YY education prequel: This cock silk make a storm!

Once said to change the Chinese education "yy finally began to exert an online education. Gathering time CEO Lee Colling yesterday announced, formally set up an independent online education division, launched 100 Education "brand (click to see the report)." Gathering time with 6 million yuan to buy 100.com this domain name. In the next two years, the gathering era will devote 1 billion to online education products and operations. In YY education this platform, already has many teachers income million. The 邢帅 Network Academy, which we reported earlier, "had a yearly income of 60 million by 2012." Maybe Xing ...

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Why some start-ups are bought, others are doomed

Why do companies such as Facebook and Yahoo spend millions of of billions of dollars on acquisitions of start-ups, while others are quietly dying? In business, the founder's social relationship is an important factor, at least for the start-up companies that want to be acquired, sometimes you know who " is more important than what you have developed. 22-Year-old Josh Miller, who dropped out of Princeton, started a business called branch. Because he and many well-known entrepreneurs have maintained a good relationship, such as Twitter ...

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Amoy Point Qiaofeng: At all costs to wear food industry chain

The local life consumption data, including catering, is richer than the shopping data/multidimensional, from the perspective of large data, the strategic significance of Ali is self-evident. When it comes to dining, it reminds me of a very interesting past. In 2010 by Ali Group held by the Network Business Conference, Qiao Jiangnan Group Chairman Zhanglan had a speech excitedly recalled the South beauty of the entrepreneurial process. She said that after the return of entrepreneurship, has studied Chinese food various cuisines, finally chose has the hundred vegetable hundred flavor Sichuan cuisine, because consumes the crowd and the consumption frequency all is there, possibly survives the likelihood to be bigger. Indeed, so far, Chinese food brands are still very few, can successfully chain ...

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7 key elements of the success of a start-up

Entrepreneurs are looking for success every day, what is the secret of success? We cracked the 7 qualities that entrepreneurs need to have before they invest in entrepreneurship 1. A strong sense of time here contains two meanings: one is to choose the best time to launch your business. This requires a balanced range of factors to come to a conclusion, for example, your industry's emerging and decline, the competitor's failure or success, venture capital adequacy, your personal situation (for example, just have a child, it is not suitable for immediate entrepreneurship; If you plan to have a child within three years, you can start the business right away); the second meaning means ...

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You can have a chance to be a millionaire even if you're sitting at home.

The economic downturn may be an opportunity for startups, and the development of the Internet makes Home Office "a popular choice." Take a look at these 3 cases: Paul Mann is a start-up entrepreneur, but he admits he was a regular office worker and worked well as CEO of a tech company, informative, who was founded more than 10 years ago. But the change took place in 2002. Mann want to find someone to walk the family dog, but found that they have enough to trust the door to hand the key to the other person is too difficult ...

Five lessons learned from the startup experience

Two years ago, I joined a start-up company and became the first employee here. I had no idea what I was expecting, and I had no clue what I was doing. Joining startups feels a bit like joining a crazy gang, and it really is. You have no idea what's going to happen next, and you have no idea what your first job will do to make you successful after a difficult situation. But don't worry about it, there's too much excitement about working in startups. The start-up family has its own special place, but like all families, there are ups and downs ...

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Two big problems with red "down kitchen": What to eat? Earn what?

The front of the Red Kitchen "has two difficult problems: keep telling users what to eat" and find out what they are earning. The threshold of intracavitary is getting higher. Circle of Friends ", the dinner of the senior restaurant so that people even point praise are hearted, personally cooked and set a chic, filming meticulous food to win applause, under the kitchen is becoming a fashion life and social way. But I have not been to the new Oriental Chef, can only cook instant noodles How to add eggs? In the age of mobile Internet, all the needs are first thought for you. 2011, out of its own love of food, designer Wang Xu left work 2.5 ...

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