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Winform allows you to read and display Shp-raster graphics files (and store shp to WKB format in oracle) with source code,

Winform allows you to read and display Shp-raster graphics files (and store shp to WKB format in oracle) with source code, During the GIS Spatial Database Course Design last semester, the teacher asked to read and display Shp-raster graphics files, and stored shp to WKB in oracle format without using third-party class

Conversion from arcgis OSM to shp and from arcgisosm to shp

Conversion from arcgis OSM to shp and from arcgisosm to shp 1. Converting arcgis OpenStreetMap (OSM) to shp (5 steps) (1) first, use ArcCatalog to create a database in the text field and name it;(Download the OpenStreetMap Toolbox. You can directly install the exe file in arccalog. arcgis 10.0 arcgis 10.0 arcgis 10.1 arcgis 10.1 arcgis (2) ArcCaDouble-click loadO

South Cass land survey map spot properties perfectly converted to SHP-applicable to other CAD extended attributes converted to SHP

Http:// /Files/zuiyirenjian/cass shp .7z The conversion of land survey attributes is different from that of parcel attributes, which can be output in an EXCEL table. For details about conversion of parcel attributes to SHP, see another article. Here we mainly use the FME data conversion function, that is, to convert the extended attributes of CA

-05: 57. Create the. SHP file extension of ArcGIS.

08: 57arcgis (. SHP file extension) The format Suffix of the file to be calculated by arcamp must be. SHP. The method described on the internet is complicated and difficult. How can I create a. SHP file? 1. Open the ArcMap software and click "add XY data" in the "Tools" drop-down menu on the menu bar. In the "add XY data" dialog box, add workbook data. dbf3 forma

MFC reads SHP files through the Mapwingis control

record the two days of hard work, just come to the company less than a week, these days have been looking at GIS-related things.First tune out the first android to call C + + code via JNIAnd then it took two days to do an MFC read SHP format file with Mapwingis.ocx controlHey... Looking back, this simple thing took two days, it's a waste of time.No way, the novice on the road is not easy!Reference Original:

Create a Shp file based on an Excel file (detailed development and source code)

Some people often ask the following question: how to convert the data in an Excel table into GIS data? Using the Desktop software (ArcGIS Desktop) cannot solve this problem, but it can be implemented through development! Creating a Shp file based on an Excel table mainly creates a shp data file by using the numerical information in the Excel table, such as the x value, y value, and attribute information us

SHP and JSON Mutual transfer (reprint)

For GIS development, these 2 kinds of data formats are too important.I. SHP to JSONThis is easier, the method is more AH. You want to use SHP to define your own coordinate string json, in fact, the method is still more, there is no direct but indirect many.(1) SHP->KML/KMZUsing tools in ArcMap can be converted directly, not much nonsense. No, check it out for you

The program edits the SHP file and applies the changes to the data source.

) {commitFilter = ClassSystemProperties. featureStatus + "=" + ClassSystemProperties. featureStatusDeleted;} opt. setFilter (commitFilter); // This is a must aclayer. saveFeatureChanges (opt); aclayer. forceRefresh ();} catch (Autodesk. autoCAD. runtime. exception ex) {ed. writeMessage (ex. message) ;}}// remove the highlight AcMapFeatureEntityService. unhighlightFeatures (curSelection );}}} The following is the execution time. First, select some elements with the mouse, and then execute the c

ArcGIS Learning record-dbf shp shx SBN SBX mdb ADF Other types of file interpretation

Original address: ArcGIS Issue: Explanation of Files of type DBF shp shx SBN SBX mdb ADF-Silent Dawn log-NetEase Blog These documents are explained in English as follows (can see the following Chinese explanation): Shapefile file extensions Shp-the main file that stores the feature geometry. Required. . shx-the index file that stores th

Bing Maps development extension 3: rendering esri shp space data in Bing Maps

As a universal development platform, both Silverlight and JavaScript APIs can render map data of other vendors. This article uses rendering esri shp format map data as an example, describes in detail how to render Esri SHP Map data on Bing Map Silverlight Control. Because BMSC does not have the corresponding data reading API, it needs to use third-party open-source components to read

A brief analysis of importing SHP into Oracle and using GeoServer to publish the imported data

