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The Chinese business-to-business Alliance emerged

With the concept of network marketing gradually known, network marketing on the importance of enterprise development has gradually been the attention of small and medium-sized enterprises, and its low-cost, agile enterprises have "net", many enterprises have joined this field, but, network marketing is so simple?   The rapid development of Internet information, in recent years has reached a new height, the amount of information every day dizzying, how to provide more accurate and effective for small and medium enterprises to become the Internet urgent problem, the Chinese Business-to-business Alliance Professional and targeted services to become the industry leader in the site. 2011.

The trend of SMEs into electronic commerce is the key to honesty

September 2, 2013 news, by the Chinese Small and Medium Enterprises Association Credit Management Center Network Business Branch, Shenzhen in the Enterprise letter star, China Business-to-business Alliance, Ming million group contractor's "2013 excellent integrity Enterprises in China and network business credit Rating Conference" (hereinafter referred to as the Net Business conference) in Beijing. At the network business meeting, the Deputy Secretary-General of China SME Association, Zilijan, Director of Credit Management center of China SME Association, revealed that traditional small and medium-sized enterprises have become the development trend of e-commerce, but the traditional SME development of E-commerce early stage is a painful process. E-commerce has become a trend of sincerity ...

The road to the rise of vertical websites

Zhejiang Jin Chinese Jin Jian to start a business 5 years ago, from China's packaging network, resigned after starting a business. He was so ambitious that he was ready to start a fight. Jin Jiancheng founded the global Mining Network, only a few people at first. In the 2007, China's internet industry, like Jin Jiancheng such a plunge into the vertical site of the adventurer is a lot of people, their entrepreneurial impulses are mostly from the same year China's chemical network in Shenzhen A shares listed. In the circle, China Chemical Network founder Deliang Story, many people can recite: one day, still doing clothing industry website Deliang to Hangzhou, a clothing bo ...

SME e-business model may usher in spring

Since the "Twelve-Five plan", the rapid development of e-commerce industry has become the focus of market attention, coupled with the rapid development of industry vertical websites in the past two years, but also the "business-to-business" business model has been pushed to a new height. However, with the diversification of target market and the diversification of users ' demand, the business model of integrated business-to-business has been unable to meet the personalized needs and services of target market and users to some extent.   On the one hand, the "special", "deep" as the direction of market orientation has emerged, on the other hand, diversification, personalized demand has become increasingly prominent. The face of information and enterprise integration process ...

Chinese business-to-business Alliance forms a vicious circle of the electric business platform, regaining the confidence of small and medium enterprises on the electric business platform

In China, SMEs accounted for more than 90% of the total number of enterprises in the national economic development and construction occupies an important position. In recent years, with the rapid development of network and global Information Network application, E-commerce is becoming more and more popular, and more and more enterprises have started to promote their corporate image and product information with the help of electric business platform, and set up good corporate brand to promote product sales.   The great economic benefits brought by electronic commerce have prompted more small and medium-sized enterprises to begin to try to carry out e-commerce practice. and small and medium-sized enterprises have set foot on the road of the current situation compared to many business-to-business, B2 ...

Advantage Network Promotion is more valuable than resources

Dalian Jinzhou District Shahe jinrong flowers and plants base in the total operation of Lee under the benefit has been good.  However, he has been confined to the scope of business only in Dalian local distress, tried a lot of publicity methods, also did not effectively expand the scope of business, he tried to operate the immediate business, while relentless search for effective ways to promote. This time, in Ming million salesman's introduction under Lee always know Ming million company based on Chinese business-to-business Alliance and launched keyword promotion products-jinbangtiming. Lee always had a certain understanding of the Internet, and he also needs a cost-effective way to promote, so in detail ...

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