Yanjing beer to 220 million of Henan Yushan beer

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Analyst analysis, if all the existing sales of Yushan beer into yanjing beer sales, according to Yanjing beer 2009 tons of wine profit of 161 yuan, 90% will be yanjing Beer added 29 million yuan profit, will increase earnings per share of 0.024 yuan. People familiar with the matter said Yanjing beer had spent 220 million yuan to buy 90% per cent of the beer enterprise of Henan Beer, which is expected to be officially announced by the end of the month. This is the market out of Tsingtao Beer purchase Henan "second" Victoria Snow Beer, China resources snow buy Zhumadian Yue Spring after the Henan beer market, another case of mergers and acquisitions.  Yushan Beer insiders said the relevant shares will be officially announced before the end of the month, the founder of one of Liu Yongwen also to the "First financial daily" confirmed the matter.  It is reported that Yushan Beer Co., Ltd. was originally a collective enterprise, founded in 1981, under the Jiaozuo fraternity, Shanxi Yuci, Zhumadian Suiping three beer production subsidiaries, of which Shanxi Yushan Beer Co., Ltd. was on December 15, 2006 by Huarun Snow beer to 139 million yuan (including inventory) acquisition. People familiar with the situation said that the start of the rural market in the Yushan beer in 2006 launched a new Lion beer and other products, to promote the transformation of 3 yuan product, but the transition to high-end is not successful, and the Henan market in recent years, major beer companies have been playing a price war, competitive pressure is very big  In addition, the origin of collective enterprises led to signs of aging in the organizational structure and performance system of enterprises. According to the relevant data, the 2009 market share of Yushan beer in Henan was 9%, after 29% of Venus and 11% of Victoria Snow.  And China resources Snow and Qingdao are only about 3% of the market share. Hill beer for many years to provide consulting services found, general manager of the marketing advisory body of Wang Jian in 2004 to the Yushan should be "fatten himself up to sell a good price", he believes that the purchase of Yushan beer is very big news. He analyzed, from the market point of view, the two big factory in the north of Henan province is located in Jiaozuo and Zhumadian, Henan, the future market respectively to the north and south of Henan radiation will be very convenient, help yanjing beer to build large central plains market.  From the capacity point of view, Yushan beer has nearly 400,000 tons of capacity, and filling and fermentation, such as the production capacity is superior.  Well-known brokers, food and beverage industry analyst analysis, if the existing sales of Yushan beer all converted to yanjing beer sales, in accordance with yanjing beer 2009 tons of wine profit of 161 yuan, 90% equity will add 29 million yuan to yanjing beer profits, will increase earnings per share of 0.024 yuan. Haitong Securities that the first half of this year, Carlsberg Integrated hops, the acquisition of Chongqing Beer part of the stake in the April snow purchase Henan Zhumadian Yue Spring, these acquisitions will stimulate the local other beer giants to strengthen the mining market share.
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