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Drone support for private image warehouses, and optimization of source code transformation

Drone introduction Drone is a new generation of CI/CD tools, based on Pipeline+docker mode, can be very flexible to support many business scenarios, currently, done up to 0.8.6, on GitHub, has scored 15K Takaboshi star. Drone and Gitlab, you can set the. drone.yml file in your project to customize the various processes you need to perform, such as code fetching,

Internet + Pathfinder You are the first to be eaten by the sand monk.

paragraph.This is actually the key to my expression:In the Internet + world, there are too many concepts introduced from the Internet industry, is profoundly changing the traditional industry we have been familiar with the form of too long. Traffic is king, fan economy, internet finance, extreme single goods, hunger marketing, industry closed-loop ... such as the Internet thinking, as well as a-to-do, peer, ... The type of letter combination forms the Internet business model. Dazzling, but also

K8s and cicd--deploy drone to kubernetes for dynamic agent shrinkage

This is a creation in Article, where the information may have evolved or changed. Objective This article mainly discusses how to deploy drone to the k8s cluster, itself drone this container-based pipeline approach, and k8s is quite fit. The benefits are: k8s cluster daemon Drone-server and drone-agent. RPC fea

Metasploit exploit vulnerability penetration attack target drone

1. Construction of Network test environmentFirst you need to configure the network environment for good one penetration testing, including 1 of computers running Kali Linux systems, and 2 as shown by the teacher to the Windows Server 2000 system computer. The two computers are in the same network segment, can communicate with each other, the Kali system is used as an attack aircraft, the following will run Metasploit for penetration testing on this system, and Windows 2000 is required to infiltr

Symbolic execution with Java Pathfinder

Jpf has an extension for symbolically executing Java bytecode (called SPF ). I have been using SPF for analyzing some pieces of code. this post introduces installation and basic deployments of SPF to help jpf beginners. as the official documents are reallyMore suitable for those experienced jpf users. Install Java Pathfinder (jpf-Core + jpf-symbc) Step 1: Download sources I am using eclipse as Java IDE, so here I assume you are using eclipse. for down

New Application Mode of ArcGIS and drone video integration

1 Overview Drones are a new data collection platform. They can quickly and efficiently obtain first-hand images and video materials. In ArcGIS 10.1, they can integrate drone videos with GIS, this gives full play to the value of drone videos. 2 drone video playback In ArcGIS 10.1 for desktop, you can manage drone v

Maze Pathfinder Problem

][p.y]=='1'){9Flag =1;TenCur=p; OneFLAGMAP[P.X][P.Y] =1; A Ps.push (cur); - if(Cur.x==row cur.y==Col) { -coutEndl; the return 1; - } - Break; - } + } - if(!flag) Ps.pop (); + } A return 0; at}Here point is a struct type: 1 struct point{ 2 int X, Y, 3 point () {}; 4 Point (int xx,int yy) {x=xx;y=YY;}; 5 point operator + (point P) { 6 return point (x+p.x, Y+p.y); 7 8 }

Instance programming: Maze Pathfinder III

Consider a tree from the maze entrance to the shortest path near the point. The shortest path near the exit can be found by means of breadth traversal. The algorithm idea of this program originates from the Dijkstra algorithm of finding the shortest path near the other points in the graph. /* Maze Pathfinder III (Shortest path) * * /* Dijkstramaze. C * * * * 2003-8-26 * * #include #include #include #include #include #define N 22 #define M 22 int

Geek DIY: Uses Raspberry Pi to create a four-axis drone

Geek DIY: Uses Raspberry Pi to create a four-axis drone If you want to DIY a drone of your own, you can read this article and it may be helpful to you. The main parts used in this project are mainly from Erle Robotics (an open-source four-axis aircraft project using Linux ). The author of this article does not work for this company. If you are interested in this scenario, you can also focus on basic proje

Instance programming: Maze Pathfinder II

A little improvement has been made to the maze of the Pathfinder. The villain does not go backwards in the course of walking, that is, does not repeat through the same point. /* crazymaze.c*/* 2003-8-26 * *#include #include #include #include #include #define N 22#define M 22#define MAXLEN 200;int bg[m][n];struct square{int x;int y;int Direc;}P[200];void Makebg (Int,int);void Drawbg (Int[][],int,int,int,int,int);void Drawman (Int,int,int);void rect (i

The drone's hot.

