Z-blog Classification Home static configuration and HTTP403 access error analysis

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Novice build station are step by step, because the lack of experience and build station expertise, novice build a successful site may encounter many problems. Now, the use of Z-blog program to build stations more and more, in operation even if the Z-bog program than CMS relatively simple, novice in the original based on the modification and SEO optimization is not smooth. I use the Z-blog program to build the station on line when the static classification of home navigation has not been successfully set up, the main reason is to press some search over the article set up after the completion of the classification link to open a HTTP403 error. And so I find the key to the problem and successfully do the job, but found that because of their own this change in the site's keyword rankings disappear, the lesson is not profound ah!

Today and we explain in detail under the Z-blog site classification page static settings and http403 wrong way, the original everything is so simple drop.

1, Z-blog site in the background to establish a site classification must add the category alias, you can use Hanyu Pinyin can also be used in English, it is best to include keywords. The following figure:


2, into the site background, in turn, open the Site settings management, static directory configuration and file reconstruction settings, according to the following picture sample operation:

① Generate categories and monthly archive of static home page corresponding to the box inside tick

② Custom categories and monthly archived static home configuration change the following {%post%} to {%category%}

③ Anonymous access category and the monthly archive of static home corresponding boxes inside tick


3, the establishment of the classification of the first link to the main z-blog navigation bar

We know Z-blog the original navigation is mainly home, message book, background landing, and so on, can now be changed to the Web site navigation classification, so SEO is more helpful. Enter the background of the website, turn on the link management and navigation, and replace the original related link with the category alias. The results are as follows:


4, open the theme style management, modify the first page template, the category page template and the Log page template has not used static links to the category Home URL link address. This 4th is mainly to remind the original HTML form to do the category home page link novice.

5. Reconstruction of documents. These steps, when modified, may remind us to rebuild the file, and now we focus on the final process. File reconstruction don't forget to rebuild the index and log the static directory. Figure:


After the file is rebuilt, we go to the root directory of the website to check and find that the Default.html static home page appears in the folder named after the category alias. This file indicates that the category home static configuration has been successful.

6, determine the site space by default of the home page includes default.html form, if not, please add in time. This is caused by the classification of the home static configuration success but in the access to the culprit HTTP403 error. Whether it is using an Internet Information Server to build a Z-blog site on your own computer, or if the site has been uploaded to a virtual host space, this is important.

At this point, back to the home page click Refresh, classification of static home links can be successfully opened, no longer appear http403 error. Article by the good stature weight loss net http://www.haoshencai520.com Small series original, A5 stationmaster net starts!

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