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"China's Got Talent show" second-quarter migrant Workers Street Dance Group volunteers in the Championship (figure)

The migrant worker hip-hop troupe is a sophisticated dancer and gets a pass-through certificate. Morning Post reporter Wang Chentu Morning Post reporter Zhung last week, the second season "China's talent show" Shanghai recruitment station ushered in the second selection activities. Reporter found a lot of familiar faces, there is a hit drama "Love Apartment 2" in the Japanese actor clay, there has just been the Rabbit CCTV Spring Festival Gala Workers Street dance troupe.  According to the director of the group, this year's "China's Got Talent show" will be on the May 1 in Oriental TV premiere. Migrant Workers Street Dance Group: Dance can be asked to leave at any time the first season of "China's Got Talent show" let us remember the migrant workers from Shenzhen ...

The history of Xi Shi, the North six male stars in the auditions against hundreds of "beauties"

Reimu and "Xi Shi" Zhao and "Xi Shi" Sina Entertainment News "The Secret History of Xi Shi", "Choose the Secret History of Xi Shi" selection activities are in full swing in Beijing, closed training, director Yu Xiaogang sent Reimu, Xu Arrow, Zhao, Liu Can, Tri Xiangyu, Zhou Jingfeng six North male actor against hundreds of "Xi Shi",  and efforts to cooperate with the five groups of directors so that the audience clearly understand the beauty of "Xi Shi", let them quickly into the role. "The Secret History of Xi Shi" since the release of the national election Corner news, has been the attention of all walks of life, Yu Xiaogang director in the national election at the same time, specially sent to the north of the six-bit acting ...

CSDN 2014 Blog Star annual selection Hot Open

2014 has come to an end, full of anticipation and vision of the upcoming 2015 years, at the same time, CSDN 2014 blog Star annual selection has been hot open. Dear bloggers, your pay, your share, so that countless users benefit a lot! In order to thank the CSDN blog platform on the hard work of the elite bloggers, CSDN blog for everyone to host the annual "blog Star" selection activities. In the 2013 "blog Star" selection campaign, Yan, Guo Lin, Liu Feng, Zhang Long, Xiahanming, Zuo Cheng, he Li, Liu Wei, Zhao, Shaoyi, sing, ...

Miss World Tour of the vast sea scenery, the overall quality is pretty good

class= "Post_content" itemprop= "Articlebody" > "Miss World Tourism Competition" is an international tourism culture Messenger selection activities, aimed at promoting the mutual exchange and cooperation of tourism culture among countries. 2013 Miss World Tourism China Annual Championship finals recently held in Danjiangkou ... In the end, from Zigong, Sichuan, No. 6th contestant Ding Ramie, 35th contestant Liu Meng, 22nd contestants Li Chen won the second runner-up, winners will ...

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