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Lenovo jumps out of PC Storm mobile internet music phone will be on iphone

The iphone is just a footnote to Lenovo's determination to make a strategic transition, and Lenovo music phone is fighting a completely different war.  On April 19 Lenovo Mobile interconnection strategy and new product launch, the chairman of the group's board of directors suddenly unexpectedly issued to the iphone a higher rhetoric. He compared the Greek myth: Children and Giants fighting, two of people's power disparity. But the child has an advantage, the Earth is his mother, every kiss the Earth, the child is stronger, eventually the child relies on the Earth mother defeated the Giants. Lenovo compares apples to giants.

Domestic mobile phone sales, who will be the first breakthrough in the international market?

Absrtact: In recent time, the topic of domestic mobile phone hot again. At present, the share of domestic mobile phones accounted for more than half of the domestic market, this situation and more than 10 years ago, such as the Kejian, Panda, and other domestic brands and international brand situation is similar, so the public opinion for some time, about domestic mobile phone topic again hot up. At present, the share of domestic mobile phones accounted for more than half of the domestic market, this situation and more than 10 years ago, such as the Kejian, Panda, and other domestic brands and international brand situation is similar, so the consensus began to predict that the Chinese mobile phone manufacturers will repeat the end of the collective killed in the scene ...

Mobile new iphone may delay demand for tens of thousands of sales

Sina Science and technology news October 8, because the Ministry of Industry has not been rumored to be announced at the end of September, the release of 4G licences, so the market rumors that China Mobile introduced the iphone 5s/5c to be a bit later, and Apple will certainly require China Mobile to promise a certain minimum sales, which China Mobile needs to consider. From a technical point of view, China Mobile's introduction of the iphone 5s/5c problem has been resolved, because China Mobile has tested the iphone 5s/5c,iphone 5s/5c chip in 7 cities to support the Chinese mobile 4G standard TD ...

Hong Kong version of the iphone mainland is not warranty big too stingy?

The lag in the sale of Apple's new products in mainland China has been broken. The two new handsets, the iphone 5S and IPHONE5C, were sold at a global pace this September. But when consumers first realized Apple's sincerity in the Chinese market, they found that handsets purchased in Hong Kong and Macau were not guaranteed in the mainland. Cross-zone warranty "preoccupied" what exactly? Apple said "Different hardware specifications" was not expected to be the case, because other Apple products can be covered across the region. "Shanghai white collar Lady Qian said she went to Hong Kong for a long holiday this year and bought an iphone 5S phone, only to meet ...

Take advantage of your IPhone 5S 7 little Tips

class= "Post_content" itemprop= "Articlebody" > Apple has always been good at producing intuitive use of equipment, the iphone 5S all of a sudden add so many new features, you may miss some very important, the following collection of 7 IPhone 5S is a very useful feature that allows you to make the most of it ... Set up a brand new iphone 5S If you are a veteran iphone user, this is easy. If...

New technologies such as IoT and cloud computing will be unveiled in International communication exhibition

"China International information and Communication exhibition" Press release will be held in Beijing today, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology Department of Communications Development Deputy Director Chen Jiachun on behalf of the organizers introduced the General Assembly details. It is reported that the 20th annual International Communication Exhibition will be held in September from 26 to 30th in Beijing China International Exhibition Center (Old Country exhibition).   The exhibition with "a new generation of information technology" as the theme, focusing on the two deep integration, three network integration, things networking, mobile interconnection, cloud computing, broadband communications, mobile intelligent terminals, network security and Internet management, green communications and other areas of the latest development results. Ministry of ...

Tip: Teach you the perfect way to use the iphone 5s

"Mobile China Software" Apple brand new iphone 5s has been on the market for a long time, I believe that whatever you hold is tyrants gold, northeast Silver or one of the high-end gray. The IPhone 5s, whether it's hardware or software, adds a lot of new features, maybe you might miss something very important. Therefore, the author collects some about the iphone 5s the use skill, hoped can help everybody. 1. Quick photo iphone 5s camera and camera app have some small innovations in the lower right corner of the lock screen ...

"Tyrants Gold" to hit the iphone is difficult to continue the high-end myth

On the Friday iphone 5s, the "fruit powder" was once again cheered. While there is widespread public expectation of the phone's innovation, the iphone is still in the hot line, reproducing a queue for buying. Among them, in the mainland known as "Tyrants Gold" gold version of the iphone5s is particularly sought after, the highest even fried to 10,000 yuan per department, and its ebay auction price has reached 1800 U.S. dollars. At the reporter's side, there is no lack of snapping up the golden iphone5s "fanatics." Employees at Apple Stores in Hong Kong say that at 5:30 in the morning, the store just ...

ipad debut on iphone ' four screen ' era

Zhang Jith, an international student at the University of Pennsylvania, is the first to go online to review the ipad's debut in the U.S. But she's not going to buy it right now because "we're all waiting for the 3G version at the end of April." "But this does not prevent Apple fans and technology fans in the United States from the first, according to statistics, the WiFi version of the ipad on the first day of sales reached 300,000, and the iphone in the same year.  The same day, ipad users Apple App Store software downloads more than 1 million, itunes E-book download more than 250,000. You're ready to be with me.

Liu: An international trading person for mobile internet

Liu, unlike the first group of mobile internet entrepreneurs who have always adhered to the country, Liu is an outright opportunistic. Author: Su Juan Liu, who used to be the CEO of Easy search for mobile phones, now chooses to quit the executive role and be responsible for strategy, financing and resource integration as chairman of the company. At the end of 2010, he also set up a mobile Internet incubator fund with two angel investors from Ka Fung Capital. "Before the 100 million yuan of the appearance, then look at the hot money, we began a second round of financing." is to put the domestic (mobile Internet) Good Project belt ...

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