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The American startups that burst red but you didn't understand.

This article from the former Baidu map PM hand, and most of us feel the same, for the article mentioned in the three start-up enterprises--square,instagram,lyft Red, it is inconceivable. The former Baidu ER in the United States in the course of the journey to experience the services provided by these three companies, the conclusion is: to provide the ultimate user experience, or to successfully change the user's consumption habits, products have been widely concerned about is a matter of course. According to the results of the last vote, today, the United States found that they have not really understand the United States startup ...

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Rice fat Net: non-mainstream outbound travel online new play

The online travel market is in a blowout, according to an annual report by Eric Consulting, which reached 220.46 billion in 2013. As Bat giants enter, the online travel market competition has entered a white-hot state. In this context, small online travel sites can only choose the small mouth into the market. Rice Fat NET is an example, it chose the outbound tour of the Sea Guide, in the crowded travel booking camp to find their own territory. However, it also led to its too small incision to make itself too slow to develop the situation. Small travel booking site How to deal with the Giants ...

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Why are foreign investors bullish on internet media?

Many foreign network media in the near period of time to obtain financing. This seems to herald a new form of media that is gaining recognition in the industry. This morning, the U.S. financial technology website Business Insider 12 million U.S. dollars again to finance. This round of investment by Amazon CEO Bezos investment company. Other investors involved include RRE Ventures, institutional Venture and the publishing industry. Like the business, these investors had previously insid ...

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Han du clothing house: a Amoy brand of electric trader Multi-hop

In the outside world, Han's most successful clothing is the purchase of the hands of the system, and the Korean chief executive is often in public to share their experience in buying hands. But as an original brand of the Internet, Korea has tried to not just buy hand system, from the attempt to purchase, to do free brand, and then to the offline entity shop attempts, Korea has experienced a brand development of multi-level jumps. Korean Clothing homes positioning the Internet apparel brand Han Feng fast fashion and Chong I have a great relationship. Chong graduated from Shandong University Korean major, after graduation by the Chinese side sent to Korea to do trade between China and Korea, one to do is ten years. In the official foray into electricity ...

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Partner stories of female founders: too much trust can lead to breakup.

It takes a partner to start a business, a partner is like a marriage, and trust is necessary. But will too much trust create problems? such as too much trust and lead to the ability of the other person does not really understand. The writer Dan, Sichuan, serial entrepreneur, the current Black Horse will enterprise Jumeirah Education Group chief operating officer, before this venture, she had United founded Beijing Lu Mose Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter called Lu Mose), when the CEO. This article is about her last venture, and the story between the partners. This article is "Entrepreneur" magazine March 2014 issue female entrepreneur topic ...

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"TERA" published the image of the site ahead of the pre-construction role

(Compile/Small Hee) South Korea NHN Company's online games "TERA" recently is a lot of activities, operating company Hangame yesterday released the image of the game site, today is through the official website, for all players to create role pre-creation activities. January 11 next year, the public test of the "TEAR" at this time to open the above content, in the momentum, but also hope to get the media the largest angle of exposure and the player's support.  As the first line of South Korea's three big expectations, NHN convenient to say, also want to play good "first gun." Public test promotional video warm-up video, on the beta version ...

Shun Fung Optimization Chen: 2015 Fresh electricity business website will begin to accelerate the layout of Cross-border electricity dealers

Domain Name City ( January 30 news, from a single product burst and price PK, to the Logistics Distribution Service competition, Shun Fung preferred Vice President Chen in an interview, said the 2015 fresh electricity business website will begin to accelerate the layout of Cross-border electric power, open up overseas direct mining business, and more to explore O2O,       Customized food and so on. In Chen's view, to increase investment in overseas markets, one is from the strong demand of user groups, the other is to promote the growth of fresh electricity manufacturers doubling the new ...

Ccigmall Online, the trading system effectively curb the "purchasing and smuggling" and other international trade chaos

Domain Name City ( December 9 News, China's local cross-border electricity business platform Xin NetEase business Ccigmall has been on the December 5 officially online.   The domain name enabled for this platform is It is understood that Xin NetEase business is by Century International group Beijing Century Shinkansen Network Technology Co., Ltd. jointly with the Chinese Federation of Trade, Bank of China, China Telecom, UnionPay business jointly created by the country-specific Cross-border business-to-business electronic trading platform. The platform selected from eight countries in Europe and the United States of origin tens of thousands of kinds of goods, will be presented in China's nearly million retail ...

Trendy media is moving from offline media to community O2O platform

Domain Name City ( January 29 News, a few years, O2O concept has been deeply rooted. In the vertical field of the O2O exerting force, the Community O2O platform also flocked out.       After the community 001, Ding Dong Community, worry-free community, the western trendy media also began exerting force, a few days ago to get 60 million yuan Angel round investment news, trendy media is from the offline media into the community O2O platform. The community O2O has the imagination to pay attention to is closed the loop, the user in ...

Eagle Desert Travel Android Client officially online

Domain Name City ( January 30 News, the reporter learned that the brand hotel members through the platform-Eagle Desert Travel (innmall) APP1.1 Android version of the official online, iOS version will be released this February.       It is understood that the product will provide consumers at home and abroad High star hotel group and eight fast hotel group total of more than 100,000 hotels in-depth search, online booking, member management, intelligent recommendation and other services. Eagle Desert Travel CEO Rui said ...

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