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64-bit Ubuntu system using assembler NASM and C language

$ nasm-f elf Foo.asm-o foo.o$ gcc-c Bar.c-o BAR.O$ ld-s foo.o Bar.o-o Foobar  ld:i386 Architecture of input file ' foo.o ' is incompatible with i386:x86-64 outputThis means that the NASM compiler produces a 32-bit target code, and GCC produces a 64-bit target code by default on a 64-bit platform.These two errors are linked, and GCC is linked by default to 64-bit on 64-bit platforms.-------------------------

The Netwide Assembler (NASM) Assembly language notes

80h, like saying to the system: "Yo, do this" of course the system kernel is available The function of the call is so much that we can find the Unistd.h file (or possibly Unistd32.h or unistd64.h) in the/usr/include/asm/directory that contains all the kernel calls that your system supports. Or view the Linux System Call table table that the author edits. 3. First Assembler HelloWorld View plain hello:db ' helloworld! ',10; ' hellowor

Linux application experience and skills: Nasm compilation for Linux

the UPPERCASE parameter to make it case sensitive.    2. Use []    The use of [] by Nasm is also different from that of Masm. Nasm requires that all expressions and memory operands must be written in. The following are two examples.    Masm Syntax:    Mov ax, bar Mov ax, es: [di] Mov ax, [di] + 1    Nasm Syntax:    Mov ax, [bar] Mov ax, [es: di] Mov ax, [di + 1]

NASM fasm yasm or MASM, gas

Leave a claw and learn laterSelect compilerNasm? Fasm Yasm? Or is it masm, gas or something?The first three are free, open-source compilation compilers that use Intel's syntax in general. Yasm was developed on the basis of NASM, with NASM ancestry. Because the same syntax is used, the NASM code can be compiled directly with Yasm.Yasm Although the update is slow,

ASM Basics-Using NASM for assembly (Basic)

NASM differs from the MASM of VS, such as the NASM source program can have only instructions, without the need for segment distribution, main functions and so on. Here is an example: mov eax, 0 inc eaxCompile with NASM: A test.bin is generated when the compilation is complete: Open this test.bin to see the machine code of the instruction: The disassembly of t

Install NASM in Linux

Refer to nasm's Chinese manual for Reference 1.3.2 install NASM on UNIX If you get the NASM source package 'nasm-x.xx.tar.gz 'in Unix (here, X. XX indicatesNASM version), decompress it to a directory, such as '/usr/local/src '. The package will be created after being decompressedYour own subdirectory 'nasm-X. xx'

Nasm error: operator may only be applied to scalar values

I found a good post: (The answer is very professional) Hey all. I'm a complete beginner in assembly and have chosen NASM to work my way up. but I have a problem with the pseudo-instruction set. more precisely, I don't understand how the expressions "$ and $" are used in correlation with times. It's no problem for me to understand what "times" does, but I do not understand the expressions used together with times. Like; Times 512-($-$) db 0 It is expl

First familiar with nasm [4] -- SECTION and labels

1. In nasm, the custom segments are aligned by 4 bytes by default. The manual says, "It is implemented by adding the 'align 'qualifier after the segment definition line. For example, section. data align = 16 switches to the segment '. data' and specifies that it must be aligned to the 16-byte boundary ." I also added align 16 to the custom segment and found that the compiled code is still aligned with 4 bytes. Very strange. 2. Let's talk about labels

Use GCC and NASM to compile together in Linux

Use GCC and NASM to compile together in Linux Today, we compiledProgramFirst, use NASM to compile an ASM file in ELF format. The Assembly file contains global _ start and functionc, which will be used for future connection. Extern is used to represent functions in the external C language. Call structure of my program: _ start (ASM)-> funb (c)-> func (ASM)Among them, the ASM files include extern funb, glob

Ubuntu 16.04 uses NASM when compiling with the LD linker: The i386 architecture is incompatible with the i386:x86-64 output of the input file SANDBOX.O (I386 architecture in the input files SANDBOX.O is Not compatible with i386:x86-64 output)

Error:Problem Solving Process:1, first determine the CPU architecture2, this is a 64-bit architecture of the CPU, if the use of ELF parameters, the default is in 32-bit mode to deal with, then need more precise to specify this mode, such as ELF32 (32-bit), ELF64 (64-bit), the specific reference: Nasmdoc7.htmlThen rewrite the above can be as follows:Nasm-f elf64-g-F stabs sandbox.asm-o sandbox. old-o sandbox. O3, if you want to compile 32-bit and 64-bit combination, then y

