Receive fax with Windows XP

In an emergency, a foreign friend will send me a fax, but I don't have a fax. What should I do? I suddenly remembered that Windows XP had a fax function, but I never had a chance to use it. I tried it, so I had to tell my friend my phone number and

A good way to keep Windows desktops clean and tidy

If you think there are too many icons on the desktop, too messy! Now let me teach you a simple way to manage shortcuts so that there are no piles of icons on the desktop that affect your appreciation of the desktop! Haha !! (Use in XP/2000, similar

Windows operating system acceleration installation experience

If the Windows system is installed in the dosenvironment, run the fast-saving tool smartdrv.exe before the installation, which can effectively improve the Windows Installation speed. This operation is not required if you start operating system

Tips for Windows confidentiality

Intelligent computers not only bring us great convenience, but also lay a fuse for leaks. Once others use or intrude into your computer, a large amount of information will be found through simple searches, if you have deleted the received and sent

Windows keyboard event Privilege Escalation Vulnerability

Affected Systems: Microsoft Windows XP SP2Microsoft Windows XP SP1Microsoft Windows XPMicrosoft Windows Server 2003 SP1Microsoft Windows Server 2003Microsoft Windows 2000sp4Microsoft Windows 2000sp3Microsoft Windows 2000sp2Microsoft Windows

Install Windows CE 6.0 + SP1 + R2

  For the convenience of everyone, I put these tools and software together in the nano disk and share them with you. I hope to bring you convenience! After downloading the following software, install the software in sequence from 1 to 6,

Windows Embedded ce 6.0 initial development experience (6) Customized platform favorites

In the previous article "Windows Embedded ce 6.0 initial development experience", "Building CE platform" Http://   Windows CE is a componentized operating system. We can set different

Windows mobile5.0: The first. NET application [xgluxv] [Reproduced]

Because I am very poor, I don't have any machines.ProgramAll completed in the simulatorThis is my thoughts and examples on mobile development. Most of the things I learned are from Microsoft's webcast and msdn. Basically, they are not original, they

Repost Windows ce api rapi

1. rapi OverviewAfter rapi is available in Windows CE, PC applicationsProgramYou can remotely manage Windows CE devices. The export function processes the file system, registry, and database, and the functions used to query system configurations.

Windows XP acceleration settings

Hardware optimization 1. memory performance optimization Windows XP has several options to optimize memory performance, all of which are in the Registry: hkey_local_machinesystemcurrentcontrolsetcontrolsession managermemory Management 1)

Windows Embedded ce 6.0 initial development experience (5) Build CE platform favorites

Build CE platformPrevious Article Windows Embedded ce 6.0 initial development experience: "running applications"Program"First ": Http://   There will be a lot of diagrams in the next section,

Windows XP ultimate settings-System Optimization

1. System Optimization settings. 1. Delete attachments imposed by Windows: 1) use Notepad notepad to modify winntinfsysoc. inf and use notepad? In the search box, enter "hide" (an English comma following hide) and set "Replace with" to null.

Programming online Windows 8 client-coming soon to the Microsoft Windows Store App Store

Programming online Windows 8 client ---- coversProgramming Language, Mobile development, databases, and other high-quality TechnologiesArticleIs a software developed for IT professionals! Coming soon to the Microsoft Windows Store app store!

Windows Embedded ce 6.0 initial development experience (3) set boot-loader favorites

In the previous article "Windows Embedded ce 6.0 initial development experience", "ce Development Environment ": Http://   Boot-loader and a CE 6.0 system have been preset in the digi CC 9p

Windows tool: rundll.exe advanced application

First, please make a small experiment (please save the results of the program you are running in advance ): Click Start-process-ms-dos ", go to the DOS window, then click "rundll32.exe user.exe, restartwindows", and then press the Enter key.

Tip: Windows XP pure dos dream

In Windows XP, the boot floppy disk must be used to boot a pure dos drive. What should I do if the drive is broken or there is no floppy disk? Using the "Simulated Virtual soft drive" software allows you to enter the pure dos without a soft drive.

Several "Automated" applications in Windows XP

Using computers efficiently and quickly may be the pursuit of every friend. Of course, I am no exception! This is not the case. In the Windows XP system, I tried to find out the following "Automated" applications and did not dare to enjoy them

Windows Embedded ce 6.0 initial development experience (2) Ce Development Environment favorites

The "embedded development process" in the previous article "Windows Embedded ce 6.0 initial development experience ": Http:// Ce Development EnvironmentNext we will make the main character

Windows Embedded ce 6.0 initial development experience (I) Windows CE Overview

This articleArticleThe purpose is not to introduce all aspects of Windows Embedded ce development, but to introduce the most common concepts and knowledge in Windows CE development from the perspective of software developers who are initially

Install Windows XP in your pocket?

It seems incredible. Has someone ever created Win98 as a 40 MB size with basic functions? The system can be compressed and deleted, as long as it has some basic functions. Here is an articleArticleIt will teach you how to put WINXP in a 256 mb

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