest. Many people in the construction of the site, did not consider too much, the vast majority of people think that buy space, choose a good template, OK, the site was built, the rest is to update the article, hair out of the chain.

How many stationmaster dare say oneself is not such, stand out to lift a hand! I estimate that most of the webmaster are like this, so you do not be embarrassed, then this result is what, when the enthusiasm and interest in the time, many people will stick to the oh, but once the interest is not or there are other incentives appear, Many people will choose

Give up, this is what everyone said to do the Web site hard, do not make the site money reasons.

So what does a real web site look like?

Website operation should start from the time of the website construction, including website optimization, website promotion, these should be our stationmaster should consider the good question at the beginning of your construction website. For example, we know that a lot of forums mainly rely on doing site templates to profit, its profit model is what it is to the Internet to collect a variety of Web site source code, but

After the source is sorted out for everyone to share, of course, free time can only share some of the general source code, a good point of the source code will need to pay to become a site VIP to continue to share. Then in this site construction, the webmaster should consider these issues. What kind of site source code is more suitable to build this type of site and facilitate the optimization and member management? How can the layout of the site to better show these source code? How can you attract more ordinary members? How do you maximize them to become paid members with regular members? Of course, there is a problem, that is, if you go to collect these source code? At the beginning of the website construction, put these questions all want to understand, a website also is the preliminary formation, next operation time also had own mentality. If every webmaster can think about this, and adhere to the implementation, I think even if not make a lot of money, earn a little money should be no problem it, imagine, if the site has more than 10,000 sets of source code, you think the transaction of several sets of source code the difficulty will be how big?

Second, we talk about website optimization. We all know that the site optimization is SEO, mentioned SEO is also considered an old growth talk, many people think that is not to do outside the chain, update the article? More deeply, is not to modify the label, optimize the internal structure of the site to do within the chain? In fact, many of the people who do website optimization think so, Even though Baidu has made so many changes to search engine algorithms since last year, the idea has been ingrained in many SEO brains. Then, if I tell you, in my contact with some of the sites, the site construction completed, I do not update the article also does not do outside the chain but still very good site still have a lot of words, you will feel incredible?

In fact, website optimization, why to do optimization? In fact, optimization is to improve, to progress, to improve the customer experience, to progress is how to better fit the user mentality, so that the site for customers really feel valuable, and happy to visit again next time. A more authentic analogy is how a restaurant chef can keep back.

Guests, in addition to learn more tricks of the dishes, but also to the taste of these dishes to do the best, so that customers will come to patronize from time to time, and the chef to continue to learn, improve their process is optimization. Website optimization is also the same, technical optimization is necessary, but the ultimate goal is to let users like this site and happy to come again, this should be

Website optimization of the original intention.

Of course, do the website to say is the website promotion. Website construction is good, also did the optimization, but no one to do? This is the need to promote.

Website promotion method Many, today I emphatically said the website brand promotion. Each site webmaster will give their own site named, the name is the site's brand. So

How does this brand manifest itself?

The first is the choice of domain name. The choice of domain name for the website brand promotion role in the end how big? Many people disagree, then you have not found why so many sites to do after the first thing is to change the domain name? Millet change Mi.com, when the Jing Dong for JD.com when, it is said to spend tens of millions of dollars to fix, why to spend such a large price to buy domain name? This is brand, nothing else, On the Beijing-east domain name 360buy.com and JD.com you think which you more easily think is the official website of Jingdong, if you do not know Jingdong official website domain name lets you make a choice of words? I believe in that case, Few people will 360buy.com and Jingdong link together, this is the domain name embodies the brand value.

Let me give you a few more examples. Chemang.cn, can be understood as car blindness, car busy. If this domain is built into a car community, is not a lot of people do not know the car will be involved in, because the name is very good embodiment of the car, we do not know, so come in together to learn about all aspects of the car, after all, in the men of this circle mixed, do not know the car is indeed a very embarrassing thing! Of course, If the car is busy to understand the meaning, is it possible to make a car rental platform, the busy Herald good business, is not very good? But many of the car community and platform Leng use some inexplicable domain name, make people ironic.

In addition to this, the author has touched a lot of music and silver jewelry website, the domain name of these sites is even more strange. I would like to ask, if you are doing silver jewelry, then yinqu.com.cn such a domain name why don't you, the meaning of silver fun than you choose those messy domain name is much better, the same do music, the sound interest is not good?

Through the above two examples I just want to tell you that, do not hesitate to do the site in the domain name above. For example, to do red wine, a code drunk (dianzui.cn) domain name will make your site and service instantaneous change in the high-end atmosphere? For example, if you do is home decoration or household items, then a house said (zhaishuo.cn) Is it good to reflect the content of your business? So if your site uses a better domain name, it will save you a lot of financial, material and human resources in your future promotion. Therefore, the establishment of the site before the choice of what domain name should be a matter of serious consideration.

The second is to use modern social tools to shape the brand image of the site. With regard to this micro-letter, Weibo, and even the micro-public number is essential, why use social tools to build the brand of the site?

When the Internet develops to the present, as a webmaster we have to understand that what is the impact of social tools on our web site, if you do not understand, then you know what is called the media, what is from the media, since the media is your social tool out of the site and the existence of things, if so say, You can see the social tools for the site

How deep is the sound? Of course, if the site adds social tools, to run the site, it is naturally the most choice, because since the media although very light, but can not carry too many things, the site is not the same, it is like a large warehouse, a large dictionary, at any time for social tools to provide support for things and to do a more profound explanation.

Therefore, to create a website brand, domain name selection and use of social tools, both essential.

If all of these you have done, still do not make money, then I can tell you, brother, you take advantage of the present early, and quickly change the industry!

Above is purely my own experience to sort out a little shallow insights, if there is a fallacy, but also please add a note of public number CHENGTUI-CN advice, thank you!

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