SVN server configuration in Windows

  1. download the file, Download the latest version of the Subversion Installation File TortoiseSVN- Download the "Subversion Windows Service" package or the installation Setup-Subversion-1.5.3.msi Download

Use the Registry File (REG) to add, modify, or delete Windows registry keys and values

1. Introduction Most of us usually use the Regedit Registry Editor to modify the registry, but this manual operation is time-consuming and laborious. When you want to modify the Registry uniformly for multiple PCs, You have to complain. In some

TCP Parameter Optimization in Windows

Last article: TCP connection status and closing method, and its impact on server and client Generally, the Windows system parameters are improved by modifying the registry. The following describes the TCP Parameter Optimization Methods for

Configuration of PhP5 and Apache servers in Windows

Configuration of PhP5 and Apache servers in Windows Author: Deep Space Source Link to this article:Http:// You need to download several software packages:1. PhP5 RC32.

I started to learn Windows API. I wrote Hello, world to commemorate it.

Code Code highlighting produced by Actipro CodeHighlighter (freeware)> # Include Windows. h > # Include Tchar. h > Int _ Tmain ( Int Argc, lptstr argv []){Handle hfile = Createfile

Martin of Windows azure Series

I am lucky to be able to practice the company's projects on Windows Azure, and sort out my practical processes and problems here. Windows azure directory practices I. vmrole practices 1. Create a system image Install hyper-V, create virtual

[Original] Use SVN, Apache, and Ankh in Windows to configure source code management services

ArticleDirectory Preface Preparations before installation Installation Steps Manage SVN "Original" configuration using SVN, Apache, and Ankh in Windows Source codeManagement Service Overview Use This installation guide is limited to

How Can Windows passwords be so fragile ?!

Today, a friend asked me: I forgot the password of the Windows system administrator. What should I do? I tried to find information on the Internet to solve the problem. The final method is as follows (the experiment product used: self-built machine

Improving Skype audio in Windows

By Scott Nesbitt Sunday, Jan. 14,200 7 Skype is arguably the most popular Web telephony service out there. using Skype, you can easily make callfrom one PC to another, or from a PC to telephone -- anywhere

Several TCP/IP diagnostic tools in Windows)

We may encounter such a problem when preparing the computer's network connection. Using some network diagnostic tools provided by the Windows operating system, we can often find the crux of the problem to solve the problem. This article describes

Windows core programming-Thread Pool

The thread pool solves the problem that multithreading is difficult to manage. Windows mainly provides the following methods for implementation: Asynchronous function call: Applicable in Server Client Mode Scheduled callback function:

Use DirectShow in Windows Mobile 5 to control camera-Rotation

By Amit RanjanJuly 21,200 6 A number of windows mobile 5.0 APIs (for example, shcameracapture) Make it trivial for a mobile application developer to access a camera, but their versions of use comes at a price-flexibility. most of the time, using

Windows shortcut key (win key shortcut)

You can use the win key and shortcut to quickly perform windows operations: Some common examples are as follows: Windows shortcut shortcuts Windows key + M minimizes all opened windows. Windows key + Ctrl + M restore the size and position of the

Google chromium source code compilation steps in Windows

Want to see the Google Chrome browserSource code, Long knowledge, download SourceCodeThere are always some problems with package compilation and reference of some documents on the Internet. According to the compilation steps provided by chromium,

Use zoundry to post on Windows Live Spaces

First of all, Microsoft has a monopoly on the market and does not provide good services to users. Spaces is slow, and Hotmail is prone to problems. The two days ago, I could not log on directly, but now I can access it normally. I entered the

103 Windows XP running commands

Run Program Run commandsAuxiliary Function option access. CPLAdd hardware wizard hdwwiz. CPLAppwiz. CPL Management Tool Control admintoolsAutomatically update wuaucpl. CPLBluetooth File Transfer wizard fsquirtCalculator calcCertificate Management

How to install Windows 7 in winpe

Enter PE.1. Use a virtual optical drive to extract the installation file instead of directly extracting it. For example, D: \ win7 extracted from ultraiso.2. Copy the boot folder and the bootmgr file in the root directory of the installation folder

Windows Management Instrumentation (WMI: Windows Management specifications)

Author: sparon E-MAIL: ZKY@163.COM man: ZHAOKEYONG@HOTMAIL.COM First, let's look at a piece of code.: Managementscope conn = new managementscope ("\\\\" + textbox1.text + "\\ Root \ cimv2", options );Conn. Connect ();Objectquery OQ

Reportviewer10.0 an error occurred during local report processing. Failed to load expres in Windows Authentication Mode

ArticleDirectory Localreport. setbasepermissionsforsandboxappdomain Method An error occurred during local report processing. Failed to load expression host assembly. Details: RequestForThe permission of Type'System. Security.

Discuz! Manage posts in NT: Excellent and mobile Windows cannot be displayed-common XML errors-XML or text declarations are not at the beginning of an object

Recently modifiedDiscuz'sCodeFor customers to use. One problem is that BBS's post management cannot be loaded and processed normally in chrome and Firefox. Only one processing layer is displayed, and there will be no subsequent content. Debugging

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