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Do not let the dream of programming die, we have to prop up their own piece of Blue sky,! "The Dream of Not Dying"-"Badboy"

———————————————————————— Maybe you're still a minor child now! But that's not an excuse.T Childhood smile has long been the past dream in the bud! you'll die in your dreams it? Or in the middle of a premature death! I also ponder the path of the dream is how far away, you have to do programmer dream of netizens, how far away from you success? I pray silently t

Photoshop for girls with dream blue Glow Effect Tutorial

, strengthen the local light and finish the final effect. Well, the above information is a small series of users of Photoshop's software to bring the details of the girls on the lawn with a dream of the blue-red glow effect of the production of the full content of the tutorial to share, in general, the main color is converted to warm, and then the Sky section is replaced with the glow materi

Photoshop for the scenery of the lake scene to create a beautiful dream of blue

Blue is a more commonly used dream combination color. When processing the main color into blue, and then add some blue to the dark, and then use the blur and cloud filter to increase the effect of softening the image, the later fine-tuning the character color to strengthen the local light and shade. Original

Photoshop to create a dream winter blue forest characters pictures

Photoshop to create a dream winter Blue forest characters Pictures Material pictures are taken in the summer, the main color to yellow-green, the color of the main color to reduce the saturation of the image, and then to the dark part of the picture to increase the cool and dark, and then to the image of the high light area to increase the blue, local rendering

Photoshop addition two times composition: Wedding piece dream blue tone background

This tutorial mainly uses Photoshop to pull out the wedding movie dream blue background effect, addition two times composition is refers to use the space or the material form to adjust the original picture composition, finally achieves a reasonable composition form. The general addition of two times composition is to use the software in the canvas size command for size and space expansion. Look at the effe

BlueDream. js (Blue Dream)-guide plug-in for jQuery websites

It's time for me to wander around the front-end world. I know a little about common plug-ins, but I rarely see user guide plug-ins. The so-called User Guide plug-in is the first time a website is used, some small animations will pop up, tell you the basic usage of the website, help you get started quickly. This should be a common function, and it is not difficult to make a plug-in. Since there are still few plug-ins, write a dish! So BlueDream. js was born... Because the design color of this

Bluedream.js (Blue Dream)--jquery website using the boot plugin

Side dishes in the front-end world wandering some time, the common plug-in somewhat understand, but rarely see the user boot plugin.The so-called User Guide plug-in, is the first time to use a website, will pop up a little animation, tell you the basic use of the site, to help you get started quickly.This should be a common function, make plug-ins is not difficult, since now is relatively small, that side of the cake to write a bar!So Bluedream.js was born ... Because this plugin is designed in

Photoshop character grinding skin to create a dream blue-purple character signature effect (1/4)

Photoshop Tutorial Character grinding to create a dream blue-purple character signature effect target, you need to find the most direct way to color and beautify the picture. This will be less detours.Original Final effect 1, open the original material, to the picture of the early processing such as noise reduction, the cha

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