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Talk about domain name protection awareness

Talk to friends today about awareness of domain name protection. Let's look at two domain names:, If you think they all point to a website then you're wrong. is our familiar campus network, is another site, billion poly school network. For the school network, this can not be said to be not a big loss, because it to some extent affected the reputation of the school, many newcomers also issued a down in the end who is the real school network doubt. And objectively points ...

Lack of understanding of electronic domain name protection weakness

East Lake, Yi Yuan Qing, six flavor Zhai ... These well-known local brands, is now encountering the "" > Domain name of the bad luck, their survival status is threatened, and must find ways to spend money to buy back.   At present, this phenomenon has caused the provincial capital Business Management department's attention. Due to the lack of understanding of the electronic domain name, the protection of weak, the province of the old enterprise domain name is frequently registered. "Shanxi old Vinegar", "East Lake ..."

Half of our 740,000 domain name servers are unsafe

Song Yuanhua/Comics Internet security is divided into three levels: the operator level of hardware security, the provision of access services domain name protection, enterprise-level site content assurance.  But most enterprises often ignore the middle domain name protection work.  "Our country 740,000 domain name server has the security hidden danger, 100 yuan may register the domain name, but cannot buy the domain name security", the Chinese network company chairman, CNNIC (China Internet Network Information Center) chief scientist Mao Wei introduces. Recently, the attention of the Global IPv6 Summit held in Beijing, the experts said, with the IPV4 address depletion and ...

Wan network experts remind domain name hijacking phenomenon now

"As long as the domain name registration and filing success, the rest of the energy is on how to set up a station for Internet marketing. Domain is my registered, who can do to my domain name?" An e-commerce site manager Said. In fact, there are a few enterprises that have such a mentality. For them, they often only care about the meanings of domain names when choosing domain names, and often ignore the security of domain names themselves. As the Internet's first entrance, domain name is an important intangible assets of enterprises, carrying the brand value and commercial value, and with the increasingly diverse ways of cybercrime, domain name information is tampered with ...

Brand protection New GAME rules: Trademarks are no longer the end

"Tenkine Shanghai July 8 News" in the brand to the enterprise benefits play more and more important role today, trademarks as the core of brand equity, has long been the focus of corporate protection and competition. A "Jiutouniao" trademark, can let father and daughter in court, no wonder some people say that trademark has already become the main battlefield of competition between enterprises.  In recent years, however, it seems that the battlefield is shifting to Internet brands such as domain names. The latest statistics show that by the end of 2008, the CN domain name disputes cumulative 1355 pieces, showing a steady upward trend, most of them for the domain name registration, Invasion ...

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