China Telecom will resume WAP business billing

April 20 Noon News, people familiar with the situation, China Telecom has to the WAP partners issued a notice, said the plan in April 2010 to resume the full network of WAP business display and billing.  Previously last December, the three major operators of Mobile WAP website suspended billing, forced to shut down or stop access to the number of mobile phone sites can not be counted.  A few days ago, the industry also reported that China Mobile may resume the WAP billing business in May or the second quarter, but has not yet received a clear notice. And according to China Telecom recently to the WAP partners issued notice, the Chinese ...

US blog exposes next generation iphone: Battery 16% bigger than 3GS

Beijing time April 20 morning news, according to foreign media reports, the U.S. Science and Technology blog Gizmodo Monday, the blog in California State Reid Redwood (Redwood City) a bar found a lost iphone, and claimed it is Apple's next generation iphone. Gizmodo said that after getting the iphone, the blogger took it apart, with the following details:-frontal camera;-improved standard rear-facing camera (lens larger than iphone 3GS);

Former Qualcomm China president Mengpo as president of Motorola China

Ma Xiaofang, the first financial daily, confirmed from Motorola that the former Qualcomm China president Mengpo will be the president of Motorola Mobile terminal business in Greater China and be responsible for Motorola's mobile terminal business in China.  Gaoribin continues to serve as Motorola's China chairman and is responsible for Motorola's overall business in China.  This April 9, Qualcomm announced that CDMA Technology group Vice President Wang will be promoted to Qualcomm Senior vice president and Greater China Region president, the current senior vice president and Greater China President Mengpo will be due to seek new career opportunities and leave. Reporter noted that this is also Motorola will be terminal ...

Handheld TV business in Beijing

cfp/yesterday, Beijing China-Canton Communication Co., Ltd. handheld TV Business (CMMB) operation started. Users can be a machine in hand, while achieving communication, watching TV and Internet and other multiple functions.  The integration of "three Nets" is a new practice in the Beijing area. Handheld TV is mobile multimedia radio and television, Beijing China-Canton Communication Co., Ltd. by the BCC Communications Group Co., Ltd., Beijing North Canton Media Group, Beijing People's Radio and Beijing TV Quartet to set up, mainly assume CMMB project in the Beijing area of the construction operations, that is, through satellite and wireless digital broadcasting network to ...

Challenge iphone Lenovo Mobile localization strategy odds geometry

Ma Xiaofang "The board and Management have decided, after repeated research, to bite with the iphone."  "In yesterday's Lenovo Mobile interconnection Strategy Conference, Lenovo Group (00992.HK) Chairman of the Board of Directors of the hundreds of dealers and the global management team to say, and the official release of the three mobile internet products including Le phone." "Lenovo is desperate to put in, must occupy the market, if a step back will lose, like 1994, multinational brands have entered China, China's PC market almost collapse ..."

Motorola appoints Mengpo as chief executive of Greater China for mobile terminal operations

Mengpo as Motorola senior vice president and mobile Terminal business Greater China Region president of the April 19 Evening News, Motorola officially announced today to appoint Mengpo as the company's senior vice president and mobile Terminal business Greater China President, effective day.

Shenzhou Thai Yue first Tipali chain down 25%

⊙ reporter Zhao 0 editor Chu Hailiang Shenzhou Yue Today disclosed a quarterly report showing that the company's first quarter to achieve business income of 167 million yuan, 28% per cent, attributable to the company's shareholder net profit of 57.16 million yuan, increased by 48.36%, the basic earnings for each share 0.45 yuan (not increased). It is worth noting that the shares of the Shenzhou Thai stock in the first quarter hit a new record, but remains the institutional "darling." As of the end of March, the company's top ten circulating shareholders in the fund seats accounted for 8, and the Silver China Fund has 6 funds, total holding 5.1722 million shares, at the end of March to calculate the closing price ...

Shenzhou Yue Q1 net profit rose 48.36%

April 19 Evening News, Shenzhou Yue released its first-quarter earnings today, the period to achieve operating income of 16,671, 900,000 yuan, an increase of 27.97% per cent, net profit of 57.1589 million yuan, compared with the same period last year, increased 48.36%. In the IT Operations management business area, to achieve business income of 36.4207 million, compared with the same period last year, an increase of 30.41%. In the mobile Internet development and operation support business areas, the realization of operating income of 130.2983 million yuan, compared with the same period last year, 27.31%, which originates from the "agricultural credit" business income of 13.95 million yuan.

How to save the flow fee for mobile internet

Big Mouth mailbox Address shou*** Reader inquiry: Recently used 3G mobile phone, Internet is indeed very fast, but the flow consumption is also very fast, more than 10 days spent more than 100 yuan, it is a bit unbearable, do not know if there is a way to save some traffic fees?  I usually surf the internet is to look at the news, send and receive mail and hang a QQ or something. A: At present the domestic 3G service flow rate is relatively high, this is mainly because of the mode of flowmeter charges, so we use mobile phone to browse the page or to calculate. Generally come to ...

Houweigui: "Technology + finance"

"Style" again the story of the ups and downs to Houweigui mouth, have become a handful of water-the thin 66-year-old, still remain an astonishing old-school engineer's true nature: the eyes mild, language level, introverted even some shy.  Perennial a regular jacket, zipper pull very much, only a little shirt collar. However, he is a sharpness, hidden in his answer to the question does not whitewash, do not dodge, do not weigh in. The 67-Year-old, who keeps a year in more than 50 countries and regions, talks about "strategy"-ZTE's own competitiveness strategy, future market strategy, and even ...

