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Five tips on how to pick a good and cheap space for a new webmaster

Intermediary transaction ">seo diagnose Taobao guest cloud host technology Hall with the social network era of continuous development, Web site management system of continuous maturation and improvement, The establishment of the website becomes more and more simple, more and more popular, many people out of hobbies or is to make money to enter the webmaster this group. The first question for the new webmaster is how to pick a decent quality and fit ...

Cheap: How new technology changes the oldest industry

The latest issue of the British Economist print Edition is entitled "Inexpensive: How new technology changes the oldest industry" (more bang for your buck:how new Marvell is shaking up the oldest) Cover article, the internet to the sex industry brought about by a detailed analysis of the various changes. The following is the full text of the article: The rise of internet pornography for the Johns in Berlin, a new application called PEPPR brought their lives ...

Hua Pu online for you how to choose the overseas server

In the past two years, the market has introduced a variety of overseas server products, the domestic mainstream IDC service providers have a great collective to enter the high-end market potential. However, in such a case, the IDC market is still showing an unbalanced state, although there are constantly new service providers to provide IDC products overseas, but often are doing smaller companies or personal agents, through Low-cost market to seize the IDC company everywhere, because the habit of cheap to rob customers, but neglected the quality of service, Even some individual service providers also use unqualified products to provide users, resulting in the loss of users, and users do not get excellent ...

User builds data center to HP Dell IBM downhill

Wired magazine commented that the internet industry is undergoing a major change, just as the advent of containers has transformed the traditional transport industry, the emergence of "digital factory" has also led the Internet sector to face new data storage and transmission patterns.   Massive "> data processing allows many companies to start building their own servers and data centers, and the traditional three server manufacturers IBM, HP and Dell face challenges. 195.

Will HP Dell IBM become the outcast of the cloud computing age?

Beijing time, December 18, the United States "Wired" magazine Network edition recently published a signed Hoffman, Jason Hoffman, the article, said that just as the container changed the shipping industry to store and transport physical goods, Modern data centers have also changed the way we store and transmit digital products. Now, with a huge amount of data to deal with, many companies have started building their own servers and data centers instead of buying servers or renting storage space from the three major server manufacturers, HP, Dell and IBM. In the server city ...

Choosing a virtual space operator price is an important factor

Intermediary transaction ">seo diagnose Taobao guest cloud host technology Hall when you want to select a virtual space trader, you must first know your needs, Set a reasonable budget for this requirement. Of course you can't put a Mercedes 1/10 of the price as a Mercedes budget, which is unreasonable. Through the recent survey of Chinese virtual space merchants, I found that the general site of the year empty ...

How to choose the right space for the novice webmaster

Intermediary transaction ">seo diagnose Taobao guest cloud host technology Hall with the Netizen's network knowledge accumulates unceasingly, the website management system unceasingly matures and Consummates, The establishment of the website becomes more and more simple, more and more popular, many people out of hobbies or is to make money to enter the webmaster this group. The first problem for the new webmaster is how to pick a good quality and ...

Continued north drift and DNF businessman's marketing proposal

Intermediary transaction SEO troubleshooting Taobao guest Cloud host technology Hall PS: This article for me to modify a network article, the original author of the DNF Virtual market analysis so vividly, can write such a real network marketing planning book deeply admire! When I saw this article, I realized: 5 months ago, I came to Beijing Yi Ma Guest Network Marketing College is Learning Network marketing, 4 months later, I did not continue to study network marketing, focus on network marketing, rather than spend most of the time in DNF, I should focus on network marketing, spend more time in the network marketing related work ...

HP orders reduce Foxconn workers strike for overtime

Recently, there has been news that a labor dispute broke out at Foxconn's Chongqing plant. A large number of workers in the industrial park before the gate, playing we do not make robots, we have to eat to feed the red slogan of the family. The workers began a strike in Wednesday, mainly because Foxconn reduced overtime for its workers after the number of HP orders declined. In this connection, Foxconn related officials confirmed to the securities daily, Foxconn Chongqing factory did occur about 1000 workers involved in the labor action, but after communication with the staff four hours, reached a settlement, all staff peacefully dissolved. October 9, another 20 employees also carried out a similar ...

"The Fast train Quake", specially for the car earthquake and born!

As an Internet practitioner, I have always admired two of the Web site peers, they are in a lot of websites appear so pull the wind and different, so arrogant so cool, to me and other people are always high. One is the CL community, one is 12306, are not the kind of casually can on the site, from time to time to find a few servers, let you taste a little temper.   In this particular era of cross-border, I wish to speak out "1024, the landlord good people, give a train ticket!" In 12306 the frail body once again in my ...

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