Label:1. Environment Preparation 1.1 software preparationTo first install Oracle with support for spatial data, followed by an installation or a free-install version of GeoServer, when both are deployed, we will begin to discuss further environments that need to be configured.Here I use the SHP2SDO provided by Oracle for SHP import, while using the plug-in provided by GeoServer to connect to the Oracle data source for data publishing.The SHP2SDO is: h

Convert S57 data to SHP format using ogr2ogr

S57 chart data contains a large number of layers. Currently, ArcMap is one of the necessary GIS software, therefore, the SHP format may be easier to process (the convenience here is only the most common and widely used SHP for some people, in fact, I personally think the bad thing about SHP is that it is a bit uncomfortable to have multiple files in one data file

SHP uploads to Oracle Spatial

Tags: Geo ref migrate LAN zip spatial ACL file name RAC1. Download the SHP2SDO, copy the shp file to shp2sdo the same path, open the Windows command window and execute: SHP2SDO shp file name Table name-I id-s 4326-d Example: SHP2SDO City tb_city-i id-s 4326-d 2. Open the Plsql Command window, execute (can also execute in sqlplus or Execute SQL statement in Plsql): sql> @ path + table name. sql Example: @j:\

SHP File Reading

Friends who develop GIS may not be familiar with SHP, but they can see that csdn users are constantly asking questions about SHP files. In my spare time, I will summarize some knowledge about SHP files and share them with csdn users. First, let's take a look at some simple knowledge about the SHP file. Shapefile is a G

Test SHP file index acceleration in gdal1.11

In the gdal library, you can set some filters for reading vector data to filter vector images. For the shapefile format, if the data volume is too large, it is simply intolerable to set this filter to be slow. Fortunately, gdal1.10 supports reading the spatial index file (. SBN/. sbx) of the shapefile for acceleration. The following code uses the same data to test the gdal1.9.0 and gdal1.11.0 versions, and compare the speed (you will surely see the results in a big mouth ~~). The first is to tes

Geotrellis using (42) Convert Shp file to GeoJson

solve the development problem Not much to say, start today's theme, today is mainly about how to convert Shp files to GeoJson, which is easy to implement in QGIS, ArcGIS and other professional software, just a button on the line, this article is to study the story behind this button. This article is encountered in the use of Geotrellis, so still belong to this blog set, of course, the framework is also based on Geotrellis.One, the realization Mode 1.

Remove GIS data attribute value spaces (GDB,MDB,SHP)

Bulk Delete GIS data attribute value spaces#-*-coding:utf-8-*-# on:2015-05-04 10:25:22.00000#(generated by wanglin_tjch)#Description:# ---------------------------------------------------------------------------#Import arcpy ModuleImportarcpyImportOs.pathImport TimeImportRandom fromarcpyImportEnvfcdbdir="d:\\aaa"DICALLFC={}fcall=[]gdballpath=[]if notisinstance (fcdbdir,unicode): Fcdbdir= Fcdbdir.decode (

ArcEngine c # create a shp layer and write the elements to the layer to save

I read the post of a hero and wrote something similar to this one. So I copied it directly and made a class in. You can use it directly. Using System; Using System. Collections. Generic;Using System. Text;Using ESRI. ArcGIS. Geodatabase;Using System. Windows. Forms;Using ESRI. ArcGIS. DataSourcesFile; Namespace{/// /// After the buffer analysis is exported, the point layer of JointCount> 1 appears./// Public class ExportToShp{Public string shpPath;/// /// Save the point layer that outp

About the path problems that are encountered when loading offline shp files, geodatabase files

Before the beginning of the text or first spit groove, a line of code debug a day do not know how to change, finally stumbled out (the following SHP file for example)For virtual machine testing1 PublicString GetPath () {2File Sddir =NULL;3 BooleanSdcardexit =environment.getexternalstoragestate (). Equals (Android.os.Environment.MEDIA_MOUNTED);4 if(sdcardexit) {5Sddir =environment.getexternalstoragedirectory ();6

Conversion from spatial information to GML (from SHP file to GML file)

GML has become an accepted and easy-to-understand standard for the exchange of spatial information. Therefore, the conversion of other GIS data into the GML format has broad practical value and market prospects. In the near future, a large amount of spatial information will exist in the GML format, so that people can easily share and exchange spatial information. This will lead to a very important issue, that is, how to convert some existing spatial information into the GML format to better achi

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