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Guide to SATA hard drive setup [an article useful to friends who use SATA]

This is my three articles on how to use SATA hard disk settings published in the PC newspaper. I saw some people in the report saying that they had sorted the articles and posted them on the forum for convenience, so they sent them here. Hope you can help your friends who encounter problems. Q A on SATA hard

Graphical IDE hard disk interface diagram SATA hard disk interface diagram SCSI hard drive interface

corresponding transmission speed is 150mb/s and 300mb/s. SATA is primarily used for PATA interface technology that has replaced bottlenecks. From the speed of this point, SATA in the transmission mode SATA is also more advanced than Pata, has been far away from the

The difference between a SAS hard drive and a SATA hard drive

prices are too expensive. The actual transmission speed changes little. Users to pursue mature, stable products. This column more highlights: http://www.bianceng.cn SATA hard disk, serial connection, Serial ATA bus using embedded always signal, with stronger error correction capability, improve the reliability of data transmission. It also has the advantages of simple

SATA hard drive usage settings and system installation

menu under main. Under the onboard ide operate mode, you can select two ide operation modes: compatible mode and enhanced mode (compatible mode and enhanced mode ). The compatibility mode is compatible mode, which can be understood as ing the SATA hard disk port to the corresponding port of the parallel port ide channel. When you select this mode, there are three options in the following ide port settings:

SATA hard drive usage settings and system installation considerations

that the port for the second parallel IDE interface on the motherboard is not available. Secondary p-ata+s-ata: Contrary to the above, the corresponding port on the first parallel IDE interface (Primary p-ata) on the motherboard is not available because the SATA hard drive is occupied. P-ata Ports only: Shields the serial

If the SATA hard drive is used when the Vista system is modified to the XP system, the problem is that the system cannot be accessed after the XP system is installed. Solution: Install the XP system and the SATA driver (965sata driver)

2. In this case, you can use an XP disk to install the system. The hard disk can be recognized and XP can be installed. (This is not detailed here ). 3. go to the installed XP system, place the extracted sata965 (see the attachment) in any accessible path, and double-click "Run automatically. CMD file, you will be prompted to restart the system later.[965SATA (sats965)Driver] note that 945sata does not support 965sata drivers Http://

Introduction and Evaluation of sata sas ssd hard drive

compatible with the PATA device by using a multi-purpose chipset or serial-parallel converter. Because SATA and PATA can use the same drive, you do not need to upgrade the operating system or perform other changes. 5. You do not need to set the jumper of the Master/Slave disk for

What is the difference between a SAS hard drive and a SATA hard drive

Like old SCSI and SATA technologies, SAS supports hot-swappable disks, which is important for environments that maintain high availability requirements. And SAS is a complete two-way system, while SATA inherits the IDE's characteristics and is a system of half-two-way communication. Therefore, the SAS system throughput can be similar to the SATA system twice time

How to install sas hard drive and sata serial hard drive win2003 on the server

the entire image process, only half of the disk capacity is valid (the other half is used to store the same data ). Compared with raid 0, raid 1 First considers security, halving the capacity, and changing the speed.Raid 0 1To achieve high speed and security, raid 10 (or raid 0 1) can be simply split into a raid 0 array consisting of multiple disks for mirroring.Raid 3 and raid 5Both raid 3 and raid 5 are verified. Raid 3 uses a disk to store verification data. The corresponding data verificati

Motherboard SATA connector does not recognize the hard drive how to do

Motherboard SATA connector does not recognize the hard drive reasons and solutions: One, the hard disk can not use the fault 1, BIOS setup Error Mainly in the BIOS on the SATA Setup error, especially some early motherboards using a Third-party

What is SATA on the hard drive

blueprint, so the use of four-core wiring; the demand voltage is significantly reduced to 250mV (highest 500mV), compared to the traditional parallel ATA interface 5V 20 times times less! Therefore, manufacturers can give serial ATA hard drives are attached with advanced hard drive features, such as hot-swappable swapping. More importantly, in the form of connec

SATA Hard Drive optimization

Purchased a piece of Seagate Barracuda 7200.9 160GB Hard drive the day before yesterday, want to optimize SATA hard drive, same as the previous PATA HDD optimization? Technical answer: First,

Embed the SATA hard drive into the Windows XP Server guard Disk

Embed the SATA hard drive into the Windows XP Server guard Disk Many Computers are now equipped with Sata hard disks, but the operating system Windows XP (hereinafter referred to as XP) SP2 is not integrated with a drive that

How to Use ghost on SATA hard drive

Many friends have previously asked if the SATA hard drive can use ghost. When using ghost to back up the system, they may have encountered this situation, After the system is started with a floppy disk or a CD, the system is black after the ghost. EXE command is used. Does ghost not support SATA devices? Can't we back

How to Use ghost for serial port (SATA) Hard Drive

Many catchers have asked if they can use ghost for SATA hard disks. When using ghost to back up the system, they may have encountered such a situation. After starting the system with a floppy disk or a CD, when using ghost. after the EXE command, the system is black and crashes. Does ghost not support SATA devices? Can't we back up the system after using a

How to install an XP system on a SATA hard drive of HP b1236

with a local SATA driver Steps: 1. Boot (remember to select the preferred Boot Mode for the optical drive in BIOS) 2. Store the Windows XP installation disk 3. Press F6 on the Start Screen. 4. Press the s key to select the device to attach 5. Put the previous floppy disk or CD in 6. Follow the prompts to continue the installation. 7. After the installation is restarted, go to the BIOS to enable the

Troubleshoot SATA hard drive installation XP system issues

Many friends have acquired a notebook and encountered some difficult problems. Usually install XP when the blue screen or install half of the time the copy file failed! This is generally the problem of hard disk, here is not to say hard disk physics problems, software problems. Serial ATA hard disk, Serial ATA bus with embedded clock signal, with a stronger abil

SATA hard Drive cause ghost blue screen What should I do?

After entering the DOS, the operation of the Ghost machine will stop not moving, into a false panic phenomenon. If you enter the PE run ghost will be blue screen. The main reason for this is that the ghost version is too low (version less than 11) and does not recognize Sata's optical drives and hard drives. When the ghost starts, it detects whether the IDE hard disk exists, if there is no IDE device, it w

The system does not recognize the SATA hard drive

When using the SATA interface hard disk to install XP system, there is a panic, blue screen situation, show "Unknown Hard errorsystemrootsystem32ntdll.ll" error. Since the SATA interface appears later than the XP system, the SATA driver needs to be invoked when the s

Install 64-bit XP on SATA hard drive

multi-language support package, with a total of 3 CDs. The simplified Chinese, traditional Chinese, and Korean language packs are in 3rd CDs, which can also beHttp:// 4d51-9d6d-c7c64e9f5baARMMUIx3.iso.  Install 64-bit XP on SATA hard drive1. You must use a CD-ROM for boot installation.First, the Tester Used winrarto release

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