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Introduction to selenium (III)-simple RC-based application

Introduction to selenium (III)-- RC-based simple applicationAuthor: torrent Read before reading: Selenium introduction (1)-General Introduction Introduction to selenium (II) -- simple applications based on core/ide In this article "completely

Reprint of Web application Automation test based on selenium Webdriver

Reprint Original Address: WEB applications, software testers need a lot of manual action to verify certain features in their daily testing work. During the development process,

Selenium-webdriver Simple Tutorial

Selenium/webdriver can be installed by Selenium-webdriver.gem package in Ruby EnvironmentGem install selenium-webdriver  supports languages and versions with Ruby 1.8.7~1.9.2,jrbuy and rubinius  Selenium-webdriver contains selenium-client, while

[Selenium+java] Selenium Grid Tutorial:command Line and JSON Example

Original url: is Selenium Grid?Selenium Grid is a part of the Selenium Suite this specializes in running multiple tests across different browsers, Operat ing systems, and machines in

Automated Acceptance Test with Selenium

ArticleDirectory Automated Acceptance Test with Selenium Automated Acceptance Test with Selenium How to Use selenium test tools for Ruby on Rails and Ajax applicationsProgramTest Functions Document options Send this

Selenium Quick Start (

Overview Our company does not have formal testers. For a module, whether the functions are completed is manually tested by developers. This often happens in the later stages of the project. The developer changes a BUG and passes the test. However,

Introduction to Selenium (III.)--Simple application based on RC

Selenium Introduction (c)--A simple application based on RCAuthor: torrent Read recommended before reading: Selenium Introduction (i)--General introduction Introduction to Selenium (II.)--a simple application based on Core/ide In the "Selenium

Comparison of selenium and Webdriver

Tracing traceability, webdriver and Selenium are two independent projects, and the implementation mechanism is different. Why would the Selenium team merge the two in Selenium 2? What advantage does Webdriver have over Selenium? How do we choose to

Selenium Learning (1)

Selenium-web interface Testing Tool 1. Selenium can use the recording tool to record the script and test the page. 2. Selenium can generate HTML-like code, Java code, and Ruby code. 3. Selenium recording tool locates HTML elements based on the ID

Automated Acceptance Test with Selenium

Link: Christian Hellsten, IT expert, IBM January 04, 2006 The acceptance test (also called a functional test) is used to test the functions of manual tasks, but these tasks

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