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CSS Naming Convention document

Before any project or system development, you need to customize a development convention and rules, which is conducive to unified overall style of the project, code maintenance and expansion. As Web project development is decentralized, independent,

Naming rules for VC Programming-[Hungarian naming method]

 Windows and VC Programming naming rules the Hungarian naming method is a naming convention for programming. The basic principle is: variable name = property + Type + object description. The name of each object must have a clear meaning. The full

Several common software naming rules

You don't have to work overtime today. Come back to watch movies and listen to songs. A long-planned blog has finally ushered in the first meaningful article today. I have read some articles on the Internet, but I am not writing well. I will try

Database Technology-database Naming and Design Specifications

Database Technology-database Naming and Design Specifications database development history has been using a somewhat mysterious system naming database table and field. In the original database management system (DBMS), the results of these naming

C + + variable naming conventions

Transferred from: the naming rules of C + + variablesDo not know how other companies, anyway, I now the company on the name of the variable is not a certain specification, the

GRUB naming convention and chained load boot entry

2.GRUB naming convention 5.1.2 Chained-load operating system 2.GRUB naming Convention The device characters that Grub uses are a bit different from what you've seen in your operating system before, and you need to know about it so you can specify a

Database naming rules

A Database:1. Basic naming rulesTable 1. Base Database object naming Database objects Prefix Tables (table)Field (Column)Views (view)Stored Procedures (Stored procedure)Trigger (Trigger)Indexing (Index)Primary KEY

Tinyos naming convention

  Identifier type Naming rules Example Interfaces Interfaces should be named by verb or noun. the first letters of the connected words are generally capitalized. ADCRangeSendMsgBombillaLocks Components

Database object naming Reference

IntroductionCoding specification is an essential quality of a good programmer, however, many people pay great attention to the name of variables, methods and classes in the program, but ignore the same important database object naming. This article

Database object naming Reference

The article is a reference, not a norm, not a standard. It only represents my personal views and suggestions, and only consider the usual conditions of the rules, you can modify it according to the actual situation. Introduction Code specification

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