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How to determine whether the team actually implements scrum-question 20 of the scrum method (I) scrum users strongly recommend

As one of the agile methods, scrum was developed by Ken schwaber and Jeff more than a decade ago.Sutherland proposed jointly that the name came from rugby and That Scrum was used to compare the speed and flexibility presented by the software team in software development. (In the rules of a rugby match, scrum aims to allow a rapid, secure, and fair start after a m

Scrum framework for the basic series of scrum entry

The scrum framework for the basic series of Scrum basics 3 replies.Scrum framework for the basic series of scrum entryPeople who have read a few scrum books must be able to very familiar the scrum framework, such as 3 roles for Scrum

Scrum origins in the basic series of scrum entry

Scrum origins in the basic series of Scrum basics 5 replies.Scrum origins in the basic series of scrum entrySpeaking of scrum, we have to mention the father of scrum, –jeff Sutherland and Ken Schwaber,jeff, who created the scrum f

Scrum artifacts for the basic series of scrum entry

Scrum entry for the basic series scrum artifacts 3 repliesThe scrum artifacts consist of 3 main types: Product Backlog Sprint Backlog Product Increment Product BacklogIn scrum, the product backlog is organized and maintained primarily by the product owner [see the

Scrum Conference for the basic series of scrum entry

Scrum session 3 reply to the Scrum Basics seriesScrum meetings include sprint scheduling, daily meetings, sprint review sessions, and Sprint retrospectives. These sessions are described in the following sections, which are described in a simple template:Why, "what" when, "who", "how", that is, why this meeting, the input and output of this meeting, what time to open this meeting, who will attend, how to ope

Three scrum Ceremonies: Sprint planning, sprint review, and scrum daily site

Scrum has three ceremonies: Sprint planning meetings, sprint review meetings, and scrum daily meetings Sprint Planning Meeting (sprint planning meeting) Prepare for the start of the sprint based on the product or project plan developed by the product owner. The product owner can be a customer or customer representative or agent. For product companies, the customer is the market, and the product owner plays

Why is it difficult to implement pure scrum in China (II)-Scrum and Architecture Design

Why is it difficult to implement pure scrum in China-Scrum and Architecture Design @ Wu Qiong Adam (After the first release, some people said they did not like this method in both Chinese and English. I personally think this method is the most helpful way for everyone to understand the original scrum. Therefore, I will stick to this method, if you do not l

Scrum Tools Review---Count the current scrum tools on the market

WhiteboardThe most direct way for daily tracking is still very good, but the product backlog support is obviously not enoughExcelWe initially used, mainly members of the situation, the changes will conflict with each other, not good synchronization. You can refer to this article I wrote [Scrum Tools] using Excel table Tools to implement Scrum Leangoo Leangoo has a kanban-style collaboration, simple and intu

[Team Project] Scrum Project 3.0 Scrum process steps 2:spring plan

[Team Project] Scrum Project 3.0 Scrum process steps 2:spring planSteps of the SCRUM process 2:spring plan1. Make sure the product backlog is organized. (see example Figure 1)2. Sprint cycle, a sprint cycle, length of two weeks, this semester also has three sprint cycle.3. Determine the sprint target.3.1 The product owner summarizes the product backlog, provides

Application of scrum in large game teams

When the game encounters scrumScrum is not an advanced management method. In the scientific principles of scrum, nothing is worth taking out and put in academic discussions, it also uses the seemingly General poker card estimation method, which is really difficult to climb to the ground. The guiding principles of scrum are very simple. I didn't specify everything in software development in detail. Maybe it

Nokia standard: Does your scrum team pass the scrum test used at Nokia

The Nokia standard is a list of Simple testing questions within Nokia to determine whether a team is actually using scrum. The problem is as follows: Part 1: Are you doing iterative development?Are you using iterative testing (a basis for scrum) 1.1 iterations must be timeboxed to less than 4 weeks * The iteration cycle must be limited in length and less than 4 weeks? Yes Our iterations are 4 weeks or les

Scrum Literacy for Agile development

Now agile development is getting more and more fire, everyone is talking about agile, everyone is learning scrum and XP ... In order not to lag behind others, so I also began to learn scrum, today is mainly about my recent reading of relevant information, according to their own understanding, with their own words to tell the various aspects of scrum, the main pu

We recommend a great book about scrum-Scrum and XP in smoke

This ebook is translated by Li Jian from the infoq Chinese site and describes the precautions and skills for implementation of scrum from a practical point of view. The book is based on practice and involves not many theories, if you are not clear about some agile concepts, you can refer to other related materials. Book: Advertisement placement: Hello, everyone. I have published a video tutoria

Scrum in five minutes-Workshop on lean and agility

After attending an agile Training Course, I sent a document and did not know what I was talking about. I just translated it and saw it. It may be a bit rewarding! Scrum in five minutes Scrum is a process model of agile development. It divides agile development into several steps. Here we will introduce this agile development process. Scrum and agile methods

Using IBM Rational Team concert V2 to manage the scrum project, part 1th

Part 1th creating projects, teams, and plans For more than a year, we've been using Ibm®rational team concert™ to support our Scrum teams, enjoy its features, coexist with its shortcomings, and develop its next version. Using the IBM Rational Team concert V2,jazz and the Rational Group concert teams can make significant improvements to Scrum and agile assessment, planning support delivery (not to mention m

Scrum literacy in Agile Development

Now agile development is getting increasingly popular. Everyone is talking about agility, and everyone is learning scrum and XP... In order not to lag behind others, I also began to learn scrum. Today, I am mainly talking about the relevant materials I have recently read. Based on my own understanding, I will use my own words to describe all aspects of scrum, th

How does scrum really play?

ObjectiveWhat is Bb-talk? Bb-talk is a special launch of the online sharing activities, focusing on the Internet era more efficient workflow, across the TMT, e-commerce, lawyers, education and other industries, covering research and development, product, design, marketing, operations, HR, administration and other occupations.Each issue invites a related field of Daniel Guest, through the group of Voice, text, pictures and other forms, share dry, free communication.This article is a summary of th

Scrum process and terminology

In fact, agile principles are not complex agile development. Four sentences of agile declaration 12 agile principles of agile development are difficult to practice. As a mainstream agile method, scrum has a simple process, but it is really complicated to practice it well. What is scrum? (Source: scrum Alliance) Scrum

"Scrum Agile Project Management"

Learn to practise scrum for some time, encounter some problems, and recently read the Scrum Agile Project Management book. A slight gain. Recorded for future review and encouragement. Core principles of project management: Project management methods used in different types/backgrounds may be different, no best, only better, flexible to use, and management methods are tools; Project management should be

Agile development-Scrum practice

Recently, I organized my previous scrum documents into a document. In the following team and project development, I introduced some practices of scrum according to the project, improve the collaboration capability and project delivery quality among team members.   References: Easy scrum journey-agile development story and agile invincible

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