Ubuntu 16.04 installation NASM compilation ide-sasm

Under Linux, especially the Ubuntu,sasm tool should be used to develop the best IDE for assembly, small and support debugging. Supported compilers are: NASM, MASM, gas, FASM.Installation steps:Download: dpkg-i sasm_3.8.0_amd64.debIf you are prompted to rely on errors halfway, you can use sudo apt-get install-f to resolve them.Start:Reference:Https://dman95.gith

How to Use EditPlus to configure the Program Development Environment (NASM)

From: Are you tired of VS2008, which is too slow to open? Can't stand Eclipse with a large memory usage? So I suggest you use some lightweight editors to build a development environment for your work. This article mainly introduces, how to Use Editplus, one of the most widely used editors, to build your development environment. This article is a reference. I hope you will be able to familiarize yourself with the configuration methods of this ty

Compilation environment building under Linux (NASM)

The first step: first determine if the system has installed NASM---------------> Open terminal, execute Whereis nasm; if nasm:/usr/bin/nasm is displayed, it is already installed, if only NASM: is displayed, it is not installed. Second cloth: to the official website to downlo

CMake Compiling NASM files

Recently in learning "the operating system true image Restore", in the course of learning to consider the file may be written in the process of more files, want to use CMake to configure the most basic compilation scheme, to reduce the late process, manual compilation caused by the trouble. Because there is no ready-made example, many versions of the Web are compiled and mixed with C, the generated code is based on the platform-related running files, as long as all the C to deal with the line. R

X86 Assembler Program Design for Linux

Linux x86 Assembler Programming-general Linux technology-Linux programming and kernel information. The following is a detailed description. Essentially, this article combines two programming things that interest me most: the Linux operating system and assembly language programming. neither of these two needs to be introduced (or should not); like Win32 assembly, Linx Assembly runs in 32-bit protection mode... however, it has another distinct advantage


Nasm-64_hello.asm 32-bit download: string HEX Command linker gcc Linux [CPP] View plain copy print?; HELLO.ASMNBSP;ANBSP;FIRSTNBSP;PROGRAMNBSP;FORNBSP;NASMNBSP;FORNBSP;LINUX,INTEL,GCC ;; assemble:nasm-felf64-lhello.lsthello.asm ;link:gcc-ohellohello.o; Run: hello;outputis:helloworld S

NASM compiles PE files

Code can be compiled directly ..Compilation parameter: nasmw-fbin msgboxa. ASM-O msgboxa.exe Download the latest NASM for Win32 CompilerLatest Version: NASM 0.98.39 Code :-------------------------------------------------------------------------------->>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>; Small PE Header demo for NASM; Email: Anskya@Gmai

GNU ARM Assembler pseudo-directive (assembler directives)

1. Introduction to the GNU ARM Assembly Any assembly line is structured as follows: [[ In the GNU ARM assembly, any end of a colon is considered to be a label, not necessarily the beginning of a line. Here is a simple example of the assembler that defines an "add" function that returns the two parameters and:[CPP]View plain Copy. Section. Text, "X". Global add @ give the symbol add external linkage add: Add R0, R0, r1 @ Add input arguments MOV pc, LR

The Boot Code of linux boot disk self-built by using vmware implemented by nasm

When the computer power is turned on, it will first perform power-on self-check (POST), and then find the boot disk, if you choose to start from a floppy disk, the computer will find the 0-side 0-side 0-side track 1 Sector of the floppy disk. If it is found to end with 0xAA55, the BIOS considers it as a boot sector, then, the BIOS copies the Boot Code of the first 512 bytes of the boot sector to the 0000: 7c00 of the memory and completely delivers the Controller to this boot code. The Simple Gui

'Nasm' is neither an internal or external command nor a running program.

//////////////////////////////////////// ////////////////// Ming custom build step on./common/i386/colorspace_yuyv_mmx.asm// 'Nasm' is neither an internal or external command nor a running program// Or batch file.// Solve the problem above.//////////////////////////////////////// //////////////// Download nasm.exeand ndisasm.exe to load assembly code. (Xvid encoding and decoding)//////////////////////////////////////// ///////////////////////////////

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