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Product managers and prototyping have to say the story

As a product manager, it has been argued that prototype design should not be just a designer's job, it should also be a product manager's job - especially in the early stages of demand discussions. A product skeleton and soul, is given by the product manager; blood and meat, is given by the R & D engineers; facial features, limbs are given by the designers. However, before the flesh out, how to sketch out a complete "skeleton" for your team members is a compulsory homework for your product manager. Because of this skeleton sketched how, will directly affect the team colleagues in various positions on the consistency of understanding needs, effectively reduce because of understanding differences ...

From the proper way to the iPhone

Text: Youdao cloud notes responsible person Jiang Wei Hang, in our exchange and other Internet product team process, in fact, many friends have mentioned a problem, that is, how to choose a suitable product design for their products? Youdao cloud notes iPhone version of the new product design, we have also encountered a typical situation in the above problem. After nearly four months of exploration and practice, we also found some suitable solutions. So we share in the know, hoping to explore with friends who have similar problems ...

Zynga buys iphone game development tool Cocos2d

Beijing time May 10 morning news, social game developer Zynga announced in Monday that the company has acquired the iphone game Development Framework tool two key developers. According to the agreement, Argentines Ricardo Quesada (Ricardo Quesada) and Chileans Ronaldo Avarca (Rolando Abarca), the two developers will work for the Zynga San Francisco company. Zynga has been making several small acquisitions recently, and over the past 12 months the company has ...

Book Recommendation: God-like product Manager

Edited by Shang ISBN 978-7-121-16885-7 June 2012 Published pricing: 79.00 Yuan 16 open 496 pages of propaganda: The book has a full picture, there are details, including more combat. For this system of complex business, this book made Ha Fi analysis definition, carding and summary. Brief introduction This is a systematic exposition of mobile and Internet products from scratch, from have to excellent product manager practice case works. And this book runs through the "people such as products, products such as people" and "products of the roots and sources from the real life" ...

The end of Gartner:android will overtake the iphone and BlackBerry

Beijing time September 12 morning news, according to foreign media reports, market research company Gartner this week released a report that Google's Android phones will surpass Apple iOS and RIM's BlackBerry by the end of this year to become the most popular smartphone. Google's Android smartphone will occupy 17.7% per cent of the world market by the end of 2010, significantly above 3.9% per cent in the same period last year, the report said. The report said that in Google's multiple sales model, a range of smartphones are similar to the iphone features, and Google mobile phones by a number of wireless operators to provide services, ...

How to find a product manager with entrepreneurial mindset?

2007 was the most glorious year for the BlackBerry handset maker Rim (mobile research company, all known as study in Motion), with revenues, earnings per share and shipments hitting record highs. Apple has just launched the iphone, and rim executives believe their products have dominated the business-phone market, and are bound to gain a foothold in the fast-growing consumer market. "It has always been from the commercial market into the consumer market, never had the opposite," Rim's joint CEO Jim Barcilly Jim Balsill ...

The product system of the start-up company the first split after the product is combined

The intermediary transaction SEO diagnoses Taobao guest Cloud host technology Hall these "little Minions" need to learn from Tencent, Facebook and other product giants? Article | Colin since the micro-letter for Tencent lay another beautiful battle, Tencent vice President, Tencent Guangzhou Research and Development department general manager Zhangxiaolong became the domestic it circle of the Reds. Some time ago he answered the question "What is a good user experience?" was reproduced by many peers. In fact, "product manager" is already known to be one of the most popular topics, ...

To the Niang occasion, the first market promotion only spend 20 yuan

Absrtact: The domestic mobile Internet development momentum is strong, the study of enterprises specific combat cases, will be able to give practitioners and want to dabble in the field of people to a certain reference significance. Tencent technology to visit many of the forefront of entrepreneurs, launched the "Mobile internet to create domestic mobile Internet development momentum is strong, study the specific actual combat cases, will be able to give practitioners and want to dabble in the field of people to a certain reference meaning." Tencent technology to visit many of the pioneers in the forefront of the pioneering, launched the "Mobile Internet Business Practice Guide" series of articles, as far as possible to talk about theory, more talk about practice. This article is the 8th ...

Millet fame, talk about many, praise all have

Millet fame, talk about many, praise all have, but praise mostly for the surface and fragments, not for managers to reveal a complete millet success of the truth and way. It's a hassle! Managers need not idols, but benchmarking. Idols are used to worship, benchmarking is used to analyze and learn. I have a tribute to Millet, which I began to praise Gree and Huawei ten years ago. I do not worship millet, but respect, so recommended managers to study millet. Because Millet is the benchmark of the Community business era, it has created a new model, method, a new way, simply say "through the construction of gu ..."

Top ten iOS Sports game commentary

Life is about movement. The various sports programs also have their own huge fans, out of instinctive worship of power and beauty. Spare time, call friends, play ball, both deepen friendship and physical fitness, so many people are keen on one of the hobbies. But as the pace of life accelerated, work pressure increased, such a less chance, lack of exercise of the body is also increasingly tired, this time sports games to a certain extent to make up for the lack of psychological players. Small series from iOS selected on behalf of 10 sports items 10 games, I believe there is always a paragraph you will like. Football System Requirements: ...

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