650) this.width=650; "class=" AlignCenter size-full wp-image-6180 "alt=" Picture 1 "src=" Uploads/2015/11/2015-11-087.png "width=" "height=" 363 "style=" height:auto;vertical-align:middle;border:0px; margin:0px auto; "/>In the "Three silly big trouble Bollywood" has seen the drone, and he has been in the inside out the use of unmanned aerial vehicles, the results of the old-fashioned professor mercilessly scolded. Toda

K8s and cicd--a complete drone demo

This is a creation in Article, where the information may have evolved or changed. Objective In the previous article, we simply introduced the deployment of drone. The next step is to introduce the official documents as well as the plugins I used in the actual work. This article, is mainly a complete drone demo. Pipeline includes the Git clone pull code, the go build build, the Docker image is generated and

"Metasploit Penetration test Devil training camp" target drone walkthrough of the fifth chapter of the actual case Oracle database

Tags: Distance preparation res win Cal HTTP Ideas System version instructionsPrepare a BT5 as an intruder, a win2003 as target drone, there is a vulnerability of the Oracle Database (version TNS service on target drone, the vulnerability is numbered cve-2009-1979. Bt5:ip win2003:ip Start Walkthrough: On the Internet to find some introduction to this vulnerability, Meta

"Metasploit Penetration test Devil training camp" target drone walkthrough of the fifth chapter of the actual case Kingview 6.53 version cve-2011-0406 vulnerability

Tag:extsdn directive altmsf and machine information own In a notebook to open two virtual machine a bit card, and too much trouble, put Metasploit target target drone on another machine, IP itself configured a bit, target host: intrusion Machine : on target: Kingview 6.53 version cve-2011-0406 vulnerability, System Win2003 SP0 under the: in the information gathering, the target host opened 777 ports, Baidu found tha

American Daniel made a hacker drone

Two American computer security experts created their own small self-driving aircraft capable of launching network attacks from the air and monitoring mobile phones. It is called the "wireless air monitoring platform ", it was transformed from an unmanned U.S. military target. Computer security experts Richard palkins and Mike tacay have made special changes to the unmanned target so that it can discover and catch up Two American computer security experts have created their own capabilities to co

Web attack target drone

SQL injection target drone attack process please refer toHttps:// the attack process of XSS target drone, please refer toHttps:// open a webpage on a machine:It's a blogging system.Each blog title can be evaluated below:There is an XSS vulnerabili

DVRF: Router vulnerability practice target drone Damn vulnerable Router Firmware

0x01 OverviewThe goal of this project is to help people learn about other architectural environments outside of x86_64, while also helping people explore the mysteries of router firmware.So far, the project is based on the installation of Linksys E1550.0x02 InstallationFriendly tips, please back up the router firmware before installation, in case of a rainy future.1 , log in with the Administrator account password E1550 2. Access Firmware Update page, http:///, upload dam

Kali penetration test--using Metasploit attack drone WinXP SP1

Build penetration test environment Kali attack aircraft WinXP SP1 drone Start Metasploit Windows RPC-related vulnerabilities Internal-provided vulnerability attacks drone WinXP SP1 network configuration to view the NAT network segment of a virtual machine Configure IP addresses for WinXP SP1 drone Perform vulnerability Utilization Post -exploit:meterpret

Kali get target drone's picture and look at the URL

address to use when restoring arp Mappingsforming ; when cleaning, you can send packets with your own packageAddress and host address. Packets Senta fake hw address can break with certain connectionsconvert /ap/ Bridge configuration, but it is more reliableinstead of using your own address, this is the default way to Arpscleaned afterwards.-T Targetspecify a specific host to the ARP Poison ( if not specifiedLAN host ) . Repeatedly specify multiple hosts. -R Poison two hosts ( host and Target )

Beast Brother produced---->sqlmap injected into the target drone

Sqlmap Practice-----> Godless own target droneToday, the beast is ready to take out some dry goods for everyone to taste, is salty is sweet from any tastetarget drone before the article said Build an environment with phpstudy link Dvwaand then, we're going to use the grab bag software to grab dvwa cookies.Let's take a look at the demo first:First Enter Dvwa set Difficulty to low (for demonstration convenience)650) this.width=650; "style=" Float:none;

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