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Linux cloud computing Web2.0 together to create open source

In the absence of a breakthrough in desktop Linux, the steady growth of Linux in the server market has made it more of an enterprise-class application business card. However, with Linux's breakthrough in the field of mobile computing, mobile office has a new interpretation of the concept of Linux enterprise-class applications.  In addition, the development of WEB 2.0 and cloud computing has brought new development opportunities and challenges to open source. The virtualization giant VMware, a firm leader in Mobile, has recently joined the Open-source organization Li ...

Why don't you just run open source software on Linux?

For some industries, running proprietary (proprietary) software on open source Linux distributions is not an exception--rather common. On Wall Street, for example, "99% of apps on Wall Street rely on proprietary software."   Oracle is one of the things that we like to run on Linux with proprietary licenses, says Victor Yodaiken, Fsmlabs's president. Migrating to a Linux platform is not an either-or proposition. Linux as a ...

Start with the wind! Linux or can be rapid development in the cloud

The story about Linux is actually a battle between the two ends. In the cloud, the operating system has become a top player. While in the enterprise, Linux is eroded the exclusive territories of Unix systems, but if you want to talk about the operating system, still Microsoft's Windows in the enterprise dominate. With the popularity of cloud computing, Linux may (but not be guaranteed) gain more and more acceptance in the enterprise. Linux was born in 1991, a small but growing share of the business. The operating system has never let big companies think it is better than Microsoft Wi ...

KVM back to Linux good shade Open source KVM for business?

Virtualization is the first step toward the cloud, and, similarly, open source virtualization is the first step toward an open source cloud. Cloud computing offers products and solutions that revolve around the new delivery and consumption patterns of IT resources. The diversity of the cloud, the private cloud, the public cloud and the hybrid cloud, no matter which cloud has three key characteristics: virtualization, standardization and automation. So, what's a KVM? Can it meet the needs of the enterprise to the cloud? What's a KVM? KVM (kernel-based Virtual Machine) Source ...

The success of Linux comes from the community, not the superior technology

2013, in all respects, is a Linux year. Jim Zemlin, executive director of the Linux Foundation, announced that Linux has spread to every corner of the computing.   Zemlin says Linux is almost ubiquitous from smartphones, tablets, consumer electronics and cars to open clouds and high-performance computers, as well as gaming platforms. How does Linux spread to every corner of the technology world? After all, Linux does not really realize its original commitment to become a replacement for http://...

Linux: The preferred operating system for the cloud era

According to the latest statistics, in the top ranking of supercomputers, the proportion of Linux used has reached 94.2%, the top 10 systems all adopted the Linux operating system. 2013, Linux will continue to rely on the east wind of cloud computing, in the data center operating system in the market has a greater role. In recent years, with the rapid development of cloud computing, as well as the continuous development of Linux platform and the continuous improvement of ecosystem, more and more enterprises, cloud service providers to Linux as the preferred operating system for their data centers, and more and more enterprises to the key should ...

Analysis on the protection of Windows and Linux system permissions

The intermediary transaction SEO diagnoses Taobao guest Cloud host Technology Hall introduction no matter on which server system, any one file's execution must have certain permission, if the hacker obtains this permission, may use this flaw to run some hacker program, thus achieves the control entire computer the goal. Conversely, even if hackers can put some hacker programs uploaded to the server, due to the permissions of the problem, these hacker programs will not run, can not endanger our system.   For example Findpass is like this. 1 Windo ...

SaaS is the target of Linux now

When I read another article about people's problems in using unity, I thought to myself: when we are worried about how the desktop interface should be designed, are we putting our focus where we shouldn't be? Shouldn't we be looking at the application ecosystem for the development community? In other words, is it because the rapid development of software as a service (SaaS) has led the development community to claim that the field is "settled"? I mean the article is Bruce Byfield published in ...

Wisdom of the Earth: Based on Linux, the use of "cloud computing" to build the entire social ERP

At the end of last year, Palmisano proposed IBM's new global Strategy: Smarter Planet, "the Earth of Wisdom". Recently, in the "open source China, open source World" summit forum and round Table, IBM Greater China Chief technology officer, China Research Institute Dean Li again to the wisdom of the Earth published his own views. Li that, with another more obvious explanation to explain "wisdom of the Earth", is to establish the whole society of ERP. ERP is Enterprise Resource calculates.

Use Linux and Hadoop for distributed computing

People rely on search engines every day to find specific content from the vast Internet data, but have you ever wondered how these searches were performed? One way is Apache's Hadoop, a software framework that distributes huge amounts of data. One application for Hadoop is to index Internet Web pages in parallel. Hadoop is a Apache project supported by companies like Yahoo !, Google and IBM ...

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