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Yii PHP Framework v1.1.6 Publishing Large Web application high performance PHP frameworks

Yii is a component-based, high-performance PHP Framework for developing large WEB applications. In web development Yii can maximize code reuse, greatly improve the speed of development. The name Yii (pronunciation is Yee or [JI:], should be "easy" pronunciation) is representative of the easy, efficient (effcient) and extensible (extensible). This is the component-based, high-performance php ...

Yii a high-performance, component-based PHP framework

This article will illustrate the YII framework with a concrete example that allows readers to learn how to use the YII framework to create their own WEB applications in real-world cases, thus having a more realistic experience with this excellent PHP framework. What is YII? Yii is a high-performance, component-based PHP Framework for rapid development of WEB applications. Yii derives its name from the acronym "Yes It is". This is a sure answer to many questions about the framework: "Is it fast?" Is it safe? ...

20 of 2014's best PHP frameworks

For Web developers, PHP is a very powerful and popular programming language. Many of the world's top websites are based on PHP. In this article, let's review the 20"> PHP frameworks of the year 2014. Every developer knows that having a strong framework allows developers to work Become faster, safer and more efficient ... Choose a suitable framework before developing your project ...

Website weight loss and code optimization record sharing

Intermediary transaction ">seo diagnose Taobao guest Cloud host Technology Hall I just on the line last week a Taobao guest type of station, although one weeks, Until now, but I still have the confidence to do it well, and I think as a webmaster, patience this thing is really necessary. Or you can never do a good station. This station is an internationally renowned framework with PHP ...

How to become a cool web developer

In the last two years of school, I began to develop in the direction of a web development, basically a self-taught full stack of web development engineers, from the front-end to the back end of all do, but not a proficient, see here is not very disappointed? Indeed, if it is true, I am not free to write articles here. I've been working for more than four years now and I've just got a little bit of a knack for becoming a web developer. Dare not from Jane. A little view, share with the gentlemen. I feel that programming, the whole is an abstract process, the world to create an abstract model, and then let them work. Make a series of ...

Xoopsengine Alpha 1 Publishing Extensible Object-oriented Portal System

On the news released in August 2010, Xoops is moving towards a new architecture. After a few months of refactoring, today we are releasing the Xoopsengine as an Alpha 1 version that is formally tested to the public. Xoops as an extensible object-oriented portal system, the leading "> Open source CMS and portal systems are widely known, Now it becomes a platform for web and mobile applications. ...

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