Personnel diversion China Unicom to reload the endurance

April flying Snow, "2012" became "2010".  In China Unicom inside, someone lucky to get the ticket, someone can only sadly leave the field-China Unicom has begun a vigorous restructuring of the organization and personnel. "The list now disclosed is accurate.  "China Unicom insiders said to the Chinese business newspaper," However, this adjustment for China Unicom is not a rarity, China Unicom is the only constant change, usually a provincial general manager about only one post in three years will have to turn hillock. Cutting clan in this personnel adjustment, involving the group and ...

Mobile browser "Ming war"

Tsui after the App store, the browser is becoming the next wireless internet "The deer of the common."  Following March 31 mobile phone giant Nokia injected the domestic largest mobile browser ucweb,4 month 15th, 3G Portal launched a rival browser platform strategy. Unlike UC's habit of having software built into a mobile phone terminal, the 3G portal has chosen to join hands with Renren, Youku, potatoes, excitement nets, Xinhua news agency Mobile TV, muttered six websites to jointly publish the latest version of its go browser, the mobile browser can directly play video, and the micro-blog and the game seamless ...

SK Telecom's first profit decline in three quarters

C114 Beijing time January 28 Morning News (Zhang Yuehong) South Korea's largest mobile operator SK Telecom issued its first profit decline in three quarters, and recently SK Telecom has launched a series of promotional activities to attract users of rival South Korea Telecom and LG Telecom.  Net profit of 244.2 billion won in the quarter, compared with 263.1 billion won in the same period last year 7.2%,sk Telecom said in today's announcement that sales have increased by 3.1% to 3.1 trillion won. SK Telecom's local competitor Korea Telecom Company since November 28, 2009 officially cited ...

News: Qualcomm Thursday shares opened down 12.7%

US Eastern Time January 28 9:31 (Beijing time January 18 22:31) News, Qualcomm (nasdaq:qcom) shares fell 6.00 U.S. dollars in Thursday, reported 41.20 U.S. dollars, a decrease of 12.71%. (Yi Fei)

The structure of Unicom headquarter and local network company is clear: Implement vertical management

January 29 News, people familiar with the matter said, in the consolidation of the construction sector, fixed network operation and maintenance departments and mobile network company, the newly formed China Unicom Network branch structure, unicom network planning, planning and maintenance, such as top-down implementation of vertical management.  It is reported that to integrate resources, improve efficiency as the goal, China Unicom will be fixed-network construction, operation and maintenance departments and mobile network companies merged to form China Unicom Network Branch (hereinafter referred to as network companies), Unicom Network Company to achieve the integration of integrated management, by China Unicom deputy general manager Zhang Juan in charge. People familiar with the matter said ...

News: Motorola Thursday shares opened 10%

U.S. Eastern Time January 28 9:31 (Beijing time January 18 22:31), Motorola (Nyse:mot) shares fell 0.73 U.S. dollars in Thursday, reported 6.67 U.S. dollars, a decrease of 9.86%. (Yi Fei)

News: Nokia Thursday shares opened up 10.5%

U.S. Eastern Time January 28 9:31 (Beijing time January 18 22:31) News, Nokia (Nyse:nok) shares in Thursday, opened up 1.36 U.S. dollars, reported 14.28 U.S. dollars, or 10.53%. (Yi Fei)

Experts say the internet will take more than 20 years to achieve the science fiction film effect

Chinese Academy of Sciences, Shanghai Institute of Micro-Systems and information technology, the head of the preparatory group, the Chinese Academy of Sciences Shanghai Institute of Micro-Systems and information technology, director of the Pine Forest 26th visit Xinhua, on the Internet of things to the future impact of human life and online exchanges. Moderator: This year is "Eleven-Five" last year, "Twelve-Five" planning may involve the development of Internet of things.  What is the plan for the development of China's Internet of things in the next five or ten years? Pine Forest: After the Prime minister said, now the fastest action is Wuxi, because the prime minister said to the center built in Wuxi, their action is very fast. But...

Motorola Low-end machine Shanzhai: MediaTek chip +TCL Foundry

Motorola's low-end machine "Shanzhai": MediaTek chip +TCL, MediaTek has confirmed that Motorola has been working with MediaTek on some low-end models. Motorola and MediaTek hold hands, for both sides, have a special meaning. For MediaTek, after acquiring the customer of LG, then get Motorola this industry big guy's approval and support, also be to get the long-awaited "birthright", show that it can gradually lose the "cottage" hat, on the positive stage, and for Motorola, through cooperation with MediaTek, can change the previous ...

Detailed message: Motorola quarterly net profit of 142 million U.S. dollars

Beijing time January 28 Evening News, according to foreign media reports, Motorola released today the fourth quarter of 2009 and the full year financial report.  Earnings showed that Motorola's fourth-quarter revenue was 5.7 billion U.S. dollars, with a net profit of $142 million. Motorola's performance in the fourth quarter of last year was slightly better than analysts had expected, and its Android phone sales were doing well.  The data showed Motorola sold 2 million smartphones in the quarter, up from Wall Street expectations. However, Motorola also said it would suffer losses in the first quarter of 2010. This expectation led to the friction ...

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