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Details to be paid attention to in operating website projects

Absrtact: The author starts to operate the website from 2008 beginning, imperceptible to now already more than 5 years, this 5 years experience of the ups and downs is this life can not forget. The author also from this 5 years experience to the operation of the site's pain and happiness, watching now the more the author began to operate the Web site since 2008, unknowingly to now more than 5 years, this 5 years experienced the ups and downs of this life can not forget. The author also from this 5 years experience to experience the operation of the site's pain and happiness, watching now more and more people also poured into the personal webmaster This industry, the heart can not help ...

High-end projects get no pre-sale certificate, which led to a fall in the Beijing market

Lower average price is the result of structural changes in the sale of property to curb high house prices still need to Afterburner reporter Lu Ying 3rd Beijing reported in the second round of regulation and control policy of the strong repression, a recent news has aroused public concern, October hundred city residential average price rose. The news and the current official website data reflect the real estate situation there is a big gap.  This makes many people feel puzzled about the property market. There are news reports, the Chinese real Estate Index system hundred City Price index of the 100 cities of the full sample survey data show that October 2010, the National 100 urban housing (including ordinary commodity housing, villas, economic application ...)

Multiple violations of new residential projects in Hebei province

Du Deqing House, spent 7 years of his efforts. He prepared the building from 2000. Bountiful selling grain to buy some bricks, the next year to sell food for some purlin. In this way, the building materials accumulated 4 years, 2004 finally the new house covered up.  He has accumulated 3 years, by 2007, 5 of the house decoration finished.  This year, Du Deqing was informed that all the houses in the village were to be demolished. "Isn't this Zaojian thing?"  October 14, the 53-year-old farmer said, most of the houses in the village were newly built after 2000 years. Du Deqing is Langfang yongqing County hemp ...

Promotion website to make money projects

Intermediary trading ">seo diagnose Taobao guest cloud host Technology Hall recently, the emergence of a relatively simple network money-making projects, that is, through promotional sites to make money, In other words, we help them to promote the site, such as to the Forum, post bar to send some promotional links, and then someone will see click on the link to visit the site, so that can achieve the purpose of promotion, this site and then according to a certain principle to pay us ...

Micron Venture season: the Starlight Avenue for investment in start-up projects

2012 is not only a difficult year for employment, but also a peak year of entrepreneurship. Point to point for investors and "> Start-up projects Matchmaking start-up enterprise help activities, is still the best way to solve the problem of start-up investment financing."   The Micron entrepreneurship season is one of those "helping micro-enterprises" organised by a micron youth entrepreneurship social platform and the most tech media. The event to "entrepreneurial way, micron with you, no longer lonely ...

Personal webmaster to find their own interesting and appropriate website projects

Intermediary transaction ">seo diagnose Taobao guest cloud host technology Hall brand and see brand, enterprises and enterprises, more and more brands and enterprises have flooded the Internet." E-commerce, Information network, game network, novel Network, music network, video network has been seized by enterprises, how can personal webmaster also do in the Internet what project? With this problem I carried out the following several analysis, perhaps on the current ...

What projects should the webmaster start

The intermediary transaction SEO diagnoses Taobao guest Cloud host technology Hall Internet in China nearly 10 years, 10 years later, China has long been a large number of successful internet companies, many internet grassroots entrepreneurial stories, as well as the media on the success of the Internet to read and tout, to countless people full of dreams, So a large number of people into the Chinese Internet industry. As if the internet is a big gold mine, so long as has the good idea to be able to replicate Yahoo,facebook and so on website's success, because these websites are the ordinary student founder, moreover is ...

The discovery of innovative workshops all invest in mobile internet projects

In the current era of the Internet, a number of projects flashed in the Silicon Valley, such as the prototype of Internet companies, innovation Workshop and its founder Kai-Fu Lee into the "cottage" questioning. Even a netizen has previously produced a website called "Plagiarism Workshop", which uses the theme style of the homepage of the Innovation Workshop, and puts into it the prototype of several innovative workshops and their imitation, which accuses this brand of innovation, but has been "copied". Plagiarism has been debated, there are controversial issues. There's nothing to be disputed about if plagiarism goes beyond. As for the final innovation workshop plagiarism will not ...

What are the projects for making money from self-made businesses?

Intermediary trading ">seo diagnose Taobao guest cloud host Technology Hall said that the word" self-made ", there must be a lot of people excited about it, It is indeed a matter of pride to be able to fight a world by one's own strength. However, the bitterness of this is not ordinary people can bear, poor to start a business, from the beginning has been behind others, if not have ...

Network Marketing to the high level of exploration projects unlimited money

The intermediary transaction SEO diagnose Taobao guest Cloud host technology Hall still remember just start to contact the network to make money or six months ago, at that time in school, prepare the National Park Network construction Competition, later because this project temporarily canceled the change to set up CAD, so I did not turn to CAD study,   On the social ready to find a job or to continue to study for further studies, but it was not the time to study, and I did not graduate, so also face the job to make money. Simply introduce yourself, ZJY has not yet graduated to go to college next year (self ...

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