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10 programmers favorite HTML and CSS online code editor

The same essential tool in general software development is the code editor. Traditional code editors are generally installed in the form of software installation package to the computer, the code is compiled and saved to the server through ftp or svn and other tools (of course, such as NET development in Microsoft Visual Studio such a powerful integration Tools say another.). In the actual project development in such a way is also very convenient. However, with the rise of various cloud services, ...

11 Gadgets to help you build your page

Today, a lot of small software can be used to build the page, and play a little bit of effort, the following share some of the common page building tools, most of which are based on Firefox plug-ins.    , allowing you to be more handy when building your pages. One, the page constructs the essential tool-firebug believes each page constructs the schoolmate to have this tool? If not, you quickly install (click here to install), Firebug like its name, help you find bugs, ...

Build Station "coherent" recommend 7 big free web page Editor

The intermediary transaction SEO diagnoses Taobao guest Cloud host technology Hall stationmaster constructs the station, the webpage editor is essential. Web page Editor is an editing tool that edits and stores the content of Web pages in HTML text and publishes them. Universal Editor features more complete, but also a higher degree of specialization. Increasingly, there is a web based on visual documents and database personalized Web editor, even if the site does not understand the program language can easily build a station.   Below, IDC comments network share 7 free web page Editor. 1. TinyMCE Tin ...

How to choose between HTML and XML sitemap

Intermediary transaction ">seo diagnose Taobao guest cloud host technology Hall in the days of slowly contact build station, also began to learn how to make the site more easily included, This makes me think of it, in the beginning to do the site, always want to put those beautiful pictures and animations moved to the home page, since that do, can let the user come in feel good pleasing to the eye, do not know, the original such "beautification ..."

Analysis of SME website problems and page optimization

Intermediary Trading SEO diagnosis Taobao guest Cloud host technology Hall today with a business Mister Chat, is the chemical industry. He asked how to the fastest speed in the network to obtain orders, feel that the salesman on the network to find customers too slow. Alibaba spent 50,000 as a paid member, but 1 years down an order has not received. He asked me if I was a salesman. Is it more efficient to publish information on the Internet, register a business-to-business Web site, or pass a professional business-to-business website? Personally think that these 2 methods to achieve immediate effect is impossible, salesman release information, note ...

Build Station Box V6 officially online, the real drag-and-drop fool-type station tool

Build station Box Self-Service station system has been officially upgraded to the V6.0 version, the new station box system operating interface more clearly and more powerful, while the real implementation of the module through the mouse Drag zoom edit the Web page, allowing you to operate more arbitrary. What kind of self-service building station is a good building station system? Now customers need is: Computer website + "> mobile website + micro-website + mobile app = Marketing ...

College students build websites as "Junk King" online

Intermediary transaction ">seo diagnose Taobao guest stationmaster buy Cloud host Technology Hall University students sell meat to people admire, when" junk King "can be accepted by the public? Speaking of "The Tattered King", many people immediately think of those old tricycle, in the neighborhood streets and alleys shouting "junk" of the urban migrant workers. But this year's 25-year-old online ...

Novice must read-how to build their own online mall?

How to build an online shop? The construction of a "> online shop, Independent online mall, has been the work of network experts, the need for a huge technical input, but now, choose Zhuo Day Network Shop system , very simple, and its system backstage is designed for the vast number of "rookie" design, strong management and easy to operate. You do not need to understand the slightest knowledge of network computer, do not need to do what Web page, you just sit at home, point ...

A5 Source: December 2013 Build Station System Update recommendation

The intermediary transaction SEO diagnose Taobao guest Cloud host technology Hall will be the new year soon, I believe everyone wants to handle the work well, comfortable to have a good year! Then as a webmaster, the stability and security of the site is very important, last month, a number of systems have been updated, you updated it?   A5 source code to clean up a number of good source updates, I hope you are using to help. Forum, blog Source Startbbs (starting source Community system) is a PHP+MYSQL MVC architecture development ...

Analyze user behavior from Single-page and how to build Amoy station

Intermediary transaction ">seo diagnose Taobao guest cloud host technology Hall Taobao guest is nearly one year the hottest net earning project, also bring hot a kind of website pattern, I believe everybody knows, Yes, it's a single-page Web site.   Things always have two sides, there are advantages and disadvantages.   I. Benefits; The benefits are very hot, mainly including: 1, simple, can be mass-produced. Taobao Customer single page ...

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