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The technical revelation behind the Instagram 5 legendary Engineers (PPT)

Instagram 5 Legendary engineers behind the technical Revelation (PPT) published in 2013-03-28 22:13| Times Read | SOURCE csdn| 0 Reviews | Author Guo Shemei Postgresqlredismemcachedinstagram Open Source AWS Summary: Instagram, a photo-sharing app developer based on iOS and Android, with a unique operating philosophy, with only 5 engineers, Team A total of 13 people in the case of success to their own 7 ....

Small and beautiful: small entrepreneurial companies that create miracles

Intermediary transaction SEO diagnosis Taobao guest Cloud host technology Hall countless entrepreneurial small companies maintain a strong combat effectiveness, creating an unexpected "small miracle." When a small company with scarce resources is holding on to just a few straws, it tends to be more entrepreneurial than squad's big-business professional managers. Smaller, often means more professional, faster, more accurate, more meticulous, more patient ...   As well, it is easier to shine into the dream of reality.   Why not small and beautiful? A roadside snack bar with only 3.3 square meters, annual sales exceeding ...

Make your photos more interesting: Flipagram

"TechWeb Report" Flipagram brings life to you, using your Instagram and camera photos to make a short story, plus your favorite music, if you want to make a lot of Instagram photos more interesting, the recently released Flipagram The program may be exactly what you want. Easy 3 steps to create your flipagram:1. Select-Pick photos from camera film, photo albums, Instagram or applications within the camera 2. Create-sort, add title, ...

"Big rollup" IBM redundancy compensation Tangled mobile internet users pain Point survey

In the cloud network every day a selection of scientific and technological media headlines! 1. Phoenix Technology Microsoft releases Windows 8.1 Preview "Start" button return Beijing time June 27 news, Microsoft Build The 2013 conference opened at the Moscam Exhibition Center in San Francisco, United States, early June 27, Beijing time. Microsoft unveiled the "window ..." before the opening ceremony.

Startup five marketing tools

Here are 5 marketing tips for the most famous startups. 1. The Little Bighorn If you have hard access to your target market, then you can try to enter the adjacent market, in order to measure the market for your product needs. Facebook is the company that made this tool famous. In the early days of Facebook, their target market was schoolchildren. At that time, many schools already had their own social network. Therefore, Facebook did not directly promote these schools, and ...

How to use micro-vision for brand promotion?

The intermediary transaction SEO diagnoses Taobao guest Cloud host technology Hall when it comes to micro-vision, it may be very unfamiliar to the majority of people, even never heard of the word. Before looking at the Webmaster Circle There are many people in the discussion: "2014 is the year of mobile Internet, is the micro-vision year, micro-vision will become the next micro-letter?" In fact, as always, Tencent continued to maintain the "fortress to the end" of the tradition, Tencent Micro-vision is not the first, foreign countries have already vine, Keek, Instagram and other applications in the former. Where the name of the vine ...

Deciphering social networking web marketing psychology

In today's internet age, it can be said that the era of social networking, with the rise of social networking sites, brand marketing is no longer limited to the PC-side ads, how to run a good Twitter account, Facebook homepage for the brand's user stickiness and awareness, also more and more important.   However, the current brand of social networking site marketing strategy, mostly around the creation of more brand-related promotion, and rarely stand on the fan's point of view, publish what they really want to see. Fans are not a simple ad recipient, they need more fun, personalized ...

2015 5 business-to-business Marketing trends: now what?

We've been in the second half of the 2014 years, but if you want a big harvest in 2015, you need to upgrade your development strategy. When you're laying the groundwork for your 2015 marketing strategy, here are five marketing trends that can provide a starting point for the rest of the year and the big projects for the next year: 1. Micro-target positioning: It's time to get to know your customers. Put down the "one-to-many" strategy and dig deeper into customized and personalized strategies to look for small, but potentially lucrative, market subsets and niche products. Contacting these customers will require data parsing to be ...

Forbes: Six rules let you play social media PR

Win social media strategy for public relations most social media are a waste of time, according to the Forbes website. This is a good place where you can post a photo of your cat, post your opinion about politics or music, exercise your thumb by clicking "Like" and "thread", and you can participate in other harmless activities. Social media is less nutritious than cotton candy, more repetitive than the Big bang, and you don't have time to take care of it on weekdays. But in seemingly useless social media, public relations (PR) professionals and entrepreneurs have found a network that can be made more ...

Sohu Remodeling, the way to go in the future

Samsara is a kind of phenomenon, is a kind of law, is also a kind of philosophy. History is in Samsara. Fashion in Samsara. Technology is in Samsara. Portals are also in Samsara. From the beginning, to provide content, advertising, experienced attempts, breakthroughs, today, it is back to content, advertising. Of course, today's content and advertising are very different from the content and advertising of the year. Like the cavalry in the war replaced the tank, people or that person, content or that content, but the advertising is different, accurate delivery. Let the people who want to buy TV to see the new TV ads, want to make the gun to see Fast Inn discount ads, want to read people see ...

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