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IBM China set up cloud computing division Cloud Road Map exposure

August 24, IBM in the "2011 Cloud Computing Peak Forum" announced the establishment of Greater China Region Cloud computing Division, and the first release of the development of cloud computing in China Roadmap. It is reported that the new Cloud computing division will integrate IBM software, hardware, services, research and development and other departments of resources, play an integrated advantage, with IBM in the field of cloud computing expertise, industry insights, research and implementation capabilities, combined with IBM global customers and their own in the field of cloud computing best practice experience, To provide customers with customized End-to-end cloud computing solutions, ...

China Telecom to set up cloud computing company to practise "sky-wing cloud computing" strategy

Beijing time January 31 afternoon news, according to sources said China Telecom is preparing to set up a professional cloud computing company, governs the management of the national provincial companies in the cloud computing business. According to him, China Telecom Cloud computing company general Manager of the position will be introduced by a thousands of senior talent, deputy general manager of the post will be a retiring headquarters of the two-level female general manager of the department. According to C114 understand, the establishment of the telecommunications cloud computing company staffing for 100 people, office location for the Beijing Telecom Group headquarters building a layer. By then, China Telecom will become the three major ...

China Unicom to set up cloud computing company Giogang as leader

According to people familiar with the situation, in order to better adapt to the cloud computing era of user demand, speed up the promotion of China Unicom's corporate strategic transformation, China Unicom is brewing the establishment of cloud computing company, has set up a preparatory, the group leader by Hainan Unicom general manager Giogang as. Preparatory members also come from China Unicom Research Institute, System integration company, group customer department and other departments. However, the person did not disclose the future cloud computing company's specific size and business planning. Prior to this, China Telecom has set up a separate cloud computing company at the group level, telecom positioning it as a set of marketing, operation, product development ...

China Telecom Cloud Company set up cloud products to test commercial

& ">nbsp;5 Month 17th news, China Telecom insiders said, China Telecom cloud computing company has been incorporated in the recent days. At present, the company is in the cloud mainframe, cloud storage and other products tested, related products will be tested in the first half of the year commercial. It is understood that China Telecom began in 2009 to carry out cloud computing research, and set up a "Wing Cloud project" team. 2011 8 ...

Great Wall computer EMC Fortis set up a joint venture to Rob Cloud computing

December 12, 2011, in China Great Wall Computing Shenzhen Co., Ltd. (referred to as the Great Wall computer) and partners at the end of the year-end thank you, the director of the Great Wall computer, President Zhou Genchen announced that the Great Wall computer, EMC, Fortis Tripartite, through the increase in Fortis Technology development Holdings (Hong Kong) Limited (Fortis Hong Kong) The way of formal implementation of tripartite joint ventures, the integration of their respective advantages of resources, join hands in the "cloud computing" field. New company chief executive Li Hong, senior vice President Dai Shong, senior vice President Wang Radium and other company leadership team official public debut, Beijing Futong Oriental Technology Co., Ltd.

China Electric Branch set up Information Service sub group to focus on developing cloud computing

The 32nd Institute of China Electronic Technology Corporation (hereinafter referred to as "China Electric Branch") signed a strategic cooperation agreement with the American Eucalyptus System company. The reporter learned from the meeting that China Electric Branch will set up a group of information services industry in Shanghai, and make clear cloud computing as the key direction of strategic cooperation to promote. According to Li Weiguo, deputy director of the Ministry of Industry, China Electric Branch and the Shanghai municipal government have signed a strategic cooperation agreement in the end of 2011, will integrate the group's information industry resources, set up a group of information services industry in Shanghai, and make it clear that cloud computing is the key direction of strategic cooperation. ...

Set up Web reputation query server for domestic "cloud security" speed up 50 times times

November 30, 2010, global leader in the world of Internet content security software and services, trend technology announced that in order to make Chinese customers better and faster cloud security protection, trend technology in Nanjing set up a special service for Chinese customers Web reputation query server. After testing, located in Nanjing, the new Web Reputation query server application, Web reputation query speed compared to the previous maximum can speed up more than 50 times times! Trend Technology says that in November 2010, by applying Global load Balancing Technology (GSLB), all of China's ...

NEC and Neusoft set up joint venture to speed up the layout of China's cloud computing

The annual NEC Innovation Solutions Exhibition, jointly organised by NEC and the Shanghai Municipal Commission, was opened in Shanghai's Global financial Center, and a number of urban science and technology projects based on IoT and cloud computing were unveiled for the first time. NEC Global President Toto in an interview with the Evening News reporter revealed that the current NEC in China to participate in 12 cities in the Internet of things, not long ago and Neusoft in Dalian, the joint venture has also been on the right track, will revolve around cloud computing in the medical, health insurance, security and other fields to explore. Far Toto said that last year NEC began to set up regional headquarters in major regions of the world, a total of ...

How to set up workload deployer private cloud for production deployment environment (upper)

The author describes the process of deploying an application using the workload deployer Version 3.1 user interface setup and configuration cloud. The example uses the VMware ESX 4.1 or PowerVM Virtual machine management program. Ibm®workload Deployer is a "> Hardware device that offers ...

Chongqing is allowed to set up "national Cloud computing Intellectual Property (Chongqing) pilot Zone"

Hualong Network November 30 13:30 (reporter Li Hui) today, Zhongqing "> Intellectual Property Office released the news, the State intellectual Property Office has agreed to set up Chongqing"     National Cloud computing Intellectual Property (Chongqing) test area, starting from January 1, 2012, a period of 3 years. At present, the municipal Intellectual Property Office has conjunction ...

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