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Beware of the phenomenon of "permeable social workers"

Social workers, also known as volunteers, are volunteers who provide free service and dedication to society and are messengers of social civilization. At the China Information Security Conference on September 12, 2012, Ningjia, an expert on

How a social app builds a highly scalable, interactive system

Abstract: This article aims to analyze how to build large scale distributed systems in the cloud from a technical perspective through the growth of a social app, including scalability of the platform, expansion of the network level, and expansion of

Be alert! Social network websites make fraud easier exclusive Article] more and more users have their own personal websites, describe their lives on blogs, and communicate with friends on various forums, self-timer videos are published on video sharing websites-these users can add their own

How to protect social workers from hackers?

First of all, what is the understanding of social engineering attacks here? this will be a prerequisite for discussion.——————————————————————The attack I want to take with social workers is based onHuman NatureAnalysis and understanding of the

Perfect Integration of enterprise social networks into new social interaction modes

Social networking refers to the interactions between people in the society, and between people in the enterprise. Enterprises take a shared task as a link. Colleagues spend eight hours a day, and about seven and a half hours interacting around work.

Social networking websites are becoming the main channel for leaks. User privacy is facing a huge threat.

According to the data obtained by the rising Research and Statistics team, the personal privacy leaks of Chinese netizens have reached a very serious level, and the main cause of this situation is, it has gradually changed from "Trojan virus theft"

Microsoft's new Office features: highlighting social and cloud services

According to foreign media reports, Microsoft Chief executive Ballmer (Steve Ballmer) released a consumer preview version of Microsoft's new office software in Monday, and consumers can view and download the page of Microsoft's

Social experience in the future of web2.0

Document directory Most network applications are trying to match the information where it is needed. Fragment network example Case Analysis Search in a single space Looking forward to a more interactive world How does it know?

How Novice business Customers pass

How do new business customers get off?Business Novice How to pass a good customer this road, the fastest speed to win the recognition of customers and trust it?The first step: learn to be a person, close to the customer's distance with the sales

How to use Linux security to manage network traffic (1) exclusive Article]I. Scope of network traffic management Over the past decade, the Internet has become an increasingly important demand. According to statistics, the Internet has become the most important information infrastructure in

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