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Gujin 2.8.5 release PC boot loader

Gujin is a PC boot loader that can be used to analyze your partitions and file systems. It discovers Linux kernel images, as well as other bootable partitions (* BSD, MS-DOS, Windows, etc.) and files (*.kgz) and boot disk images (*.BDI), and displays a graphical menu selection to boot the system. Gujin uses file-record interfaces to boot the Linux kernel, such as Lilo and grub, so it does not require any other preinstalled bootstrapper. It can directly load gzip compressed e ...

Red Flag asianux Server 3 Installation Guide: Installation tool Tray

At this point, Red Flag asianux Server 3 's basic system has been installed, as prompted to restart the computer, after a normal power check, you will see the Graphical Grub boot menu, then you can do is as follows: Press the <Enter> key, The default boot option is booted, a Boot tab entry is selected, the operating system that corresponds to the selected boot tag is booted by the <Enter> key, and no action is taken, the boot loader timeout expires (five seconds by default), and automatically boots ...

How to use the Ubuntu installation CD to restore Grub

This section explains how to use the >ubuntu installation CD to restore GRUB (the Grand Unified Boot Loader) ( 1 Boot Press del key or F2, enter the BIOS, check "Advanced bios Features", the start of the boot device set to the CD drive, exit ...

CentOS System three sets of hard disk partition scheme

Installing a Linux system on your computer, partitioning your hard disk is a very important step, and here are several partitioning scenarios. (1) Programme 1/: Recommended size above 5GB. Swap: Swap partition, recommended size is 1~2 times of physical memory. (2) Program 2/boot: Used to store the Linux system startup related programs, such as boot loader, and so on, recommended size of 100MB. /: The Linux system root directory, all the directories are hanging under this directory, the recommended size of more than 5GB. FileSystem: Storage Pu ...

BIOS and EFI introduction and their startup CD making

Many of the installation discs now meet the boot requirements of both the EFI platform and the BIOS platform, and in this article, learn how to make bootable discs that meet both the Legacy BIOS platform and the EFI platform boot. You will learn: Legacy BIOS overview, Introduction to the startup process, and boot CD steps to make the Legacy BIOS platform; EFI overview, Introduction to the startup process, and the steps to make the startup CD for the EFI platform, and to meet the Legacy BIOS platform and EFI platform ...

Gujin 2.8.4 release PC boot loader

Gujin a PC boot loader that can analyze your partitions and file systems. It discovers available Linux kernel images, as well as other (e.g. *bsd,ms-dos,windows, etc.) bootable partitions, files (*. KGZ) and Boot disk image (*. BDI) and displays the graphics menu of which system to boot. It uses the Linux kernel's file interface to boot, such as Lilo and grub, so it does not require any other preinstallation bootstrapper. It can also directly Add. gzip compressed ELF32 or ELF64 file, with a ...

Zeus, US Letter (Maxim) Soc eyeing smart grid security

Electronic enthusiasts Network "compiling/david": The United States letter (Maxim) officially announced the introduction of a smart instrument for the SOC chip Zeus, can be embedded in the smart grid equipment, for measuring and connecting the safety of the equipment to fully escort. US letter says Zeus will support a variety of security and connectivity devices.   The chip has a built-in encryption module to protect communications, a secure boot loader, and prevent tampering with unauthorized modification of the firmware behavior and any physical attack meter will be accurately detected and automatically recorded and reported. Zeus Platform includes ...

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